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Justice follows up and attack Evil Justice 2 with a Justice Strike a +2DC/-2 ATK, since he's effectively flatfooted being blind and deaf: 25

That's a hit! DC 27 TOU for the bad guy: 17

He's out cold


Evil Justice 1 fraks over this and takes no attacks, but there'll be something happening IC once I get to post.


14 - Justice - 2HP - Bruise (x1)

7 - Evil Justice 2 (The Man) - KO

7 - Evil Justice 1 - Unharmed

2 - Salvo - 0HP - Bruise (x2)

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Move Action: Drop back down to near the ground.

Standard Action: Ready Energy Vent. It will be used if the Justice tries to flee or fight back.


All-out Attack / Power Attack

+5 DC / -5 Defense

AP: Stun 7 (Energy Vent; Extras: Area [Targeted, Burst] [5 Feet per Power Rank], Affects Objects [+1], Selective AttackFeats: Accurate 3, Attack Focus [Ranged]) {38/40} (Additional Descriptors: Electricity)


Energy Vent: 1d20+13 = 32

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Okay. If we're not at combat time anymore Salvo will grapple her.


Grapple: +17-12 (Bellios + Servo-Dynamos + Iron Grip)/13-8 (Salvo + Servo-Dynamos)/7 (Salvo)/3 (Nicole)

Enhanced Strength 8 [8] + Enhanced Strength 8 (Iron Grip; Flaws: Only when having won a grapple check; Feats: Improved Grapple) [5] = [13]

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