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Echi Haimura


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Give a two or three word description of yourself. I'm a girl, one that doesn't need your help.

Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or nom de plume? Mura

What is your full birth name? Echi Haimura, Yorimi

Where do you live? In some little dorm in Claremont

Why do you live there? It's a school, I'm a kid, and Kou told me it's where I could be free.

What do you perceive as your greatest strength? I think my strength is obviously my greatest strength. Because of it, I don't have to worry about other people in my way.

What do you perceive as your greatest weakness? My emotions, most likely.... I can be... a bit tempermental at times.

Physical Traits

How old are you? I'm 15, though I suppose to an American that would be 14.

What is your sex? I'm a girl...

What is your race? I'm Japanese.

How tall are you? 162 Centimeters

How much do you weigh? 55 Kilograms

What is your general body type, frame, bone structure, and poise? I can't really tell you, people say I'm slender... and I have good poise, but beyond that, I don't know.

What is your skin colour? I'd assume my skin is the same color as every other pure blooded Japanese.

What is your hair colour? Black... I'm Japanese.

What is your hair style? I keep it long, it's most comfortable like that.

Do you have any facial hair? I hope not...

What is your eye colour? Apparently it's purple.

How attractive are you? Fairly, my parents wouldn't have it any other way.

What is your most distinguishing feature? Likely my eyes, purple isn't a common color.

Do you have any scars, tattoos, or birthmarks? I really couldn't, and wouldn't tell you.

What is your handedness (left/right/ambidextrous)? I'm right handed.

Do you resemble some currently known person? I couldn't tell you.

What kind of clothing do you wear? I tend to wear skirts and dresses. It's just more comfortable that way.

Do you wear makeup? I try not to.

What sort of vocal tone do you have? What's that supposed to mean? I guess it's kind?


Where is your homeland? Japan; Nara.

Are you aware of its history? Well... yeah.

Are you patriotic or a social outcast? I believe in Japan as it is. That makes me both.

What are your opinion of home? It's the best country in the world.

Where is your home town? Nara

Are your real reasons for becoming an adventurer different from what you tell others? Of course, but I'm not going to tell you either.

How far would you go to keep such secrets from being revealed? What would you do if the truth became known? I'll take my steps one at a time... If something happened and my secrets were let out, I guess I'd have a reason to call up my father.

What do you fear would occur if the truth became known? My parents would freak out and get even more protective than they already are.

Do you have any particularly high or low ability scores? Like on some sort of test?

How have these scores affected your life so far? I'm not that great at school...

What about your race, growing up were you in the majority or a minority? I'm Japanese... from Japan... figure it out yourself.

Did this impact your outlook in any way? I doubt it?

How do you feel about other races? I don't think you quite realize why Race doesn't matter to me.

Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age)? I'd say there was at least one minor disappointment in my life.

Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life. When I was told I could fade from view, my life changed.

What stupid things did you do when you were younger? I don't do stupid things.

Which toys from your childhood have you kept? Only one, a stuffed rabbit my grandfather had for me before I was even born.

Why? What do they mean to you? If you didn't keep any, why not? What did you do to them all? It's just soft and furry, and Usagi are cute.

Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you? I'd guess so.

Are you who you claim to be? I don't need fake names or masks.

Do you have any sort of criminal record? Not that I know of.

How do you view the heroes/legends of your country? Legends are stuff of stories, I've read them all.


Who were your parents? Mom and Dad seems a bit arrogant, but that's all I really know. My parents are disgustingly rich.

Were you raised by them? If not, then why didn't they and who did raise you? I suppose I was, I also had a lot of other people raising me. Teachers, maids, Kou... Hell, maybe even that American kid I played with a bit would count.

What was their standing in the community? They stood above the others mostly. You don't get that kind of money being nice all the time.

Did your family stay in one area or move around a lot? We stayed in Nara.

How did you get along with their parents? Fairly well? I did all they asked and I got spending money, not too hard.

How would your parents describe you? Answer this in the voice of your mother, then in your father's. An angel, a defenseless little girl.

Do you have any siblings? If so how many and what were their names? How did you get along with each of your siblings? I'm an only child.

What was your birth position in the family? 1st

List all current knowledge of family locations, spouses, children, birth dates, schooling, and any important incidents that only you and they might remember. I don't really know much about any of that, I've been sheltered.

Do you stay in touch with them or have you become estranged? Staying in touch is vital to my finances.

Do you love or hate one member of the family in particular? Not really? I suppose I love my parents, but that's normal.

Is any member of the family special to you in any way (perhaps, as a confidant, mentor, or arch-rival)? Kou isn't family, but he's my confident.

