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Rough cut diamonds

Tiffany Korta

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Madame Raven

Callie was more than happy to let Charlie take the lead on the interrogation, she could do it pretty well but always on the verge of giggles at how silly her intimidating voice sounded to herself. The sirens bought to her attention that she shouldn’t really here, and she didn’t want to get in trouble with older her.


I can’t been seen around the cops, you’re welcome to stay and hand there two over though. I’ll just wait up there for you.”


Pointing up she fired off her grapple and disappeared in the upper reaches of the building, merging into the shadow to wait for her fellow cowl.

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Nevermore II


"Magpie?" Charlie asked, a small laugh in his voice.


Really, Magpie? That was... kinda weird. He couldn't help but wonder if she had any relation to the old guy, or just liked the name.


He looked after Callie for a second... then reached into his belt and pulled out a pen and paper, quickly scribbling WE'RE BAD AT THIS WHOLE ROBBERY THING, PLEASE PUT US IN JAIL, placing it on the guy's upside down chest and then firing a grappling line up into the rafters to follow Callie.


Landing up near her, he merged into the shadows alongside her. He really wasn't supposed to be out here either, but, y'know... Callie didn't need to know that. Just made him look a bit cooler if she thought that Alek let him go out on his own.


"So, Magpie, huh? I'm pretty sure the old one was a guy. Guess you got your own legacy bad guy!"

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