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The Carnifex snarled furiously as the Ultio Users began to retreat, moving to pursue. "I'm not done with you yet. You came here looking for this fight, you don't get to back off just because you're too weak to-" The nightmare cut off as it got jerked back with a gesture from The Dreamer, her mouth set. The dreams around her were divided between accepting the chance to disengage and following the Carnifex's planned continuation of violence.

"I am willing to disengage. Thank you for trying to avoid the fight even if it came to nothing, it was good of you to try." She looked back to Ultra Girl, "Would you be willing to leave with me? I want to express my gratitude."


The serpent took to the air as she finished saying this hovering as she pulled the Carnifex into the air after her.

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Courtney sighed in relief as she saw the Ultio-Suits flee into the horizon. "Oh, thank God that's over." She her optics looked down toward the three unconscious remaining suits with mild contempt before eventually flying towards them. They were jerks, sure, but she could hardly just leave them there to rot on the roof until they woke up.


The fact that at least Dreamer, if not her pet monster, seemed fine to let the rest of the idiots fly off was also a weight off her shoulders. Pursing them any further would only have made things, no matter how she may have wanted to bring the whole lot of them to justice. That, and maybe interrogate a few more of them about MarsTech, not that she was particularly confident that they even would anything.


The android hero put those latter concerns aside though and focused on the now. At the roof she turned to Dreamer. “No thanks are needed. It was right thing to do after all,” she says, giving the other hero a smile before a streak of worry ran through her face. “Leaving would probably be best since we don’t know if any other suits are in the area and are looking to score a points on that idiot system of there’s, but…” she guiltily lobbed a finger at the three suits splayed out on the ground. “I still think we should try to get them to ground level if not somewhere safer. I, uh, don’t really know my own strength yet and can’t be entirely sure that I didn’t hurt them a lot more severely than I intended. Mind helping me do that before we leave together?”

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