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Velocity: Growing up fast (Birthday Vignette)


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The hot July sun was high in the air, shining down on a beach in Ibiza and reflecting off the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach was rather crowded, as was typical during the Summer months, with many of those spread out in the warm sand napping after a long night of enjoying the island's VERY active nightlife.

One of those was Megan Howell. The blonde teen from Freedom City was lying in a string bikini on a blanket near two of her high school friends, Janet and Lisa.

While her friends were clearly asleep, Megan was actually awake, not nearly as tired as her friends were, her considerable endurance helping with that. So she just lay in the hot sun, occasionally looking at some of the cute guys that happened within her view.

It was then that her cellphone quietly chimed. With a movement that was likely a bit quicker than she intended (but not nearly as fast as she could actually move, Megan picked up her phone, a quick glance confirming what she had already guessed as she flipped it open and put it to her ear.

"Hey mom." She said with a smile.

"Happy birthday dear." Erin Howell replied in a cheerful tone. "How is Europe so far?"

"Thanks mom. It has been great so far." Megan replied. "We have been doing so much sightseeing, but still not getting to everything that there is to see. We could spend all Summer here and still not get to everything."

Megan's mother gave a slight chuckle. "That is always the way it seems. But there are always other trips to see things you are not able to on this trip."

"Yeah, that's true." Megan conceded.

"So are you three being sure to be safe in the places you are going?" Her mother then asked, a slight hint of concern in her tone. Megan's mother knew most of the places the three girls had planned to visit, and that Ibiza was among them, so it was not too surprising she might have some concerns, particularly given Ibiza's reputation.

"Yes we are." Megan said reassuredly. "We are having fun, but being careful at the same time."

"I am sure you all are, I wouldn't be a good mother if I at least did not ask." Her mother replied. The two talked a bit more, with Megan's mom again wishing her well for the rest of her birthday and stating her father might try to call a bit later when he found time at work, something Megan was not planning to count on too much.

As she closed her phone, Megan continued to think a bit about the conversation. She was eighteen now, which ended her status as a minor. While she still could not drink in the United States, there were far more rights she now enjoyed, and responsibilities as well. But in many ways, she had long ago assumed a great deal of responsibility, when she had decided to use the powers she had gained in an laboratory accident during her Sophomore year in high school. She had not long ago been made a member of the Freedom League, after more than two years of operating on her own as Velocity.

The need to keep her identity secret had always bothered Megan some, having to lie to her parents and friends. But she knew it had to be done, to protect them from those that might wish to get revenge against her.

"Who was that?" She heard Janet ask in a somewhat tired voice.

"Just my mom, wishing me happy birthday." Megan replied, smiling widely as she put her phone back down. "And telling me to be sure to stay out of trouble."

"Hmmmm." Janet replied. "Well tonight we will really celebrate your birthday."

"I'm looking forward to it." Megan chuckled, before lying back to relax a bit more in the warm sun.

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