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Blackstaff tried to give Dreamer a reassuring smile and nodded. Carefully he climbed to his feet, and holding on to the railing, he glanced at the captain of the ship. He hoped Alaynah wouldn't try anything since the girl had agreed to put the boat back in the river. Looking out over the river he also hoped the fog he called up would hold out long enough to see them safely down.

He didn't want to start a fight with authorities on the river for the world to see, but he found his fingers flexing reflexively, like they anticipated holding something. Blackstaff made a fist and released it, instead grabbing the railing. He didn't need it or its power he thought darkly, he had proven that to himself plenty of times. He had his blasting rod and it was more then enough to focus his power.

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Somewhere in Malory Bay

Sunday, May 17, 2020


A few minutes later


It took some clever maneuvering and a continual screen of fog over Emerald City, but you found a natural embankment in one of the many small islands that dotted Malory Bay. In truth, the island was halfway to just a pile of rocks, but it served as a dry place away from the Alaynah's boat for the two of you and the professor to talk.


The rocks crunched underfoot as the professor disembarked from the Red Summer. He turned back to the boat where Alaynah and her crew, along with the professor's belongings, waited on the deck. While the whole area was dark, backlit by the lights of the twin cities and the lightbeam from the nearby Malory Bay Lighthouse, Advay could see the bodyheat from Alaynah and Zach. The twin gargoyles were as cold as stone unsurprisingly. The Red Summer's crew stood on the deck awkwardly, both waiting for a decision and anxious to leave.


Then Advay turned back to the middle of the island, to the two people who would have decided his fate. He knew there was no fighting if they both decided to take him, and so with a slump of resignation he plodded towards them.


He nodded, putting on a brave face. "So here we are, all together now. I don't suppose you both have questions I could answer?" He chuckles weakly.

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The Dreamer once again conjured a table and some comfortable seating for the three of them to have their talk in relative comfort. Having the dream creature lower her into the chair she gestured for the others to sit. "Before we begin, would the two of you like any refreshments?" She waited briefly for the answers, complying with them quickly before talking again. "I am willing to listen to your side of things to sort things out, Advay. Blackstaff gave me what I feel is an accurate but significantly shortened version of your tale and I have some questions related to it. You claim that you are innocent of Yatin's murder, if this is true, why are you fleeing instead of trying to clear your name with the Forest Clan and the Police? My second question is whether there is truth in the beliefs of the Rock Clan that you are in possession of dangerous magics?" She looked expectantly at the man after her questions.

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Blackstaff was sure Alaynah wouldn't attempt to run as the three of them spoke. The captain knew that neither he, nor the girl would abide by it. He waited for Dreamer to be seated before sitting himself. "Just a coffee, black. Thank you." He asked politely at her offer and gave her a small nod. "Professor." He looked to Advay and gestured to the empty chair even as he sipped the coffee. It's warmth chasing off the chill the night on the river waters was trying to seep into him.

He nodded as she asked the Advay her questions. Having not asked them himself out of professionalism, he was actually thankful she asked them first. He hadn't had a reason to doubt the information he had gotten, but a straight answer from the him would settle a lot of doubts everyone had. "I think the young lady has asked the two most important questions." He said calmly. "Anything else decided here will be based on your answers." He watched Advay, waiting for the professor to answer.

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