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There was an audible creak, and then a tall, blonde young man with the smooth features of a J. Crew catalog model stepped sheepishly into the room; he wore a red flannel shirt, relaxed cut jeans and a pair of black Converse All-Stars. All he carried over one shoulder was a comically-small daypack, which looked more like something a second grader would take to school. He held up his free hand and smiled with a slight nod.


"Hello. My name is Pol Rothstein-Frasier. I think one of you might be my roommate?" His voice was unusual, a bit higher than one might expect, but still pleasant.

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On 8/31/2020 at 12:19 PM, secondling said:

Looking at Leon, he half-smiled. "My performance wasn't as impressive as Adam's though. He tore through more of 'em than me. I just punched a couple tanks, knocked out an Übersoldat, and got my ribs broken by another one."


Leon chuckled and shook his head as he chuckled. “Not sure what a Übersoldat is, but if it could break your ribs. I’m happy to avoid them.” As some of the others questioned Felix further, Leon glanced back at Sebastian, watching him when another young man enters behind Sebastian.


18 hours ago, Heritage said:

"Hello. My name is Pol Rothstein-Frasier. I think one of you might be my roommate?" His voice was unusual, a bit higher than one might expect, but still pleasant.


There was something unusual about the newcomer's voice, but Leon could put a finger on it. "Hey." He said with lift of his chin as a greeting, trying to recall the room postings. "Well it ain't me or Luke." He said, thumbing over at Luke. Reaching inside his jacket Leon pulled out a sheet of paper. With a flick of his wrist the paper straighten out stiff and he glanced at it. "Hmm. Pol... says here your bunking with someone named Zachary. Any of you know him?" He looks back at the others, then at Charlie. "How about you?"

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Nevermore II


"Charlie," Charlie said with a quick wave of his hand. That was not exactly what he had expected Pol to look like, but this was probably one of those things. "I'm pretty sure Zachary's a blonde guy, so kinda like you. Maybe not quite as tall?" Alright, he knew more stuff about Pol and Zachary, but he had made his point before, and there was really no reason to keep going on and on about everything he knew about everyone.


Besides, he had other tricks to show off eventually.

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Doors weren't complicated things. Big old piece of wood or other material, a handle and lock, couple of hinges, simplicity itself.  Dealing with one while carrying a pair of backpacks and dragging a pair of wheeled suitcases behind however complicated things immensely. The weight of the bags throwing off his balance, straps catching on the door handle while the suitcases seemed determined to nip at heels or trip the teen up as he managed to make his way past the perilous portal and into the common area feeling about 110% done with this moving nonsense already. At least until he heard his name spoken out loud by the curious crowd  gathered ahead of him.

"Is being blonde rare enough to be a talked about? Hi i'm Zach." He said smiling as he approached the group.

Appearance wise the lanky teen wasn't going out of his way to impress anyone on day one. Worn denim jeans, black sneakers, a white T-shirt with the first Raven dynamically dashing towards the viewer, and finally a plain black hoody that was probably a bit warm for the weather. But with his bags stuffed as they were it didn't look like he had much room to stash it away.

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I think I met someone that can time travel… Kendra I think...  She was on a welcoming tour… Maybe we can ask her to bring us on some adventure.” He grinned, that could definitely be fun.


Luke waved at Pol, this was the eyeless guy from the tour wasn’t him? “Heya man… So we are in the same dorm this year cool…” He shook his head when he mentioned that he was looking for his roomie.” No idea sorry man.” 


By the way don’t think that anyone would mind if they see your true form you know.” He smiled, well maybe… there was a bit of awkwardness when they had met, but then again, he was convinced that none of them should be ashamed of their nature. "It's a pretty cool one, mate."


Definitely not.” He chuckled, when Zach introduced himself. “But we are still all happy to have you here Zach.” Luck closed the distance between them and then gave the newcomer a mix between a handshake and a high-five. “Come on man, let me help you out with those.” He didn’t wait for a reply before taking one of Zach’s bags, his eyes though, drifted toward Sebastian, a smirk on his lips.


