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It felt… Weird… Scary a bit, his eyes could no longer penetrate the darkness. Just like before... When he was still human. Vulnerable. Exposed. Luke could feel the adrenaline starting to pump in his veins. He wished to have brought a light source with him a match would have sufficed, he searched his pockets, but he knew he got nothing there. Whatever he was not gonna leave Muirne alone. The only way was ahead. Assuming that he could find the where ahead exactly was of course.


A voice, whispers in the dark.


Help us.


“Yeah, not creepy at all dudes…” He remarked sarcastically.


At least the sound provided him with something to follow in the inky depts.


Woah.” Suddenly there was light. Enough to dazzle Nightscale in fact, blinded, he stumbled for a few feet, shielding his eyes as they tried desperately to adapt back to the real world.


It took him a few moments before he could finally see something more than patches of white. A city! There was something in it, that made the place feel like home a little; yet, he had no idea where he actually was. He could hear the sound of battle though and now he could see the red-haired girl, in full battle attire it seemed, dashing toward it.


Hey.” He shouted this time. The young man didn't wait for Muirne to stop though, he dashed to follow her, muscle tense ready for battle, his senses scanning the area for any sign of immediate danger or unfamiliar scents.


You don’t need to do this alone, you know?” He smiled at her when they finally closed the distance between them. “Do you have any idea what the hell is going on?

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Madame Raven

Callie wasn’t particularity bothered by the darkness, she’d spend enough time in the darkness to be comfortable. Plus she had her red light torch to so she wouldn’t stumble on anything. Now the expected light that was a different story, and she took a few moments to recover from the sudden blinding. She tensed a little for any possible attack, but quickly relaxed when nothing came at them.


We’re all in this together…” she looked around to quickly get a feel of the place “.. wherever this place may be. Luckily this isn’t the first time something like this happened to me!”

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Aside from the wind it was actually kind of nice out here. Sure Macedon was Macedon but still, maybe when he got back he'd try to crack the code when it came to teleportation so that he could visit the lonely places of the world again when he needed to clear his head. The others weren't saying anything and he didn't exactly want to put his foot in his mouth so he just..relaxed and let his mind wander, thinking of the different ways he could solve teleporting without ending up in space or inside a rock or something. A few rough decision trees were starting to form when he heard Macedon shout out and scramble for their gun.

Following the chaperones gaze Zach realized that the silence hadn't been because everyone was tired or dozed off, but because they were gone. Without wasting any more time Zach emptied his pack until a thick suitcase made of steel fell from it and to the ground. Quickly pressing it to his chest the suitcase quickly expanded, plates of steel dislodging and sliding to new positions as the Silvered armor of Howl formed itself around teenage genius.

Seeing Macedon was all ready Howl made his way into the dark, the others couldn't be that far ahead right? Then the sensors started returning garbage data, how on earth could something be a negative distance away!!

"So just a question. How deep do these caves go?"

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Muirne managed to avoid jumping in fright as Luke yelled out to her. She turned to look at him as he ran up to her, a small relieved smile playing across her face as she saw Callie coming too. "Hey Luke, glad you're here. I wasn't sure if anyone would notice the trail." She looked around at the buildings, listening to the sounds of battle. She looked quizzically at Callie at her 'Wherever this place may be' comment. She thought that Callie was a Freedom City native? Surely she'd recognise her home? Although it was an enormous place, so maybe she could be forgiven for not knowing every place here. She hadn't been wherever this was, only recognising it from photos she'd seen online when she looked at what Freedom City was like.


"So this isn't the first time you've been in a battle like this?" She asked, "What about you Luke? I've only seen this sort of thing from a distance. I was thinking we should try get civilians out of the way and protected, before we try to fight off the attackers. There should be plenty of heroes protecting the city, but we might be able to make a difference if we work together." Muirne looked to the pair, interested in their reply. If Callie or Luke had experience fighting in a battle like this then it would be a great help, but even without she was planning on trying. She didn't want to lose another home.

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Nevermore II


"It's Old Freedom," Charlie had been doing this thing, sneaking through the caves alongside Callie and Luke, and sneaking up on Muirne to catch up with them. He had pulled his mask up by now, his cape drapped tightly around him as he looked around. He sounded both excited and worried at the same time. "Like, its Freedom from before the Terminus Invasion. Not the recent one, the 90'es one." He pointed up at the cityscape. "Look, the skyline's all different."


His lips split into a grin, even as he heard the fighting. "Either its some kind of illusion, or we've time travelled. Or maybe gone to an alternate dimension or something. Sounds pretty awesome, right Callie?" He winked at Callie as he spoke.


With the sound of fighting moving ever closer, he pointed towards the sky. "So, how do you wanna do this? The good old don't-interfere-with-the-past or let's-go-save-some-lives?"

