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Placement Tests -- Echi Haimura


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The room Echi was brought to registereed as fairly clear of obstructions to her senses. The heat of the day's light flitering in through a large pane window touched her skin and she could make out the breathing of the man sitting in a chair before the window.

As she entered, the man turned to face her and through her senses, she noticed that the chair moved as the man did.

"Ah, Miss Haimura. Welcome to the school. My name is Gabriel Marquez, the school's head counselor. Headmaster Summers wanted me to conduct your placement tests. He felt that I would be a better starting point for you as you have shown a reluctance to being open here at the school. Please have a seat."

Gabriel moves forward and Echi can hear the wheelchair being manipulated until he was near an empty chair.

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She couldn't help but frown as she understood the situation. She didn't have to be very open to enjoy her life, and she certainly didn't feel like the headmaster labeling her as disabled before he saw just how powerful she was. Still she moved forward, a bit of anger to her step as she sat down and moved to smooth out her skirt as she turned her head to face to sound of the wheelchair. She wasn't truly bothered by a placement test, it was just one more chance to prove that she was the best at what she did. People like this Duncan would never understand how capable she was. Still she managed to keep a cool enough head not to say anything horribly rude, at least until she sat down.

"If you are going to test me, I can assure you I have no qualms in opening up. A test isn't worth anyone's time if you don't give it everything you can."

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Gabriel leaned back in his chair and regarded the young woman for a while before speaking again. "Yes. that's correct. Giving it your all is an important step towards understanding your powers as well as yourself."

Gabriel pauses for a moment againa dn pulls out a clipboard and begins taking notes. "So, tell me Ms. Echi, what exactly are your abilities? What have you already learned to do so far? An honest assessment lets us shape your placement tests accordingly."

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Mura sighed as she listened to the woman. This clearly was a guidance counselor. She couldn't explain all her power to a man like this. She was strong... so strong he couldn't imagine, but her power wasn't easy to just write off, she had a lot she needed to do with it, a lot she couldn't really just... tell someone. But she tried very hard to put it into words before speaking, sighing once more and looking towards the voice as she stood up, taking her thumb and index finger and tossing the chair she was sitting on into the air like one would a cup, before catching it in her hand as she felt it come down.

"I'm very, very strong... I can fade from view, and I can keep very quiet when I want to. On top of that, I don't get tired when I run very fast. I haven't been able to test out my maximum speed, but I'm fairly fast."

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Mura's face quickly went to a frown as she tightened her fists a bit, the chair cracking a bit as she dropped it, her face not moving at all, showing she had lost focus for it. She wasn't quite sure what this person would think, or what she could say... But she understood what the person was concerned about. Maybe she had some latant eyebeam of death power, or some enhanced vision...

"The purple thing in my eyes is a curse... It means I'm blind."

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Gabreil didn'T miss a beat as he followed right on the heel of her statement. "And yet you can move about unaided as well as perform feats that a normally blind person could never do. I thought you were going to be open to this testing, yet you have not shared that you are somehow able to see. Tell me Ms. Echi, is this due to training?"

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Mura frowned a bit, not liking to talk on this subject for any length of time. Sure she was blind, but that didn't mean she was helpless, and this person was already assuming she had such a horrible life because of her blindness. Still the girl managed to stay a bit calm as she ran a hand to her head and flicked one of her ears, annoyance clear on her face.

"As I got older. my hearing improved. It's not sight, but I can tell where you are. I can tell that you are in a wheelchair, and that the chair I sat on is on it's back.I don't know why my hearing is better, my body must have just adjusted to my lack of sight. But it does allow me to function just as well as anyone else."

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Gabriel nodded his head as he took down notes. "Hmm, sound based preception. We'll have to test the extent of that particular ability as well."

Gabriel put the pad down upon the desk and smiled. "I have all the information I need for your placement tests now. If you'd be so kind as to follow me, we'll head to the testing room."

Gabriel waits for Mura to stand before wheeling himself towards the door and into the corridor.

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The girl sighed as she did as she was told, following the man down the corridor. She wasn't too excited about these tests now, they seemed like it was just another thing to show others how horrible little Mura was a poor defenseless little girl and needed to be coddled. Still she followed, her fists still clenched in her anger as she waited for something to happen.

"I'm ready for whatever you are gonna do..."

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Gabriel lead Mura into a large room were workeres were still working on a large machine. Gabriel lead the young woman up to the machine and stopped. "Here, we'll be puttin you through your placement tests, Ms. Echi. The workers are just finishing the last preparations for the first stage as we speak. Your placement tests are designed to test your abilities and find the limits of your present capabilities. In many ways, we hope that they give you more insight to your own image of yourself."

"From the data gathered, we'll be setting up classes for you to take. The tests are split into five stages. Each stage will consit of four segments of varying difficulties, some of which are specifically built to be above your power level. This will give us a possible upper limit to your abilites. Each stage will be proceeded by a slight beeping tone before they begin. Between the different stages, you'll be given a short break with refreshments to regain your strength."

Gabriel begins to whell himself away from the machine and Mura. "I'll give you your instructions before each stage. Good luck, Ms. Echi."

