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The kids had enthusiasm, at least. His feet hovering slightly above the floor, Spaceman looked towards the kids as they rolled his die. It tumbled about, until it finally ended on a 3.


He flew forward, passing by Nightscale, but only getting halfway to Shift. Was it a good thing that he was between them? At least they could both hear him. 


"Be on your guard. Look for any openings, anything you can do within the rules of the game. Be creative."


He had his own ideas, but not yet. They were still too far away from the end. He couldn't let Quirk guess what he would do just yet.

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The kids had been divided into three groups. Each rolled a small die, which made the giant dice move and roll until they hit their target. All rolled at once, meaning they should all move at the same time. Valeria was in Shift's group, rolling the six and quickly fist pumping after it.


Quirk smirked at Pol's question and shook his finger.


"First you move, then your square triggers! Let's see what happens!"


First Shift, in the lead. The very ground on the blue square under them opened up, moving up like liquid plastic threatening to swallow them!


Behind them, lightning coursed across Spaceman, catching him even above the square, creating a cartoonish effect with his skeleton becoming visible while he was shocked.


Finally, Nightscale... Nothing happened.


"Aw, no need for last place to get hit! Remember, the winning team gets to go! The rest of you gets to have tons of fun with me!"

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Luke gave a worried look to his trapped friend, he was about to fly out and go grab Shift to get the young robot out of his plastic prison, but then again the invisible wall on his tile reminded him that there was nothing that he could do. Maybe luck would allow him to land on the same spot though? 


Ok kids, give me a five.” He turned to face the class and gave them a smile filled with rows upon rows of fangs, not the most reassuring perhaps, but it was the best he could do. His gaze followed the dice bouncing around,  one. Come on! Come on! Come on! One! Again.


Really?” Frustrated he exhaled a small could of fire and then stepped on the next tile. Move to number 10! Awesome!


He stretched his wings and began to fly toward his next spot. Wouldn't his path pass through the the tile where his friend was struck though?

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Seeing the blue square beneath her turning to liquid, Shift decided to beat it to the punch. The chess piece melted like black ice, slipping through the blue plastic with ease as it formed an outline around the edges of the square, just out of reach of the plastic.


The now super maleable teen rippled like bubbling crude oil, waiting for the next die roll.

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The lightning smarted. Held him in place. Made it difficult to move. With his eyes focusing on the students and the kids, Spaceman tried his best to do, well, anything, but it would still take a moment to shake off the lightning.


Did he even have a moment? What exactly was Quirk's plan here?

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Shift's dice was rolled, and... they ended up right next to Nightscale! Both were safe!


Quirk looked somewhat unamused, looking down at the group.


"Boring boring boring. Come now, faster, faster! Don't you want to get out of here?"

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Luke grinned when he saw Shift reaching his space safe and sound. He offered his friend a high five (well one of sort given his massive paws).


So far it looked like both of his companions were faring well. That said, they still had no clue if there was an actual way out of the game. Sure the competitive side of him wanted to win, but there was no chance in the world that he would have been ready to leave anyone else behind even if that (unlikely given the love of the dice so far) happened.


"Hey... what do you think we should do?" He whispered at his friend. "I mean we can't run the race until the end..." He furrowed his brows. "Dunno maybe we should check if we can at least aid one anoher." Id didn't seem to be against the rules right.


His solid gold eyes landed back on his dice being rolled moments later. A three! “Not bad. Three time my average.” He chuckled.


He threw a glance at his friend and then flew to his assigned tile. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, but suddenly invisible hands grasped at his scales. Trying to pull him down, keep him chained in a transparent embrace. They were not enough though. Niightscale easily broke their grip, For now at least, pushing away at the invisible threat and opening his wings in defiance.

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