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Family Takeover

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OoC for this one here.


Going to take an oppertunity to split us up for the time being, not to long though I promise!


Nevermore and Scarab need to do Notice rolls please 


For Scarab [url=https://orokos.com/roll/851446]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+10[/u] [b]17[/b]

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Keeping the two group seperate for a little while longer for ease of plot.


Also Alek's and Kamala can have a HP for a none costume complications, Nevermore can choose to if he wishes but obviously he's a few PL down on the other two.

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I'm going to spend a Hero Point to temporarily gain the feat "Benefit (The Raven)". This in turn will justify Nevermore (and potentially Alek) having access to a spot where they can retrieve a costume (not, like, an old dusty one, a new one, they prepped for this) to change into, as their outfits aren't 100% "under street clothes" friendly. 

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Charlie's gonna place a Tripwire next to the door, triggered to activate once they open the door.


Trip 8 (Feats: Improved Range 1, Improved Trip, Subtle 1, Triggered 2) {13/13DP(Descriptors: Tripwire, Setup, Thrown)


Attack roll for if it triggers: 27


And Skill Mastery for Stealth 25 to hide in the room.

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Sorry for not posting, I'd meant to ask if the bad guys intentionally ignored Alek's question about helping the dude they shot? Just trying to suss out what to do in there right now. 

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Sorry for the delay for initative we have


20 :  The Scarab III, unharmed, 4hp

19 : Raven III, unharmed, 3hp

10 : Thugs x 2 (2), minions

7  Nevermore II, unharmed, 4hp


Just to be clear there are two teams of two thugs each, one group in the boardroom and one group in the office


Kamala has no weapon to hand so she'll resort to the nearest improvised weapon, a stapler. Minion so she'll take 10 for a hit, no dmagae bonus so a straigh DC 15 toughness save for the thug.


Toughness Save: 1d20+1 7 and the Thug goes down, I'll get a post in the its time for Raven to do his thing @KnightDisciple when he's ready.



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Sorry I haven't posted yet. Been unsure how to approach.



Having a thought. Could I invoke the Benefit (Raven) Feat again for some sort of subtle way to switch off the lights in the room or something? I can't remember if our phones have been confiscated; if not my thinking is he stealthily types on his phone and sends the signal. 


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I'm cool with some fancy stealth trickery with the lights. You still have your cell but regular signals are blocked, internal of fancy tech stuff is perfecty fine.

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With some assist from RL due to me not having my login for rollers at the moment...


Stealth: 29.

Melee Attack vs Left Thug: 19. Rerolling with HP: 24. DC 24 Toughness save vs the melee attack.

If Takedown Attack 2 procs, roll vs Right Thug: 28. DC 24 Toughness save vs the melee attack.


Will wait to post IC until I know how those go down. 

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Charlie rolls a smoke bomb out the door, to cover anyone that tries to get inside.


APObscure 6 (Visual Obscure; Extras: Independent (+0); Feats: Progression [Area] 1, Triggered 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Technological]) (Range: 60 ft., Area: 250-500 ft. radius) {17/17DP(Descriptors: Cover Grenade, Grenade, Darkness/Flashbang/Other)


Gonna use Stealth with Hide in Plain Sight to kind of disappear, maybe even from Kamala: 25 Stealth with Skill Mastery.

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