Are there any black (or white) sheep in the family (including you)? I'm likely the black sheep, not much I can do about it.

If so, who are they and how did they "gain" the position? I'm blind, and helpless to them.

Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? Not really...

If so, what did this person do to become famous or infamous? They didn't

Do you try to live up to the reputation of your ancestor, try to live it down, or ignore it? Ignore it.

Do you ever want to have a family of your own someday? I'm a bit young for that question...

Would anything change your mind on this issue and if so, what? Maybe some experience would.

What type of person would be your ideal mate? ...That's... none of your business.


Do you have any close friends? If so, who and what are they like? Just Kou... and Warren I guess.Kou's a bit of a know it all, but I love him. Warren is a bit pathetic, too kind for his own good.

What is the history of their relationship(s) with you? It's been good so far.

Do you currently have a best friend whom you would protect with your reputation or your life? Kou and Warren, I feel the need to protect them... for helping me live my life.

If so, who are they and what caused you to feel so close to them? What would have to happen for you to end this relationship? They're true friends... They'd have to end it, not me.

Do you have any bitter enemies? I don't know... but this Ionica girl is getting on my nerves.

If so, who are they, what are they like, and what is the history of their feud with you? She doesn't talk right.

Have you defeated them before? We haven't fought... yet.

How might these enemies seek to discomfit you in the future?

Which person(s) or group(s) are you most loyal to? Kou, Warren is a sidenote to it... but Kou is the one I'm most loyal to.

Who is your most trusted ally? Warren, at least he can take a punch.

Who do you trust, in general? Kou and Warren.

Who do you despise and why? I don't hate anyone.

Name seven things you hate in others. Pity, arrogance, loud voices, close talkers, greed, ignorance, and people with loud music.

Is your image consistent? I guess so.

Do you deliberately present yourself differently in different situations, and how? I have to be different around my parents.

What would you die for? That's... a bit much for me.

What is the worst thing someone has done to you? Treat me like I'm disabled.

What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are available? I punch them? I can't tell how they look and wooing me earns them pain.

How do you get along with others of the same adventuring class? I get along fine... I havn't had classes yet though.

Have you lost any loves? No...

How did you handle the situation (short & long term)? I havn't!

Who would miss you should you go missing? I don't really know...

How close are you to your adventuring companions? What companions?

What do they not know about you? Who?

Are you a member of any house, guild, organization, or church? What is your level of involvement? Huh?

Personality & Beliefs

Do you, or did you, have any role models? No

Do you have any heroes or idols, either contemporary or from legend? No

Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances? No

When did you decide to become an adventurer? I don't adventure.

Why have you chosen to risk your life as a career? It's something worth living for.

What do you expect to get out of being an adventurer? What, if anything, would make you stop adventuring? What adventure?!

Do you have any dreams or ambitions? If not, why? I don't know what I want.

What are your short term goals (what would you like to be doing within a year)? Not failing gym.

What are your long term goals (what would you like to be doing twenty years from now)? Beating on the writer of this thing for being so personal.

If these goals seem at odds with each other, or with your dreams, how do you reconcile the differences? I'm confused...

Do you have any great rational or irrational fears or phobias? If so, what are the origins of, or reasons behind them? I don't get scared.

How do you react when this fear manifests itself? I just said it doesn't!

What are your attitudes regarding material wealth? I have it so I don't care.

Are you miserly with your share of the wealth, or do you spend it freely? Freely

Do you see wealth as a mark of success, or just as a means to an end? It's money, it's how the world works.

How do you generally treat others? Kindly, I think.

Do you trust easily (perhaps too easily) or not? I truse people who deserve it.

Are you introverted (shy and withdrawn) or extroverted (outgoing)? I don't know how to answer that.

Are you a humble soul or blusteringly proud? I'm not blustering!

What habits do you find most annoying in friends? When they remind me that I'm blind.

What are your most annoying habits? I don't have any.

Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion, class, profession, political viewpoint, or the like against which you are strongly prejudiced, and why? I don't have any of that.

What is your favourite food? Gyoza

What is your favourite drink? Milk

What is your favourite treat (desert)? Ginger Chicken strips

Do you favour a particular cuisine? Japanese

Do you savor the tastes when eating or "wolf down" your food? Savor the taste, I'm in no rush.

Do you like food mild or heavily spiced? Spicy!

Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat? Most of this American junk.

What are your favourite colour(s)? ... I'm blind.

Is there any colour that you dislike? BLIND.

