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OOC for this.


Y'all can probably figure out how to get in there. Dixie's rumored to use daka crystals in her weapons, for one. Worth taking a look. 

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From ze ocean he rises!


Salt-water/sea mimicry!




Enhanced feats 2("from the depths!"; enviromental adaption (underwater), Favored enviroment (underwater))[2pp]

Flight 5("waterspout flight"; 250 mph; 2500ft a round)[10pp]

Impervious toughness 10("Inorganic Resiliance")[10pp]

Insubstantial 1 ("Roiling water body"; Fluid Insubstantial)[5pp]

Array 15 ("Ocean heart"; PFs: Alternate power 3)[33PP]

BE: Linked effects ("Rock'em, Sock 'em Kraken")

Additional Limbs 4 ("Mighty limbs"; 10 extra limbs; +4 grapple when not using Improved grab)[4pp]

Elongation 5 ("A Vast reach" 100ft elongation (50ft increments) +5 to grapple and escape attempts)[5pp]

Super Strength 10("Might of the tides"; +50 Str (80 effective str: 820 tons Heavy load)[21pp]

AE: Damage 10 ("Slappin' Kraken Thrashin' "; Extras: Area (Shapeable - Targeted), Autofire Flaws: Action (full) PFs: Progression area Size 10 (10-25000 5x5x5 cubes)

AE: Move Object 20 ("Hydrokinesis"; heavy load: 13k tons; Extras: Range (perception), Damaging (10 ranks only) Flaws: Duration (concentration), Limited Material (Water)

AE: Create object 10 ("Simple water Constructs" 10x5' cubes Extra: Duration (continous)



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Do you want a power check to grab their bikes before they get on and peel out or will Magnetic Control 9 and split attack be enough to keep Dixie and Reiko from being able to abandon their clients?

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That's a Medium load for whichever gets the 5 and a Heavy Load for the 4. Motorcycles weight an average of 400 pounds. They're not in active use so I don't think a power check is required.

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https://orokos.com/roll/809225 19 is a hit to a flatfooted Facs. Normally that'd be a DC 18 Fort check...but since Facs is made of salt water at the moment I'm going to hand him an HP and make it a DC 22 instead. Call it a spontaneous Weakness complication. :D


Also, y'all can roll initiative I guess. I'm gonna do that in the next post here.

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https://orokos.com/roll/809228 Dixie with the 27.

https://orokos.com/roll/809229 Reiko with the 25.


https://orokos.com/roll/809231 Jonesy with the 21.

https://orokos.com/roll/809233 Goons 1-3 with a poor 3.


Az, Gauss can do her thing. If White Lioness has anything we can do that probably. Then we'll go into rounds.

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lets roll it!


1d20+10=12 biiig oof.


gonna use that HP to reroll dat me thinks.


1d20+10=16 + 10 for being under 11 for a total of 26!

no effect!




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