Anyway… Dunno about you, but I don’t want to spend my entire first day here just locked in a room, talking… Come on guys what do you think? We go out, shoot some hoops, show off our powers a bit?

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"I feel that since I am rooming with a student who identifies as male this semester, it would be more accommodating to adopt a male form as well,"  Pol said with a slight nod. "But if others wish to see my default form, I would be happy to accommodate them." A ripple passed over the young man's surface, transforming his shape into a neutral robotic form, complete with with a smooth featureless dome of steel and glass where his eyes should be. Another ripple followed shortly thereafter undoing the change. "For now, I think this shall be the face of Pol on the first floor of Kord."


Once Zach made his presence known, the blonde robot turned to address him with a smile. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Zach. I am your roommate, Pol. I hope that we can be friends."

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"I was talking." Sebastian was clearly not interested in being interrupted, and, even worse, ignored. "I said pick up my bags, and bring them to my room."


His voice was loud, heavy. There was a bit of a reverb. It was like they were hearing not just his words, but something more... and some of the people on the floor started to feel oddly compelled to do just as Sebastian Shields were telling them to. Like someone was pushing at them to go and pick up his bags, and bringing them to her room. It would make sense to do that! Sebastian had asked them to do it, so of course they would go and do it.

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Zach made doubly sure to keep his grip firm as he shaked lukes hand, not that he was strong but these guys seemed fairly chill and he didn't exactly want to make a bad impression by giving a limp handshake of all things.
"Good be here, still didn't expect this place to look like a..oh! Thanks man, i appreciate it." Zach said as he relinquished one of the bags from his shoulders. "They aren't heavy, just awkward and always in the way y'know?"

Turning to Pol he offered his now happily freed hand to his roomie. "Same here man. Just let me know if I make any roomie mistakes or whatever. Staying at totally-not-a-castle is kinda new and all". Pol seemed nice, bit stiff but nice enough.

With lukes last question though he couldn't help but internally cringe somewhat. He knew the powers would come out sooner rather than later but he'd hoped he'd at least get a chance to unpack a bit first. Still it did sound kind of fun so hey why not.

"They have a place here where we can show off right? I mean, my powers kind of a pain to show off but I do have my side project I can show off. Just lemme get my bags in the room and we can...can.."

That teen Luke had smirked at had SPOKEN and zach felt his train of thought utterly derail. It was a good thing to help ________ move their bags right? Luke was helping him with his so he had to pay it forward besides ________ had asked nicely...well he'd said to do it but he'd meant it as a request right? Besides the bags weren't far outside, in the big pile probably, easy enough to grab a few and get them to dudebros room.

His last remaining bag slumped to the ground, it'd be safe here with his roomie right?

"Uh, I mean yeah. Let me just help...Captain Trust Fund? Daddy's Money Dude? Lemme just help him move his stuff in real fast." And with that he turned on the spot and started to head back outside. It was the right thing to help Trust Fund out.

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Adam crossed his arms and stood straight up to his full six foot eight height. "Just so everybody knows, Sebastian here just used his powers on his fellow students so he could avoid putting effort into getting his own bags. You're all witnesses. So, Sebastian, how do you think they'd deal with you doing that? I don't think they'll react very well, do you? Do the smart thing, let them go, and get your own crap."

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Felix casually reached out to grab Zach, squeezing his shoulder gently. "You're fine, Zach.  Don't rush off, we haven't made our introductions yet, have we?" He looked coolly at Sebastian before releasing his grip on Zach's shoulder and stepping towards the mind controller. "You realize," he said coldly, "you have just escalated this issue." With that, he launched a single punch directly at Sebastian's face, his fury driving his strength.

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Pol was quite surprised by the unfolding events; as a robot, he was obviously not affected by Sebastian's mind control, but the very fact that he would do such a thing was almost beyond his comprehension. Wasn't that the sort of things supervillains did? Surely they must have their own high school where Sebastian belonged. Things quickly escalated when the one called Felix swung a mighty blow the mind controller; while it was very upsetting to see one student swing at another, he certainly understood the anger behind it.


