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The telepath sighed; it was never fun crushing some guy's hopes, but as long as she was in a great relationship, she was going to have to get used to it. "Well, at least ah probably kept you out of jail, so that's a plus," she said with a smile. "Ah guess ah'll see you around school?" Then she paused and frowned slightly. "You sure about the ride? It's no trouble; ah can at least drop you off at a bus stop or somethin'."

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Yeah, I bet that I wouldn’t have gone far.” Given that he was caught even before he had a chance to try to get in there was little doubt about that. “Definitely.” He smiled. “Not gonna miss this.” He chuckled.


Ok sure. Thanks.” He added, awkward or not there was no need to close the evening on a sour note after all. “Wouldn’t have been easy to explain mom if I ended up scarin’ the whole camp. Again.” He chuckled.

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After checking bus schedules on her phone, Lulu headed back to the commercial strip, with it's gas stations and mini-malls; she was quiet, her eyes on the road, and the radio was playing country-western music. Finally she pulled up to a bus shelter and put the SUV in park, then turned to her passenger.


"Well, here you are; the app says the bus should be here in about twenty minutes. You sure this is okay?"

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Luke nodded. “Yeah works for me… besides If it doesn’t show up I can kinda run faster than a bus anyway.” He gave her a cocky grin, it was true though, he could, but then again, it was not exactly low profile anyway, so yeah, perhaps it would be smarter to just wait.


Hey… thanks for the tour, ok.” He threw her a glance and a friendly smile as he jumped down from the car.


Good night. See you at school.

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