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Nevermore II


Leaping from the window, Charlie spread out his cape to soften his fall, landing next to the Raven. 


"Sure, got him, boss," he muttered while accepting the Bowman from Alek, gently putting him down on the floor before reaching into his belt and pulling out a first aid kit. It wasn't much, but he could at least keep him stable. 


"You got the cleanup, Arrow?" He didn't bother to look up while he asked, focusing on Arrow's mentor instead.


With the Unkindness ready, he helped Bowman up again, towards it and into the seat. With the barely conscious Bowman in the seat, he turned to Raven again.


"This is bad, right? Not just Bowman, but the whole thing with them saying they're Ushers?"

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Raven helped Nevermore get Bowman secured in the crash-seat. While less "fun" to ride in due to no windows (the current Unkindness could seat 3 up front, and he was working on more), the extra padding and the transition to a prone position should help him. Only when the archery-based hero was secure did Raven turn and look at his apprentice.


"Yes. We weren't ready tonight."


His voice promised more training, but it would be something they faced together.


"I've gotten complacent. My mistake, not yours. We'll need to dig up everything we can on the Ushers. This was just the opening move. They seem ready for war. So we'll have to be ready, too." 

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A small part of Arrow felt like was she being condescended to despite the fact that the older hero openly admitted his role in this whole debacle, though, it was probably just the anger more than anything else. Seeing her mentor, one of the few people in the world that she actually respected, be put into the Unkindness as if he was a child in need of care was an image that Arrow had no desire to see repeated in her mind like the world’s worst sideshow. She had to focus on something, anything else right now. If only to redirect to her anger into something constructive.


"The House of Usher usually doesn’t operate in North Freedom,” she said coldly, her frustration barely suppressed. “West Freedom and Lantern Hill is their usual haunting grounds. The incestuous ghouls must be expanding their operations here. Probably saw Kingston as free estate after the invasion nearly turned it into a wasteland. I suppose its appropriate instinct for vermin like them.”

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Nevermore II


"Yeah. That makes sense," Nevermore agreed with Arrow. "Kingston's pretty much been a hole in the ground since the invasion, right, boss? Gotta be all kinds of weird things happening here."


He frowned, looking at Arrow. It was weird seeing Bowman like this, at least to him. How would it be to her? He was her mentor, like Alek was to Charlie. 


"Are you alright?" Nevermore was worried about her, that much was obvious in his voice.

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