Placing himself between the two boys, the synthetic student held up his hands. "Please, we should not be fighting on school grounds!" Then he turned to face the one who started this whole mess. "Sebastian, how could you? Didn't your parents teach you not to use your powers on innocent people? Surely that's illegal!"

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Leon felt something slide over his thoughts. It tried, but failed, to settle over them though and Leon looked over at Sebastien. I seemed everyone else had resisted the effect also, well except the one named Zach. The others were already reacting unhappily with Felix even throwing a punch.

Leon though didn't move or yell.

First, he couldn't begrudge the boy using his power. He would though, just need to have a word with Sebastien later about using them on him in particular.

Second, he was gonna enjoy watching little jerk get his butt whipped by one of these big guys. He just wished he had something to snack on while watching.

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The punch never reached Sebastian. By the time it was thrown, a large figure moved in between, blocking the blow with his crossed forearms. He took the hit with little effort, but with a grunt. He was tall. Just a bit taller than Felix, around Adam's height. Blonde buzzcut, white t-shirt with NYPD printed across his chest, along with a police badge struck to the shirt. 


"You shouldn't hit other students." He spoke slowly, measuring every word carefully.


"Ah, Eddie. Just in time. I guess these guys just don't want to help others." Casanova stared at Felix. "Maybe I should help you help the rest of us have a good time."

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Nevermore II


Something flew right past first Eddie's heads, then Sebastian. Maybe three inches to the right of their faces, before embedding itself in the wall behind them. A weapon that seemed to be somewhere between a small boomerang and a shuriken. It was distinctively shaped like a stylized raven.


"Or how about we all just back off right now?" Charlie was standing with his right hand held out, slowly lowering it to his side after the throw. It wasn't really clear where he had produced the ravenrang from. "Do any of us really wanna get thrown out on the first day over a jerk like that? Your friend started this, Eddie. Felix and Adam are just the guys that's gonna finish it if Sebastian doesn't back off right now."

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No problem man, if we don’t help each other between dorm mates…” Luke grinned at Zach.


Yeah don’t tell me, I feel like I’m gonna wake up anytime soon.” He chuckled and gave him a playful nudge on a shoulder. Ending up living in a castle? Yeah, that was not something that he had ever considered was gonna happen to him and yet there he was.


Oh definitely they have one of these, besides, what’s the point if you can’t show off a bit.” He chuckled again, he was about to add something, but then something changed. He lost the train of thoughts completely as the idea of actually going out to carry Sebastian’s stuff wormed its way into his mind. No way! Perhaps it was the nice thing to do, but he wasn’t gonna give that guy the satisfaction. It looked like it was affecting Zach though.


Hey what the hell man? You can’t l-“ Then Adam made things clear. Mind control. Diabolical. The douche was actually messing with Zach’s head.


Hey man stop.” He placed one hand firmly on the shoulder of the entranced teenager, confident that his grasp was strong enough to keep him place at least for a short while. “Look, that douche ain’t going to make you his b*tch ok” He spoke confidently as his gaze crossed Zach’s his natural green being replaced for a split the second with solid gold as Luke used a bit of magic of his own to inflame the young man’s pride. Nothing happened though. Crap. Apparently, he wasn’t strong enough to break the spell. Maybe he could try something else.


Whoa.” A raven-rang suddenly embedded itself in the wall behind his back. Cool Luke chuckled before shifting his attention to Charlie and then to the newcomer.


So you must be the dumb muscle right?” Luke smirked as he addressed the tall blonde that had just tanked one of Felix’s fists (in hindsight that meant that antagonizing him wasn’t exactly smart, but whatever). “Makes sense, your friend doesn't look like he has the guts to fight his own fights, if you know what I mean.”

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Shift folded his arms and stared hard at Sebastian. "Most people ask for help. You demanded it, and were offended when we all didn't jump to our feet and follow your orders. I suspect the only friends you'll make at Claremont will be the ones you compell to like you." The robot paused to look at the many students who were able to shake off his mental effect. "Good luck with that."

