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A Fiery Gospel (OOC)

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Y'all have enough time to take 10 or 20 on Notice if you like, you can just go ahead and roll the skills that help explain what you spot. 


Life Sciences: 


The air here is hot and really humid (enough that everyone but you and Judy are sweating just a little) and smells a bit like the ocean, but is otherwise perfectly fine for humans - and so's the gravity. It probably means something that they keep the cargo hold like this; like maybe it's how they live? It's dark enough that your teammates probably can't see very clearly, except by the glow of the white lamps on the high overhead ceiling - maybe another clue about the beings that took you. The floor is smooth and multicolored, all in shades of grey, with dark squiggly marks. 



@RocketLord - your guys' turn. 

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Gonna take 10 on Notice with Skill Mastery, for a total 25. 

He has no skills beyond his Jack-of-All-Trades, so gonna roll a knowledge with +2 from his Intelligence to see what he understands from what he spots: 8


Oh well! Tell me what I see and I'll get an IC out ASAP

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Okay, well! 


You see: 


It's dark enough you're having trouble seeing clearly, but the walls are an odd mixture of different kinds of metal. All in greyscale, but different shades of grey, as if whoever put the place together didn't care enough to put it together. You can make out the alien writing on the walls too - I don't remember if your Comprehend works on written languages but if it does it says WATCH OUT - CARGO DOOR one way and EXIT the other way. Because of all the time you spend with Eira and all her talk about robots, you spot the hovering, glowing thing passing by overhead with a faint whirr, though you can't tell if it saw _you_ yet. 


You know that you have been taken by _pirates_ - it's just in your gut somewhere. But where rae they? 



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Okay, you get the feeling that these are small-time operators - not just the crew, but everything you're hearing about the story so far. That doesn't necessarily make them good guys (small-time operators can do some bad things) but these are people on the fringes of power and influence rather than at the center of it. They don't seem immediately hostile in the sense that they're not going to attack you, but that doesn't make them allies either. And you're not sure about that werewolf-looking guy in the back either. 

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