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"You arhe nexhst." Luke tried to grin, as he glared menacingly toward Beekeeper, the clanging and screeching of Trawler metallic armor still echoing between his jaws.


Could have sounded more threatening perhaps... Yeah perhaps talking with his mouth full didn't exactly give him the menacing tone that he wanted. In the end Beekeeper didn't seem impressed to the least. 

Whatever. He could feel that there was no longer any resistance from the armored supervillain at least.


Now perhaps an actual dragon would have finished the job and actually devoured the guy, but there was no way that Luke was going to actually eat someone. No way. So instead he spat Trawler on the ground and then gave Beekeeper another glare, for good measure.


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Beekeeper stared at Trawler and Nightscale with his mouth hanging open. "This... this wasn't what I signed up for. This was supposed to be quick and easy. No... No freaking dragons running around." His hand shaking, he raised his gun and took aim, firing at the giant dragon again. His shot went wild, flying far above Nightscale.


Turning back towards Shadowborne, Red Death raised his gun and released another burst of red smoke. Still, even in her weakened state, Muirne was able to evade it. Cursing to himself in something that sounded vaguely Russian, Red Death smashed through the window on the building he was currently clinging to, disappearing inside.

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Madame Raven

Callie thought she’d got the rhythm of this fight down right. Blow, dodge, counter blow. She’d practised this kind of thing multiple times with different opponents. Unfortunately most of her fight had been in practice with people that were friends and allies, and only her other self tended to try and throw her out with totally unexpected moves.


Basically he zig when she’d expected to zag and a blow that was looking to hit went just a smidge wide of the mark. Maybe she did need to fight herself more often.

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Nevermore II


"Lean down!" Nevermore called out to Madame Raven, as he moved forward with his staff in hand. Fear-Master was good. It was pretty clear how he had been able to be an effective opponent to Mr. Summers, but Charlie wasn't about to let that stop him. He just had to catch him by surprise.


Moving to Callie, he pushed his staff into the ground and used it to catapult himself over her, quickly bringing the staff down to smack it into Fear-Master's shoulder.

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"Gah." Whether he liked to admit it or not, Fear-Master was being overwhelmed. He could probably have taken Madame Raven and Nevermore on their own, but not when they worked together like this. If one missed, the other hit him, and they just kept breaking through whatever he tried to use to overcome them. He cursed as he pulled back, throwing his hands forward to create a living wall of monsters between himself and the heroes.


A sound of thunder echoed from above. A blue shape fell towards the park that the young heroes had first arrived in, while another, grey, black and red flew towards the unfinished Pyramid Plaza. With enough force to cause the entire area to shake, the shape crashed into the ground, creating a massive crater in the middle of the fight.


Then, he opened his eyes and rose, flying. His uniform, grey jacket with red gloves, dark pants and black leather boots had a decidedly fascistic appearance. His hair was short and blonde, with a red circle with a stylized S, much like those used by the infamous Nazi SS soldiers.


His eyes glowed as he glared at the villains. His calm voice barely kept his anger contained.


"I gave you a simple job. Go in, steal the item and leave, while I kept the Freedom League busy. And now you are being hindered by children?


Even the Claremont students from the future recognized him immediately.



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