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"Sebastian, if I ever catch you using your powers on another student again, I will report your ass directly to the Headmistress and watch you get dragged out of here with all of your worthless crap with a goddamn smile on my face." He gazed down with a contemptuous, intimidating glare.


Then, in an almost alarming shift in tone, he turned towards his friend and roommate, Felix.  "Felix, you are my friend, I like you, and I am on your side, but violence will not make this situation better, okay man? We can't risk getting in trouble. Hitting him won't solve anything for anyone, even if it's satisfying." He said all of this with the warmest, kindest and most compassionate tone he could muster, making sure Felix understood that Adam was entirely on his side, and would gladly have seen Sebastian's smug mug knocked for a loop if not for the potential consequences, such as punishment. 


"Watch your ass." He growled at Sebastian. He glared at his friend, Eddie. "We don't want to come to blows. We're supposed to be on the same side. Heroes, right? This isn't worth getting into a fight over. We all need to calm down." He took his own advice, and immediately relaxed. 

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Leon frowned a little when Eddie intercepted Felix's punch. He was surprised by Charlie's display glancing between the boy and the weapon in the wall. As the others chastised Sebastien he rolled his eyes and began to move around the outside edge of the gathering.


Didn't they know that it was pointless to talk to people like him. They had a power that, as they saw it, could get them whatever they wanted and get them out of any trouble they found themselves in. Those types never changed their ways, they just got better at hiding it or wound up in the ground after trying to push the wrong person around.


As he moved around the room he passed in front of the 'raven-rang' he paused to act like he was continuing to watch the exchanges. With his body turned slightly away, he tried to pluck the weapon from the wall and pocket it while the others were distracted.

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Zach could do many things, but break out of the grips of not one but two super strong teens? Nope not even close no point in even trying. He needed to go help with the bags and he would but surely.. oh his name was Sebastian, Sebastian would understand what a unwinnable position this was in. Once both of their grips relaxed he'd be able to get back to it and what's this about mind control? Everyone was mad, a fist was flung and some rent-a-muscle had popped out of seemingly thin air when zach hadn't been looking.

But thinking about it things didn't make sense did they? He didn't know Sebastian at all really. Yeah zach was the kind of guy who would help someone move in but he'd just barely gotten through the door himself and hadn't even gotten his stuff kicked into a corner much less unpacked. Then thinking about how everyone was acting, how luke had given him a golden eye-full, it made sense only if he considered himself as the one acting irregularly. Which meant there had to be a moment when things changed. Right after Sebastian had talked, the moment his train of thought had been derailed into thinking about helping this little twit move his bags. Under his minds eye gaze the lingering influence of Casanovas power burned away like fog under the sun.

Zach's whole body tensed and he managed to take in a short sharp breath before carefully speaking to the other teens nearby.
"I'm good now, but if he sets me off further don't let me get into the black suitcase unless we're throwing down."

Spinning on the spot, anger seeped into his voice as he stared down the mind controlling menace.
"Are you HIGH or just stupid!? Must be the former because I can't believe for a second that anyone who knows how to tie their own shoes would try to mind control people in the ONE place in the entire city that would have things in place to track powers use. Or would you rather take a guess at what other security bits like CAMERAS might be in the common room? Go ahead take a look around you colossal dolt. Maybe it'll help clue you into what an absolutely stupid thing you just did was. Y'know what let's flip it like this. You just used your POWER on us without consent. I could lay you out like a brick and it'd be self-defense. Do you get that?"

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Eddie stood still for a moment, remaining between Sebastian and the others.


"Oh, please, that's your word against mine," Sebastian finally said, a certain annoyance, and arrogance, to his tone. "Zach was just nice enough to help me when the rest of you decided to act like jerks instead of the heroes we're supposed to be. And now you're all just trying to turn it around and make it seem like I mind controlled him? Like I would ever use my powers on another student! It's just sad, isn't it, Eddie?"


Eddie didn't say anything, just staring at the rest. 


"Right you are, my friend. There's no need to stick around. I'll just go some place where I'll be appreciated! Come on, Eddie. Help me with the bags, please."


