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Family Takeover

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OoC for this one here.


Going to take an oppertunity to split us up for the time being, not to long though I promise!


Nevermore and Scarab need to do Notice rolls please 


For Scarab [url=https://orokos.com/roll/851446]Notice[/url]: [u]1d20+10[/u] [b]17[/b]

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Keeping the two group seperate for a little while longer for ease of plot.


Also Alek's and Kamala can have a HP for a none costume complications, Nevermore can choose to if he wishes but obviously he's a few PL down on the other two.

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I'm going to spend a Hero Point to temporarily gain the feat "Benefit (The Raven)". This in turn will justify Nevermore (and potentially Alek) having access to a spot where they can retrieve a costume (not, like, an old dusty one, a new one, they prepped for this) to change into, as their outfits aren't 100% "under street clothes" friendly. 

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Charlie's gonna place a Tripwire next to the door, triggered to activate once they open the door.


Trip 8 (Feats: Improved Range 1, Improved Trip, Subtle 1, Triggered 2) {13/13DP(Descriptors: Tripwire, Setup, Thrown)


Attack roll for if it triggers: 27


And Skill Mastery for Stealth 25 to hide in the room.

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Sorry for not posting, I'd meant to ask if the bad guys intentionally ignored Alek's question about helping the dude they shot? Just trying to suss out what to do in there right now. 

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