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So for Blackstaff, it was something that The Dreamer had said that made things click.


Advay's story all fits. The magical research, the accidental death, the flight from his would-be captors for fear they would place the blame of Yatin's death on him and take away his life's work.


The Dreamer had suggested that the professor give himself up to the Forest Clan. She had explained how understandable it is to have accidents when dealing with the unknown and volatile magic of the Lemurians. The Forest Clan would no doubt understand the accidental death and perhaps even the dangerous knowledge the professor dabbles with. And you have good reason to believe they would. They take in all kinds that would not fit in with human civilization, no doubt some within the Clans had shady pasts (or still do), yet still Advay believes they would be far harsher or opportunistic when it comes to him. Why?


He continues to omit something that he know the Forest Clan would know, something that would justify his fear of the Forest Clan getting their hands on him. And the Forest Clan would know if they had taken all of his and Yatin's work. This goes beyond the death of his friend and his dabbling in dangerous magic.


I also might be out for a week and a half. Almost time for my exam. But we'll see.

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Okay! Give me a Diplomacy check, @Spacefurry. We're using the Interaction table and Advay is... probably somewhere between Hostile (Interfere) and Unfriendly (Mislead) so I'll just take the average of the DCs.


If you want to take an Aid action you can, @Kaede Kimura, but you'll need to add something to Blackstaff's offer for help (like a guarantee or reason why you'd take his side) to get him to open up.

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Alright, updated conditions below. I'll get an IC out this weekend!




1HP, Blackstaff - Unharmed

1HP, The Dreamer - Bruised, Injured, Fatigued


Alaynah - Bruised, Injured.

Zach - Unharmed

Mixnus - Unharmed

Nixnus - Unharmed


Advay - Bruised, Injured

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Posted (edited)

Okay. So make a Knowledge (Arcane Roll) the both of you to see if you know something. Staged DC to DC 25 where I just outright state the info.

Though tbh, not sure if The Dreamer would know of it. Well, we'll see if she gets it.

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7 hours ago, Zeitgeist Blue said:

Though tbh, not sure if The Dreamer would know of it. Well, we'll see if she gets it.

To be perfectly frank: You're right! And the bonuses say so as well. She has JoaT so she still adds her +4 Int bonus but she cannot match DC25 even on a nat 20. Still gonna roll to see about getting the lower staged DCs, but yeah.


1d20+4 = 10 She does not in fact know lol.

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