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"They go deeper than we'll ever know, kid." Macedon sounded angry at the thought. He continued to mutter to himself as he led Zach through the caves. "I should've known. It was all too convenient. Next time that damn school comes callin' I'll take the kids out to the ocean somewhere. Somewhere with no damn sand or mesas..." He continued to grumble, as he led Zach through the darkness. "When we get out of here, be on your guard. Something's gonna go wrong, no matter what we'd like."


Before long, they would see the light, and up ahead, the rest of the students.


Suddenly! Something crashed into the ground about ten feet to the left of the group, a humanoid figure. He rose slowly from the crater he had landed in. He wore a blue suit, wrapped tight around his body. Golden boots that reached his knees, golden bracers on his arms and a golden armor plate on his chest. HIs white cape flowed behind him as he stood. Most, if not all, of the group would recognize him instantly, even if he was from far before their time.


The Centurion.


He brushed some dirt from his shoulder and looked at the group of teens briefly. "You're a bit young, but if you're here to help, I'd appreciate it. We're doing what we can to keep things under control." The Centurion looked up. A man was flying towards them at incredible speed. "Head to the park's exit, look for the Scarab. He'll tell you what to do." Then, he was gone, flying towards the sky, forcing the other flier up, away from the city, even as the sound of their blows echoed through the park.

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Couldn’t let you have all the fun. Couldn't I?” The young man smiled, a playful gaze crossing her own.


Myself… Haven’t been in one of those battles yet nop…” He shook his head, looking in the distance.


I mean, not since I got a fighting chance. I have been one of those guys on the ground trying to get out alive though a few of times, comes with choosing to live in Freedom City.” He could definitely sympathize with people that were for sure trying to run for their lives, or hide, or try to shield their little ‘bros from the rubbles as best as they could… “It sucks… We have to do somethin’.


Pre-Terminus? For real?” So it was time travel. Or maybe some sort of vision. They were in a ‘magic’ cave in the desert after all. “You know Chaz’ sometimes I’m happy that my friend is a know-it-all.


Time continuity or not, there was no way in the world he was not gonna try to help if there were lives to be saved. “We can’t just sit her-


Woah the guy that just fell down for sure did look a lot like an older Felix didn’t him? Well… He was the freakin’ Centurion though and he was talking to them? Asking to help?


The park. Find the Scarab. Got it.” He threw a glace at his friends though. Was that guy Centurion? For real? "Can be a trap, but I mean, only one way to find out right?"


It won’t be exactly stealthy, but I think we can use my wings to get there? Don’t get too accustomed to it though.” He grinned, before he let the familiar feeling of his transformation take over. It only took a few moment for the teenage boy to be replaced with the black winged lizard. He stretched his wings, lazily perhaps, as his golden eyes surveyed his friends. Then, he knelt, lowering his neck so that they could more easily climb on his back if they wanted to.

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Muirne's face turned ashen as Charlie spoke, panic making her heart pound in her ears. They had been sent back in time? She didn't know how to deal with that. What if she never got to go back to the present? And if they had been sent back in time, how far could it go? Could she go back and save her family? Should she go back and save her family, after all she'd have never met any of Vanguard or Pan and Eira and the others, or any of the people here who'd followed her into the cave. She took a deep breath to calm herself. Now wasn't the time for what-ifs, she could do that later. She turned to Charlie, nodding as Luke started his protest when the man landed. It only took her moments to recognise him, the Centurion, the greatest hero ever. She nodded quickly as he gave his instructions, people were in danger and she wasn't willing to stand by and let them die. It's what she'd been taught to do from a young age, be a hero.


And then Luke turned into a dragon.


Taking deep breaths to calm her jackhammering heart she climbed on at his suggestion. She didn't know if he was faster than her shadow form, but climbing over buildings was doubtless slower than flying over them. Taking great care she kept her spear pointing away from her friend and held on with her shield arm. "Alright, let's go see what we need to do."

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Nevermore II


"Part of the jo..." Charlie started to respond to Luke's statement about him being a know-it-all, before he trailed off, just staring.


For once, he was out of anything to say.


"That was the Centurion... Like, the real Centurion. Not a hoax, not a clone, not an imaginary story or anything like that." He knew that he was rambling, but he couldn't help himself. This was... Past? Alright, he could deal with that. He knew about time travel. Not that most of this crew had to know about that, but, he knew, and then... then this was the Centurion, that was something else entirely.


He shook his head. Back in the game, Charlie. Focus, man. Luke was a dragon now. A big dragon. Alright, that could work.


"Err, how about we give the prof and Zach a chance to catch up? Then we'll give it a ride." What year was it? What fight? He had studied the first Raven's case files, maybe he was here somewhere.

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Stumbling through the dark sucked! Sensors weren't working right, he couldn't tell if he was behind or in front of Macedon anymore. AGH When he got back to claremont he was going to go find "See Spot Run" for mages, maybe try to corner some of the magical students and see if they could give him some pointers on all of this.