Eddie, for his part, broke his vigil and moved to pick up the bags, before turning to leave with Sebastian, the pair quickly disappearing into their room.


Leon would try to pull the raven-rang out of the wall, but it wasn't as easy as it first seemed. It had been thrown with some force to stick to the wall like that, after all.

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Nevermore II


Charlie let out a breath it hadn't seemed like he had been holding until just now, before shifting his head slightly to look at the Felix and Adam. "So, I guess that's not normal for Claremont, right? I mean, most people I've met haven't been jerks like that guy, so I guess students don't get in fights that often, right?"


He seemed to think it over for a moment, before speaking up again, this time turning to look at the spot where he had sent the ravenrang into the wall.


"I'd like that back, Leon. The boss is kinda protective about the trademark and everything."

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Felix shrugged slightly, having been stewing silently for the past minute or so. That moron. He needs to be brought to heel before he graduates. He's a villain in the making, and no one seems concerned about that. His fists clenched at his sides before he took a deep breath to calm himself. Murder is wrong. He reminded himself, repressing images of crushing the other boy's skull between his hands.


He looked to Charlie, taking another deep breath. "No, it's somewhat unusual. Sebastian's just a bigger jerk than most of the rest of the school combined." After a moment, he smiled in a ghoulish expression of loathing. "There are times when pranks get out of hand, and sometimes tempers flare, but he," the sheer venom in his voice could have burned a hole in flesh, "is an exception."

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Leon attempted to pull the ravenrang from the wall unnoticed, but it seemed to be stuck firm. "Hmm, must have hit a stud." He was careful of its sharp edges as he tried again.


On 9/13/2020 at 3:06 PM, RocketLord said:

"I'd like that back, Leon. The boss is kinda protective about the trademark and everything."


Leon glanced back at Charlie and gave him a friendly smile. "Just trying to be safe. Not too safe leaving sharp things sticking outta the wall." He switches hands, reaching up with his left hand. He wraps his hand around the weapon and gives a quick tug, pulling the ravenrang out easily this time. He glances at the retreating Sebastien and Eddie as he crosses the common room. He opens his hand to Charlie, the ravenrang lying in his unharmed palm.


He looks over at Felix, a little surprised to hear that level off hostility. "If he's that bad, how has someone not gone Few Good Men on him?" He asks.

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"As unpleasant as he is, I'm glad no one ended up hitting Sebastian. He would obviously be quick to run to the headmistress and spread more of his lies." Pol stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Perhaps it would be best to merely play tricks on him? Perhaps that way he'll have a harder time getting into trouble. Like this!"


The young man dropped to the floor with his hands out, almost as though he was about to some pushups, but instead as he reached the floor, his body turned inside out and reconfigured itself into a a single bed, complete with mattress, bed frame, blankets and pillows. After a few seconds, frightening skeletal arms formed out of the frame and grasped up and around any potential occupant just as the loud blast of a semi truck's horn rattled the room. A few seconds after this shocking display, the bed folded back in on itself and resumed it's humanoid shape, a young man bouncing on his feet with excitement.


"Imagine how much that would scare him," crowed Pol with delight as he rubbed his hands together.

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Yeah run away man.” Luke teased as he saw Sebastian vanish through the door of his room. Whatever.


By the way guys? You’re really saying that the school would do something about stuff like that?” There was more than a hint of surprise in his voice. “Mine, well… no one had freaking superpowers of course, but they let a lot of stuff slide and I mean A Lot.” He would have to admit that he had benefitted from that himself, but well, he wasn’t exactly proud of it today. He ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. “That’s cool.


You have trademarked accessories?” The young man gave Charlie a playful look. “Got to find some for myself.


Yeah I imagine.” He chuckled when Felix mentioned pranks. With superpowers? Things would definitely get extremely out of hand very soon. Not that he had a problem with that of course.


Speaking of which. “Whoa mate.” He grinned as he saw Pol’s demonstration. That definitely is gonna have some intriguing application wouldn’t it?

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