Gabriel is soon out of the door and Mura is left alone in the room with the large machine.

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The girl couldn't tell there was a machine in the room, not at first, but she could tell therewas a large... something. Then she listened, and understood. She didn't know what this thing was, but she could hear the electricity pouring through it. It was fairly obvious that Mura would have to do... something, with this machine, but she had no idea what. If it was a computer then she'd be as lost as any blind girl. She'd never used a computer before, it was about as useless to her as a piece of paper.

"Alright, but this is a waste of your time, there isn't anyone better than me."

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A long tone goes off signalling the beginning of the test. Gabriel's voice followed closely after teh tone.

"If you would pleas step forward, Ms. Echi, we can begin. The machine you have just entered is a large press that will test the boundaries of your strength. The machine will apply pressure from above to force you to your knees. There are four segments and to ensure that luck plays only a small part in the tests, you have three chances to overcome the pressure. Each level will be increasingly difficult. Good luck."

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Mura scoffed as she lowered her head and stood up a bit straighter, flapping her skirt a bit with her hands. Shaking her head her face turned up as she listened to the man's words and she could easily be heard laughing. As she heard the machine begin she lifted a single hand to the air cockily and giggled, her voice coming clear.

"Maybe I wasn't clear, Do not underestimate me. I only require a single hand for this test."

The girl smirked as she felt the weight come down, and frowned as she did indeed feel herself being pushed down. Angrily, she pushed back, her eagerness to prove her power getting the better of her and her strength waning. Grunting and shouting profanities, she placed her other hand to the force and pushed up, smirking as the power against her felt like little more than a schoolbook when she tried. "Psh, I wasn't ready... not that it mattered!"

As the girl pushed the press back, she simply chuckled hearing the click of machinery behind her opponent, and feeling it increase. Overconfidence struck her once again as she ignored it and lowered her power to create some sort of challenge. Much to her dismay the machine came hard and fast, pushing her all the way to her knees. In anger the girl pushed up with even more force than before sending the press all the way back up as she growled angrily. "I thought I already made it clear. I'm stronger than your little metal toy."

The girl simply laughed as her purple eyes closed, being as useless as they were. She simply removed one arm, keeping the press up as she turned to wear the voices seemed to be coming from, her arm not even tiring. "If you are trying to place me some place, I think the best is a good starting point." She started giggling again as she suddenly felt the increased pressure, her one arm incapable of holding it up, despite her efforts. Swearing she growled for missing the click due to her gloating and pushed back with both hands once again sending the Pressed all the way up, her energy reserve not even slightly deteriorated. "Alright, that was a little rough, but nothing I cannot handle.."

She merely smirked as she felt the press increase her burden once again. Her body not even shifting as she held it up, bobbing her head to either side happily. as she chuckled holding the powerful force easily in her hands. "I already told you, I'm the strongest, I just thought it would be funny to have some dramatic tension with my earlier efforts. If this is all the force you got, I'm not even going to break a sweat."

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Gabriel's voice came over the speaker as teh test was completed. "Bravado is often a sign of feelings of inadequacy, Ms. Echi."

The sound of people moving into the room, quickly working to dismantle the press for the next stage of tests filled the room. Mura noted the sound of a chair and table being placed against a wall. Again Gabriel's voice came over the speakers. "While the next stage of tests are set up, you may take your rest. On the table are refreshments as well. Please help yourself. When things are in place, you'll hear the tone and I'll explain the next test."

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After a short time, the preparations were complete and Mura was left in the room alone again. The signal tone rang and Gabriel's voice again came over the speakers.

"It's time for the second stage of tests. We'll be testing the limit of your senses this time. A variety of sensors have been placed throughout the room. Each sensor will produce a tone of varying loudness and distances for you to locate. You need only say where the sound is coming from. Good luck."

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The girl simply scoffed as he insulted her pride once again... taking a bite to eat before she was alone again. Her eyes opening as she relaxed her muscles... The first sound was easy, to a normal person it would seem like a car crashed right next to them. She wasn't even paying attention as it rang three times. Still she walked to the sound and nodded, pointing at the speaker. "There." She groaned a bit as she focused this time. She almost couldn't locate that first one, and it was on the first test. This was how he wanted to make her feel? He wanted her to realize she was blind? That ass was going to pay for humiliating her. Still, she awaited, focusing on the next sound...

It was furtherr away, but the same sound. The second one almost slipped by it, but that's because she was already running towards the first bit. She stopped at the speaker and pointed up, cockily as she folded her arms after the action. She was getting used to this test now. At this rate, she shouldn't have a problem. She sighed and waited for the next sound, not speaking because she understood that making a comment in this sort of test was nothing but a mark of failure.

As she turned she hurt a faint crash to her ears, but couldn't locate it, her ear twitching as she focused and located the second, her rush to get their making her completely miss the third. She panted and got to her position, pointing to the offending speaker as she became quite angry with herself for missing the sound at all. She waited, hoping this next chance would redeem her...

She gasped as she heard the next one, so far away, but she knew exactly where it was. She ran, missing the second sound, but clearly hearing the final one as she pointed up, smirking at any cameras watching her. She wasn't going to let something like that beat her...

