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Once the issue with the kids was taken care of, Danica relaxed enough to pop back into her shell, stand up, and look around. The alive wooden elephant was still very weird but way outside her expertise, and they were all home and safe and...


"Oh no!" she exclaimed in dismay. "My Segway is still on the spaceship!" She'd been preoccupied at the time by being scooped up by elephant trunk and hadn't even tried to hold onto the machine that would've been much too heavy for her anyway. She put her hands over her mouth. "That thing costs like a thousand bucks and they aren't even making new ones! My parents are gonna flip out!" 

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"You can try," Pan responded to Ashley's very good friend with a wicked grin. 


He listened to Judy's explanation thoughtfully, nodding along the way, his eyes darting between Ashley and Fa'Rua. 


"Yes, yes, the being that were to take care of the children were not quite emotionally invested in their well being. Perhaps your space force should look into that, yes? Child endangerment by potentially higher beings should be punishable, no?"


At Danica's outburst, he raised his hand up, pointing to the sky.


"There is only one thing we can do, Danica, my friend: We must rescue your mount!"

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Whirling the flashlight in one hand before returning it to her belt Fa'Rua flashed a smile to Pan, "Well I guess you're alright then but I got my eye on you."  she replied to Pan with a laugh and nodded reassuringly to Ashley, "With the diaspora there are ships of all kinds we've gotten pretty good at tracking down this sort of thing."  she said with a hint of sadness.  "We'll get them home."  She reiterated, "Might need to get your full report later though."  she warned flirtatiously.


"If you don't feel you'd be safe with your parents we can find a suitable family member."  Jolan assured the boy with a soft smile only to have his words of comfort interrupted by his sister shouting over her shoulder, "Then your parents are already in the system it'll be easy."  The monk let out a small sigh, "We will ensure you are returned to your people regardless the Lor Republic is not in the habit of absconding with peoples children."


Fa'Rua's eyes narrowed at the mention of the Sterlarian.  "This does seem like their kind of action."  She sighed and flashed an apologetic smile Judy's way, "No offense but that side of the family is a bit,"  she paused looking for the English word, "Douchy?"  she suggested looking to Ashley for confirmation.  "Most Stelarains are not emotionally invested in anything that isn't doing what they want in any given moment."


Jolan frowned at Danicas distressed outburst, "Ah that is unfortunate,"  he offered with genuine concern, "We can file a missing property report for you, it is unlikely but should it fall into Republic hands we would be able to return it."


"Slow you're roll there hoss."  Fa'Rua held a finger Pans direction to pause the boys impulse.  "If there was a stellarian on board they and the ship are long gone."  She nodded to Ashley, "Even if it's taking the ship with it it'll travel faster than almost anything we have available."  unless Fa'Rua knew the destination and ported them there that was.

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