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"AAAH! It burns! SWARM THEM!" The Beekepper moved around in a panic, frantically trying to put out the fire that Nightscale had started, patting at his uniform and rolling to try and stop it.


From somewhere within the shadows where he hid, the man in red fired a capsule at Nightscale's mouth. It exploded, forcing the large dragon to breathe in a dark red cloud.

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Madame Raven

Callie had to admit that there was this weird disconnect about this entire situation. Here she was in her own era, more or less, fighting villains that she’d watched at home. But she also knew from her research back in the 21st century what would happen to them. Callie tried to ignore the memories of such things was with her mother, who she now understood why she was always slightly nervous watching Raven fight.


She couldn’t bear to attack Beekeeper, knowing he sort himself out soon, and Traveler was to tough for her so she threw a few ravenrangs towards Fearmaster. She’d never really liked him for so, so many reasons.

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Trawler moved far faster than the lumbering frame would suggest, quickly moving away from his burning colleagues. He obviously had little care for what happened to his companions, while he raised his right hand towards the flying dragon. He fired a quickly expanding steel mesh net towards the dragon, which quickly started to wrap around the mighty dragon's wings!


The Fearmaster moved ran, ignoring the flames that licked across his costume. As the Ravenrangs hit near him, he stopped in place, staring up at the rapidly descending Madame Raven. "Are you sure you're not afraid of heights after all, little bird?"

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Nevermore II


Charlie went silent as he fell. He saw the guy in red... and he recognized him.




Reaching for his belt, he pulled out a snareline and fired it towards him, but the guy in red moved out of the way, easily dodging it. Quickly switching to his gauntlet, Charlie fired a grappling hook towards one of the plaza's buildings, letting the line pull him in towards it. Stay up above it all, get an overview.


"Guys, that's the Red Death!Callie should at least recognize the name. The others? He wasn't sure.

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Muirne snarled as she heard Luke start choking after the bastard fired a cannister into his mouth. She searched around for him, seeking for the red dressed villain. Logically she knew she should be afraid given the emphasis Charlie placed on the name 'Red Death' but to her that was all the more reason to be the one to go against him. See how he fared in whatever shadows he was hiding in against her Shadowbeast form.


Spotting him she grinned viciously before diving through her link to the Shattenwelt.

Darkness surrounded her, and she felt the bitter cold suffusing every part of her. She knew that there would be at least one Shadowbeast nearby, so she didn't waste time. Diving through the shadows she moved to where she saw him and reappeared near him, flooding herself with the power within her as she exited the Shattenwelt. She didn't waste a moment, swarming forwards as a wall of shadowy claws, satisfaction running through her as she felt them bite into something.

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Red Death? Well, Howl supposed if one was going to dive into a hornets nest might as well do it on Dragonback. Trust the team to handle their parts. The rest of the villains gathered were all still threats so he'd just have to deal with them quickly. Trawlers metal suit made it a prime target, if Howl could damage it enough with a sonic breakdown Trawler would be forced to retreat.

Focusing his suits sonic emitters Howl launched a blast of sound that could shred steel towards the menacing machanist only to be shocked when Trawlers suit withstood the assault!

"Wait what, that should have broken that armor to bits!?"

He then dashed away from Luke to give the Dragon the space needed to just rip out of that net.

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Luke tried to shake away whatever was in that in that capsule, but he could do nothing, but inhale the dark red substance. He could feel his lungs burning for air. His flight became more erratic, despite his best attempt to stay stable and keep his friends safe. Suddenly he felt lighter though, when Muirne had somehow managed to move away from his back.


I need to land. Now! What if he lost consciousness or something while he was still in the air?


There! He found a spot among the group of villains, one where he felt he had a chance to reach them with his fangs and sunk his claws in the asphalt as he landed with all of his weight.

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Beekeeper yelled something about not even wanting to be there as the massive dragon landed on the ground. He turned and ran, only to turn back around a short distance away, quickly starting to fire his Stinger Gun at Nightscale, hitting him several times in the side with the biting stings.


With both Shadowborne and Nevermore engaging him, the Red Death looked between them for a second. The shadow monster seemed to be his more immediate concern. He raised one of his guns, shooting out a stream of dark red smoke towards her. Shadow or not, she had to breathe. Without a word, he moved, leaping into hiding somewhere, using the dark red cloud of smoke for cover.

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