She blinked as another sound came behind her, and she walked over, pointing up. It was different this time, but so much closer, way too easy to hear... turned her head to the speaker and shook her head. Maybe this was some kind of break?

Once again, the sound came, and Mura darted off, pointing up and shaking her head out how silly this all felt. This test was becoming way too easy now.

She sighed, and casually listened for the next set of sounds to come her way. She set off again as it rang and pointed up, blinking at the cameras as she listened at the sound. She was surprised that this set was even meant for a test.

She didn't even hear the first two of the sounds, but her ears twitched as it picked up the third, darting to the speaker and pointing up as she frowned. This was bad, if such a thing was already becoming difficult.

As she readied herself she suddenly heard another three beeps of noise and walked over to them with a smirk, raising her hand to the speaker. She was understanding now. It was a much fainter noise this time. So the next logical step would be from a small distance away...

She was right of course, as her body rocketed to the next speaker, pointing up with a smile, completely missing the last of the sounds.

As she waited, nothing came, she missed it completely. Still waiting... She hoped that tis wasn't some new trick for suspense. The next sound was faint, but easy to locate. It was too close, and she was getting confused. Shrugging it off she went to hear the next sound.

She awaited the sound, and missed the first two completely, but heard a definite sound for the 3rd. Rushing to the speaker, she pointed up, hoping no more tricks were on the way.

As the next sound came, Mura heard nothing. She simply stood their in the darkness as no sound went by. Still hearing nothing she groaned. "Are we done here?"

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Gabriel's voice comes over the speakers. "For this stage, yes. However we have three more stages to complete. It will take a moment to reconfigure the room though."

Mura notes that workers had entered the room and began to remove the speakers that were used in the last test. A table with refreshments was also brought out for her use.

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After a short break, Gabriel's voice comes back on following the signal tone.

"This test will determine how far your ability to remain undetected lasts and its limitations. All you must do is simply cross the room four times. Each time a different set of sensors will be activated to attempt to locate you. You may try to cross in any way possible. Again, you have three attempts to cross the room without being detected. Good luck."

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The first two stages of this test were nothing, Mura realizing it was indeed concealment first let herself disappear, then immediately went silent this sort of test was nothing that could hinder her, as there was no way to penetrate her powerful concealment. This was how life initially became bearable. Upon realizing she was going towards the next stage, she attempted to get through without any trouble... Twice she set off the alarm and immediately jumped back, trying and trying to figure out what was going on. She couldn't tell the sensor, so trying everything she had seemed like a good run about... Trying one more time, she still failed and growled at anyone that could hear.

"What the hell is this? You set up some random alarm that finds me if I even pass through the space? Like I can do anything against that!"

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Gabriel's voice came over the speakers again in response. "These tests are designed to show us not only the strengths of our students, but also the limitations as well. Without knowing the weaknesses of a student, we will not be able to properly assign the classes that are needed. Please take a moment to rest before the next test begins."

Again workers come out to remove the sensors. This time, along with the table of refreshments, the workers bring out a small dias. What seems to be gym equipment is also brought out and set up to the side. Another chair is placed opposite the dias to complete the small triangle of items.

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Mura frowned as she faced the first test, a challenge against her skills would be interesting, and this one challenged her knowledge over Business. She braced herself and relaxed, sitting in the chair as she was asked some of the more complicated questions. Her training had not yet reached that level and she was only able to give poor answers. She faced the final question and sighed, a slight smirk coming to her face as she not only answered the expected outcome of the business move, but gave corrections to the question, showing her ability in the territory. She passed.

Next she had to find a way to get something the person was trying to protect. She calmly worked (Taking 10 Via Skill Mastery: 10+12= 22) and smiled as she was able to easily produce a tangible reason why she could get the information. It was not hard for her, getting something she does not deserve came easy, she was always asking her parents for things after all.

Deciding that now would be a good time to show her physical ability she went towards the gym equipment and relaxed, performing every feat they demanded with complete ease. (Skill Mastery once again: 10+17= 27) She didn't even give a cocky grin, such things were common training for her.

Finally she had to gather some rather difficult information. Taking her cellphone she called in some contacts, working to get an answer from an expert in the field rather than sing her own inexperience to jab at it. Her calls failed. Not willing to give up just yet, she called another number, digging out an extremely old contact...Still not getting her information, she tried to get the old man to divulge, knowing he had her treasure trove. Still she failed, breaking the phone in her anger over talking to such an irritable person.

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With the stage finished, workers came out to remove the various items at hand. As they worked, Gabriel's voice again came over the speakers.

"Impressive Ms. Echi. We have just one last stage left to do. Please have a seat and rest as we set up for the final stage."

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Workers come out placing various drones in the room. After they had completed their work, the familiar tone rang out signalling the beginning of the last tests. Gabriel's voice again came over the speakers.

"This last test will be determine how well you can identify targets. Within the grouping of targets, you must hit the correct target. While the test is on, there will be overriding noise to make targeting more difficult for you. Good luck."

As the table of refreshments are removed, the targets begin to move while a humming covers their movements.

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