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Independence Day (IC)

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Lulu shook her head as she wiped away tears with the ball of her hand. "It's alright; that's what we have therapists for, right?" She chuckled ruefully as she fetched a box of Kleenex for the two of them. "Ah'm sorry that things aren't so great at home for you either, ah guess." She pointed as her temple and shrugged apologetically as she sat down next to Judy. "Anythn' you'd like to talk about?" 

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"What is there to talk about?" asked Judy softly, legs folded up under herself as she sat on the bed. "Ah have made some of the best friends of mah life at Claremont; people Ah knew for sure cared about me for who Ah am, not for who my Daddy is. I almost..." But then she'd already told Lulu that story. "But Ah never should have come there. Not...not secretly, anyway. Maybe Daddy would have had to keep it secret from the country, but not from...not from everybody else. There was only one reason to do that, and that was his shame over what was hidin' in our family tree." Her eyes glowed slightly as she spoke, an echo of the rainbow within. "And Ah know Ashley thinks the same thing, that it was a crying shame, but what can she do about it? She can't tell the world without telling the world everything. And anyway, Ah...ah asked her not to." 

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Lulu sat in silence for a while after Judy spoke, letting the weight of the words sink in. After a few months moments, she finally spoke. "Even though our lives were...very different, in a lot of ways, there are two things we have in common. We both had to grow up real fast...and we both had parents who chose what was best for them instead of best for us." She grinned a crooked grin. "Pretty sh###y club to belong to, ah guess, but at least we're in here together, huh?"


The redhead reached out and took Judy's warm hand in her own. "And ah really mean that; if you ever need me, for anythin', ah will come a-runnin', you hear me? As long as ah've got breath in my body, ah'll come." She pointed up towards the sky. "Even if ah need to borrow a spaceship. Hell, steal. Ah'd steal one to come getcha."

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Judy shot a look up at the sky, hanging onto Lulu's hand as they spoke. "You're a good friend." As she spoke, her eyes glowed faintly with rainbow light as she looked at Lulu. "It's not fair how things are sometimes, but we just have to make the best of it, Ah guess." She ran her free hand through her shortened hair for a moment, then said, "That's what my parents would say, anyway." She smiled tightly, then added, "Sometimes the things we want we can't have. That's just the way it goes." 

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"Ah know we don't always have a lot of say over what goes on in our lives, but we ain't helpless, neither. We're a pair of badass bitches, pardon my French." She let go of Judy's hand, stood up up and sighed. "So are they comin' here, or do you have to go this extraction point? 'Cause ah'd be happy to give you a ride or hell, even fly you anywheres you need to go. Ah can make it so no one sees us, too." She shrugged.


Then a thought hit the young redhead, and she clapped her hands together. "Oh, and one way or another, before you go, ah've gotta give you a taste of my Aunt Beulah's homemade shortbread! She sent a box last week and it was so good!" She dropped down next to Judy again and waved her hand, and a plate of buttery cookies and a tall glass of ice-cold milk appeared on the floor on a silver tray. "There you go! Ah think ah made a good match, on account of all the research ah did on the subject." She grabbed a cookie and stuffed it in her mouth, and proceeded to make some very emphatic happy sounds. "Mmm....nailed it!"

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The girls ate, something Judy could only really do in Lulu's presence and something she still enjoyed, even as she knew to do it in moderation. Judy was obviously nervous, jumping occasionally at the noises the house made, but seemed to be more relaxed by the time they'd finished. When they were finished she sat quietly for a moment, then seemed to come to a decision - taking out her phone and tapping quickly, then holding it between her hands. "Ah...Ah'm not going to just sit around like a lump. If you really think you can get me out of this house," she said to Lulu, her voice getting intense, "Ah can show you where one of my pickup points is. It's still a while before Ashley's flight gets here but it's better than just...just sitting around doing nothing. Ah've already done enough of that in mah life." 

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Lulu nearly spat up her milk with excitement as she vigorously nodded hear head. "Yeah, yeah, absolutely! Ah mean, ah can make us invisible, but we'd still show up camera, so maybe add a change of clothes and some sunglasses. Ah got more than enough liftin' power with my TK to fly us out of here, and ah fly quiet as a church mouse." She made a low swooping gesture with her hand,

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