Still follow the path, left, right right right right wait...Deja vu and a half step out into the light and...and.


They were back in Freedom? No, the skyline wasn't right. It matched up with pictures he'd seen of before of the city before the first terminus invasion. Which meant what exactly? An illusion? Lotus Eater Machine with a sense of humor? Time Travel? Alternate Dimensions? E) all of the above at once?

The sight of the Centurion however stopped Howl in his tracks. THE super hero against whom all others were measured was RIGHT THERE.  Howl only just caught the end of centurions request then he was gone fighting against someone Howl hadn't gotten a good look at.

"H-here. Also, codenames." Howl made the quick short jog to Luke and the others, but mostly Luke considering his friend was now in full dragon mode. "If you're offering I'll take the piggy-back ride."

Maybe seeing more the skyline, and the fight would help narrow down the 'when' of this a bit better.

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Madame Raven

Callie stood and watched Centurion fly through the air, the thought that she could be back in her time or at least one of them she had started to think of the 21st century as much her home as the late 80s.


It must be before 1994, maybe even a decade before that considering what happened then.” she had to admit she’d cried when she’d found out what happened, if she understood as much as they wanted they couldn’t warn him not that he’d listen considering.


We need somewhere we can work out what happened without effecting the timeline…” as much as she wanted to see if her mom was still around she needed to stay focused on what had happened


How about we find the tallest building in the city? That should give us a good overview of the city.”

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"Damn desert... should've learned from last time..." Macedon grumbled to no one in particular when he and Howl managed to catch up with the rest. He looked after the flying Centurion, shaking his head as the kids started making plans. "What you kids should do is find your way back to the cave before its gone... but eh, that damn Mesa's probably gone already."


He sighed and shook his head. "Alright, alright, you kids need to calm down. This is the Magic Mesa's doing. Sent us somewhere in time and space, wants us to do something. Won't get home until the damn place is satisfied."


Macedon shook his head again.


"Right, damn place just wants me to guide you here, so... I'll be here. Try to stay on the sidelines of things, don't get hurt. The cave will open up here again when its ready."


He grumbled some more to himself, something that distinctively sounded like he was getting too old for this.

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Muirne listened quietly as the others talked, her brain recognising Zach and Macedon's appearance. She was at least twenty six years in the past based on Callie's observations. The only person she knew who wasn't an infant or not even born would be Klara, who wouldn't know her yet. She would be over forty by the time she reached her time. She'd finally been getting accustomed to the time she was in and she gets hurled through time again. Was she cursed somehow? What were they supposed to do if Callie was right and they had to avoid changing history? It wasn't like they could just sit around doing nothing while villains ran amok. She clasped her hands around her spear to hide their shaking.


She managed to calm herself enough to tune into Macedon talking, trying to sort through his statements as they came.

They should get back to the cave, but it was probably gone so that answered whether they were stuck. She needs to calm down. She was trying dammit, it wasn't as easy as he made it sound. This is the Magic Mesa's doing. He knew what caused it.


The Magic Mesa...

... Magic Mesa...

... Magic...


She'd almost find it funny if it wasn't happening to her. She was cursed wasn't she? Dougal, Rurland and now this. She'd been magically cast from her home a second time. Her heart started harder than before, feeling like it was trying to force it's way out of her chest. She clutched her hands in front of her mouth to stop herself hyperventilating. She had to push through this, she couldn't break down, she had to help her team to get through this. Blinking away tears that had sprung up she took a few moments to collect herself, silently hoping the others hadn't noticed, although she knew that wasn't exactly likely given the fact that she was literally sitting on one of them. "Tyge úre sylfum gecliht1." She muttered under her breath before turning to the others, raising her voice although it still trembled slightly to her annoyance. "So what's the plan then?"


1 Pull your self together

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"1994? Woah." Made sense, if Centurion was still alive. "Not bad, I mean at least we have no chance of meeting ourselves." He chuckled. 


Luke just grinned at Leon. A grin full of fangs, but a playful one nonetheless.


Magic Mesa? So that guy really was really Centurion, not just some kind of projection. Cool. “Hello Boss.” Luke turned to face Macedon. “So we are like trapped here?” He tilted his head, curiosity in his solid gold eyes. No biggie though, surprisingly enough this wasn’t his first foray into the past. Plus there was a way back? Right? At least it felt like it...


Need a ride too, boss?” He lowered his neck again, allowing the professor to get together with the others on his shoulders if he wanted to. Stretching his wings one last time doing his best to get accustomed to the feeling of carrying a group of people.


Everyone alright up there?” He tossed, sensing some tension in Muirne’s voice.


So where to people?” Callie’s plan looked like a good one, find a tall spot where they could assess the situation… “I can bring us high enough to take a look…” He suggested, as he gathered his strength.


Hold tight!” He added, as his powerful wings started propelling them toward the sky.


Anyone has any idea about where is the park exit that Centurion was talking about? Callie? Chaz?

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