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The Fast and the Furriest (OOC)

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Gizmo, will you make me roll a check to have Judex flip up onto the car's roof when they catch up with him, since I'm guessing the wolf is probably faster than he is? 

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Having him face plant in his first direct interaction with most of these characters would be - checks notes - totally bogus for real though, so no. Go ahead!

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Meza-Wolf: [url=https://orokos.com/roll/860013]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+3[/u] [b]5[/b]


Lou Lubrano: [url=https://orokos.com/roll/860017]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+7[/u] [b]23[/b]


Hard Bargain: [url=https://orokos.com/roll/860014]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+12[/u] [b]26[/b]

U-CRZY: [url=https://orokos.com/roll/860015]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+10[/u] [b]21[/b]

Thru: [url=https://orokos.com/roll/860016]Initiative[/url]: [u]1d20+8[/u] [b]25[/b]


Okay, let's get an IC post from @Tiffany Korta swerving out of the way of crashing into Thru's car, then from @KnightDisciple of Judex jumping to the roof of Thru's car then @Avenger Assembled is up with Lady Horus. Phew!


> 34 - Lady Horus - Uninjured, 1HP

26 - Hard Bargain - Uninjured

25 - Thru - Uninjured

23 - Lou - Uninjured, 3HP

23 - Wadjet - Uninjured

22 - Gremlin - Uninjured, 4HP

21 - U-CRZY - Uninjured

12 - Dr. Thorne - Uninjured, 3HP

6 - Judex - Uninjured, 1HP

5 - Meza


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