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Blackstaff stood behind Oz's shoulder watching the image shifts and moves. His eyes flicker here and there, searching for some kind of sign. When the little stone mouse appears Blackstaff smiles. "Well now, I guess we can consider that hard evidence" He chuckles, then clears his throat trying to stifle it. Apologizing for the bad pun. "Sorry. I guess the somewhere to start."

He gives Oz a moment to put his foci away before walking with the other mage. "I should consider carrying something I can use similarly. I usually use water for visual divinations." He says making small talk as they make their way towards the mall.

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"mmm, certainly more plentiful than mirrors and reflective surfaces but i find it has limited angles on situations far to often." Oz huffed as he hastened along behind Blackstaff, his second breakfast still fresh in his stomach was slowing him down...though it was the elevensies that was threatening to make itself heeded most.


"It would appear that the venue is having some kind of chicken themed event so our exotic pet has a veritable field of decoys to hide amongst and no shortage of young children to accidentally turn his gaze against..." he gasped "do not let me slow you down i will follow as surely as anything but time is of the essence and prevention is as ever preferable to curing.:

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The duo approached the mall, making their way towards the statue. It wasn't difficult to find with Oz' guidance, but even then, the little mouse made of stone seemed out of place in the middle of the oviously chicken themed even. After all, there were no mice, save for background characters, in the movie. No, this was clearly the work of something else, something that should not be here.


It was difficult to avoid bumping into the running and shouting childrne, or the parents that desperately tried to keep up with them. It would not make their investigation any easier, at least.

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Blackstaff tried his best to move through the crowd of children and parents at Oz's guidance. When they finally reached the little stone mouse he crouched near it. He followed the statue's gaze to see where it was looking when it was petrified. "It was looking that way when it made eye contact." Behind the googles his eyes scanned around, trying to gauge where their query was at the time and where it could have moved on to. 

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"there are tracks here." oz murmured as he gestured with a gloved hand, briefly illuminating the imprints on the surface with a mild violet mage light "looks like our cockatrice has entered one of the screens...the darkness makes it dangerous enough but with everyone in the room's gaze fixed on a certain point it may stone them all instantly." he huffed as he hauled himself back up to standing position, taking a moment to gently grasp the petrified mouse and putting it in his pocket.


"I am primarily a transmuter so i can reverse the process of petrification if it comes to that but as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure....I must confess i am no great strategist so if you have some plan for this i am more than willing to go along with it, tis a most delicate matter."

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The mouse's petrified form fit neatly in Oz's pocket. It was a tiny little thing, rough to the touch. Solid, yet brittle, he would have to take care of it.


The tracks led into one of the smaller screens, one that was showing the children's movie about the brave rooster. All was dark inside, except for the light from the screen where the rooster was currently jumping over a bull. 


But, perhaps they would need some strategy... or at least some way of finding Neil in the darkness.

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