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"Welcome to the club, Utsuwa," Raina said briskly, actually picking up a handful of the papers Erik had pretended to send her after. "School typically foots the bill for students," she told him, sending a quick look Erik's way for confirmation, "but you've got to fill out a buttload of waiver forms so nobody can sue us if you or somebody else gets hurt. It's a whole American thing, you'll get used to it." She snapped the papers into a clipboard, attached one of the cheap pens with the dojo's name and phone number, and passed it to the kid. "You'll need a session for el viejo to place your training standard, but after that if you mostly want to work out by yourself, that's on you. There's also classes, personal training, small group, yadda yadda. It's all in the brochure." 

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