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Bug Hunt OOC

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Toughness Save vs DC 19; Bruised x1: 1d20+4 9

Jeez louise. Burning another HP.

Toughness Save vs DC 19; Bruised x1, HP Reroll: 1d20+4 10

At least that becomes a 20 after the +10.

Takedown AttackUnarmed Attack vs Mike; Power Attack -5: 1d20+6 8

Oof, no dice. Worth a shot! In that case he’ll try to stay up close and in Mike’s face so it’s marginally harder to use the gun.

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For bookkeeping:


Dragonfly enters from above and hits the two remaining goons with a split-attack blast, off her drones; she'd take 10 for a 22, which inflicts a minimum of (15 + 6 [rank] + 5 [autofire, 22 vs. 12]) DC26 on them, which they can't actually make.


Any goons outside presumably had a very bad day if they tried anything, but they were strictly minions so Chitin had the better showing!


We are out of rounds. Mike is not interested in fighting two heroes at once with no backup.

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