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Muirne looked around, pushing back on a building sense of wrongness in her head. She hadn't heard of Dr. Otaku, but it was definitely odd to her that the crowd was so against the one who was being called 'The Main Event'. Wasn't that a sign of prestige, why would they be so against him. The fight is being filmed by some drones like Vanguard uses. Also everyone hates this Otaku fellow, does anyone kno- Her train of thought came to a crashing halt as her link roared back to life and the wrongness vanished. She closed her eyes and focused on pushing the power down, before focusing back on the projection. Something was wrong here, it was almost like...


She felt the blood drain from her face, there was actual magic here. Her breath left her, and a cold sweat appeared on her face. She had to get away. She clutched at her mouth to hold in her stuttering breath. She couldn't run, she had to warn Vanguard. She had to warn them but...

I have to get away!

As that thought blared out, Muirne collapsed to her knees and her outline gave way to writhing shadows. Her form expanded frayed into a mass of heaving shadows, with two cold green eyes glaring from a head only a plagued fancy could have dreamed of. The creature leapt from the spot Muirne had stood, flowing along the walls to the darkest corner of the room. It glared out at the warmth and light in the room, hating it. 

Muirne forced herself to stop, despite the pain of the light and warmth around her. She had to warn Vanguard of the magic in the building. She had to send the message. Then they would know, and could get to safety. She had to get the message out, Síþwíf Dee and the others had to know to get to safety. She reached out to the warmth with her mind, pushing through the oily shadows that were billowing through her link. The projection is magical!

She relaxed, sliding further into the shadows. They would know now, and could be safe.


But Eira doesn't know. Some small corner of her mind reminded her. She can't hear Dee's messages.

The shadows writhed in agitation as she crawled towards the door.

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What, Muirne? Somebody grab Muirne, she's panicking and I'm kinds stu-


Mette didn't get to finish the rest of the mental message before the missiles exploded near her, with enough force rock her. Catching herself, she looked up at the Main Event. Doc Otaku? She had heard the name, at least. 


Anybody wanna fill me in on this guy? I know he builds robots, what else? 


And here she had almost started asking what he had done since everyone here sermed to hate him, but then he had to go to the name calling? 


"How about we wash your mouth, Doc?" 


Mette thrust her right hand out towards Otaku, palm facing him. Drawing in the ambient water in the air around them, Mette focused and multiplied it continuously, resulting in a high på pressure water burst aimed straight at Otaku. Another push, more water. She didn't have time to waste, Muirne needed her help. 

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The blast blew Doc Otaku back against the wall - and with a sudden sound of rivets clanking, the armor fell away from a thoroughly confused Solo Takashi, who coughed and spluttered as the water soaked and bruised him like a firehose - despite the fact that this was a hologram of the real man. "That's not-that's not fair!" he cried when he managed to stagger to his feet, pointing a holographic accusing finger at Mette. "You cheated! You made my armor fall apart!" 


"Maybe that was just your shoddy design," said the announcer, reappearing with a smile on her face. The crowd was cheering now, money changing hands and Mette's name being chanted, Miurne seemingly fully ignored by the cyborgs and humans in the audience despite her superpowered transformation. "What do you think, citizens of Rurland, are we finished with the Main Event today?" The crowd cheered that they were, and Takashi put his hand to his forehead. 


"Wait, this...this happened before..." 

"I think our champion's attention has turned elsewhere," said the announcer, "so I'll handle this one myself." And then she turned to Takashi, her face changing, fading from a tall, angular woman of African descent to a slim, pretty Asian girl in a sailor suit, her eyes wide and teeth pulled back in a smile. "You remember me now, don't you, Otaku-san?


"No!" Takashi was panicking now, running for the edge of the ampitheater, but with a gesture the announcer pulled him back to the center of the room. "Not again!" 


"Yes. Again." And then she pulled him apart. There was no other word for it; with a final shout, the holographic projection came apart as if he'd been turned suddenly into an exploded, high-resolution anatomical drawing; his eyes still wide - and then he vanished, twitching. With a smirk, the announcer resumed her original appearance, turning back to the heroes with her hands folded behind her back. 

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Klara wanted to dig further into what was going here, something was rotten in the state of robotstan. But one of her team was in trouble and she wasn’t going to let anything happened to them. Klara had lost team members, friends, in the past and she wasn’t about to do so now. Seeing as the fight was over, and good whilst she did approve of the methods Dr Otaku deserved punishment for what he’d done in the past, she had some help just waiting in the ring.


Hopping the bar she grabbed on with one hand before offering the other down to Mette, hopefully the bots were to busy celebrating to be annoyed by her sudden action.


<”Something’s wrong with Shadowborne, we need to go find them now!”> she’d only been studying Danish for a few months and was still a little rough.

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What the hell


Otaku seemed like a creep, but what the hell was going on here? Mette didn't know a lot about tech, but the way he was screaming about not again and everything else, this sounded like some kind of torture. She didn't know a lot about Otaku, but it seemed excessive... didn't it? 


She looked around, staring at the announcer, then back to Klara when she joined them and spoke to her in Danish. It was a bit stilted, but it made enough sense. <"I know, we gotta go and get her."> She turned back to the announcer. "I gotta go get my friend. You got no problem letting down the barriers around us so we can get out, right?" Her tone hardened a bit at the question, while she kept her hands by her side. She couldn't let this stand, whatever was happening in here, but right now, Muirne was the priority. 

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Muirne lunged across the room and out the door, shadowy tendrils writhing in the sunlight as she shied from the brightness. She hesitated in the shade of the entrance. Was this entire place magical? Would she lose her powers again if she left this location? She would be helpless if she did and Dougal had managed to reverse her shadow form before, so the magic they are using could probably do it too. She reached for her shadows, feeling the flow of power continuing strong. Could she draw extra to maintain the form if her link was cut? What would that do?

It didn't matter. She had to hold onto the power.

She reached for the shadows, feeling the power flowing from it suffusing her entire body, and pulled. She drew more power from the Shattenwelt into her, feeling it form into a core inside of her. Feeling secure in her new newly fortified shadow form, she ventured into the sunlight and towards the building where they left Eira, the shadowbeast form writhing in pain as the sunlight seared it.

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