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Tags and you


In order to make it easier for you to keep track of a characters threads, as well as for GM’s to be able to find those suitable for an adventure that they have planned. So it is helpful that when you create a character you set up these tags to assist us for just that task. With that in mind this is a general guide as to what tags you should use for you character.


Tags? Where?



Below the Title of the sheet, where you put your character name there is a sections called Tags. Here is where you’ll put the required tags, those being the characters PL level, the characters superhero name, city of activity and any extra you might earn later. Each needs to be entered separately, and the lot saved before you continue, then can be if needed edited later which you can ask Ref’s as required later.


What Tags to use.

PL level: This is straight forward enough the PL the character is fighting as, being the PL a space and then the level, ie PL 7, PL 10 etc. If your fighting at a lower level than you maximum, say PL 10/12, then use that lower level, in this case PL 10.



Character Name: Character superhero name or maybe real name if they use it exclusively.


City of Activity: We have six locations, mostly cities that you can use. For more information on each take a look here.


Freedom City, Claremont Academy, Emerald City, Bedlam City, Vibora Bay and Space


You can add other locations if the heroes operate elsewhere, but you always use Freedom City as the default.


Extra: These are things you’ll earn later during play, like memberships of super teams or a Claremont Alumni.



Once you set up these tags you need to set there PL as the Item prefix and your tags will be good to go!



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