Do you have a favourite (or hated) song, type of music, or instrument? American music/

If you have a favourite scent, what is it? I don't sniff things.

What is your favourite type of animal? Usagi.

Are you allergic to any kinds of animals?Not that I know of.

Is there anything that enrages you? Stupid people.

Is there anything which embarrasses you? Of course not...

Do you enjoy "roughing it", or do you prefer your creature comforts? I don't understand...

Do you have a patron deity? Um... no?

Are you devout or impious? Huh?

Do you actively worship and proselytize or do you simply pay lip service? I'm confused.

What lengths would you go to defend your faith? What faith?

Was your faith influenced or molded by anyone special? I don't understand.

Do you belong to a dominant church, or an independent church, cult, or sect (and is the group accepted, frowned upon, or considered heretics)? No

Will you kill? I haven't thought much... but I value my life more than some scummy criminal.

When did you decide (or learn) that you would? I haven't.

When do you consider it okay to kill (under what circumstances)? When it's my life or theirs.

When do you consider it wrong to kill (under what circumstances)? When I don't have to.

What would you do if someone else attempted to (or successfully did) kill under your "wrong" circumstances, what would be your reaction? I'd stop them, and beat them down.

What if it were your enemy? Same result.

What if it were your friend? Read above.

What if the opponent were not in control of their own actions (under duress, charmed, dominated, possessed)? Doesn't change my methods.

What would you do if something were stolen from you? I'd get it back.

What would you do if you were badly insulted publicly? I'd likely start a fight.

What would you do if a good friend or relative were killed by means other than natural death? I don't know.

What is the one task you would absolutely refuse to do? Read. Ha!

What do you consider to be the worst crime someone could commit and why? I'd say Rape and torture... you leave them alive... after suffering horrible things.

How do you feel about government (rulers) in general? Why do you feel that way? They are corrupt... it's obvious.

Do you support the current government of your homeland? Not too much my government can do with America looking down our backs.

If so, how far are you willing to go to defend the government? If not, do you actively oppose it? I let them do what they will.

What form of government do you believe is the best (democracy, monarchy, anarchy, aristocratic rule, oligarchy, matriarchy) and why? I don't know...

Do you have any unusual habits or dominant personality traits that are evident to others? I don't know that either!

If so, describe them and how you acquired them, as well as when they might be more noticeable and what causes them. I can't.

Do you have any unusual or nervous mannerisms, such as when talking, thinking, afraid, under stress, or when embarrassed? I don't think so.

What is your most treasured possession? My rabbit, Usa-ko

If your life were to end in 24 hours, what 5 things would you do in those remaining hours? Beat up the my 4 most annoying classmates, and make some phone calls.

Career & Training

Where and how were you educated? Home school.

Who trained you in your adventuring class(es)? Huh?

What was your relationship with your teacher(s)/mentor(s)? They were fine, a bit annoying.

Is this person or institution still in existence? Yes.

Were you a prize student or did you just barely pass? Barely passed.

Look at your skills. How did you acquire them (especially the unusual ones)? I worked for them.

Have you ever done anything else for a living? No.

How do you function in combat (maneuvers, weaknesses)? I'm skilled, and I hit things.

Have you ever received any awards or honours? Not that I know of.

Is there anything that you don't currently know how to do that you wish you could? Yes, a lot.

Are you envious of others who can do such things in a good-natured way or are you sullen and morose about it? I'm envious of anyone that can see.

Lifestyle & Hobbies

When not adventuring, what is your normal daily routine? I relax, go to school.

How do you feel and react when this routine is interrupted for some reason? I end up hitting something.

What are your hobbies when you are not adventuring or training? I relax.

What do you do for relaxation? What things do you do for enjoyment? What interests do you have? I nag Warren for things to do.

How do you normally dress when not in your adventuring gear? Dresses and skirts.

What do you normally wear in bed at home? A nightgown...

What do you normally wear in bed while adventuring? I don't adventure!

Do you wear any identifiable jewelry? I have some fancy things, my parents make me wear them.

Where do you normally put your weapons, magic items, or other valuables when you are sleeping? In a safe.

What morning or evening routines do you normally have? Nag Warren.

Do these change when you are adventuring? No.

Travel: how do you get around locally? I run.

Do you have a Last Will and Testament? No.

What does it say? I don't have it!


What would you like to be remembered for after your death? Not being helpless.

What kind of threat do you present to the public? A teenage one.

If your features were to be destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body? I would guess not? Creepy...

As a player, if you could, what advice would you give your character? Speak as if he/she were sitting right here in front of you. Use proper tone so they might heed your advice..."Quit being so damned angry."

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