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Somewhere. Sometime. April 9, 2020


Each of them woke up alone in a featureless white room with a single equally featureless automatic sliding door. Woke up in the general sense of coming to awareness, not having actually been unconscious. This was most odd, as they had decidedly not each been alone in a featureless white room the minute before. A few seconds’ worth of remembering would allow them to recall the air wavering in front of them, several seconds of blackness, an instant of nonawareness, and then the current situation. Any superhuman sensory abilities would not penetrate the walls of the room. The door would, of course, open if they approached it, revealing a featureless white corridor with another door not a full minute’s walk away at the end of it. This second door would also open, revealing a central room into which all of their hallways fed into. This room was decorated as if for a party, with a big colorful banner that said "WELCOME FREEDOM LEAGUE!", and a circular table with several chairs around it. All of the decorations were oriented towards the doors. A glance above their heads upon entry would reveal an inactive viewscreen and camera.

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Salvo rose and found herself in a featureless white room. 


One minute she was around the some of her colleagues in the FLA, Eira tagging along, then the next here. When she tried her sensors, she found the walls obstructing them, but when she move forward the door opened. So she began to stride through the corridor, her sensory suite working overtime to feed her intel on her current whereabouts.


Salvo had flown for several hours from Emerald City to Freedom City to catch the teleporter to The Freedom Hall for. The Emerald City teleporter was down for maintenance for who knew how long. It was annoying but it let Nicole have an excuse to visit Claremont for a bit. That gave Eira the excuse to follow her into the FLA but of her companions who she was with just a minute ago she did not know where any of them where, or even if they had been transported here along with her.


Then she entered the central room and laid eyes on the party decorations around her, ending at the Freedom League banner.


"This is a sick joke. I know it."


It was not a scene Salvo was expecting. Whoever had teleported them without their consent probably wanted to mock them. She'd play along, of course, until she could slap the smirk off whoever did this to her. Hell, she'd burn down the whole room if she could. It'd be quicker to escape that way, too but she knew she was just indulging her thoughts. There were less destructive ways of finding answers.


There were similar doors to the one she had exited around her and she walked towards the nearest one. She still needed to find her companions. She wasn't worried about them. Who she was worried about was Eira, who had insisted on tagging along and, the idiot that she was, had agreed. She wasn't even cut out for a mentor deal!


Now as the only adult hero who actually knew the teenage android, the responsibility of Eira's safety was on her. The Katastroffs, Sharl, and Miss Americana wouldn't let her hear the end of it if something happened to her charge.


As if she cared what any of them thought.


Salvo snaps an arm up as the next hero walks in but, upon seeing her companion, lowers her readied weapons.


"Have you seen the others? What about Angelic?"

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Casey lifted her head from the floor and looked around; last she remembered, she'd stopped by Freedom Hall for her weekly check-in, when she touched base with her fellow team members (still sounded weird in her head!) and maybe do some training. So she wasn't surprised to see she was still in her 'work clothes', but the environment and x-ray resistant walls were quite alarming. And the fact thst there was dust present, not even in the corners, suggested some sort of sealed environment.


Approaching the door, it slid open to reveal a corridor with an identical door at the end.


This is not good at all.


Floating down the hallway as quietly as possible, the far door opened to reveal an understandably jumpy Salvo.


"No idea," the blonde powerhouse offered as she slowly lowered her raised hands. "My vision can't penetrate the walls, and I'm not getting any radio transmissions, either."

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Facsimile rose from the floor in his room with his head spinning, he'd been taking it easy in the freedom hall lounge when everything went dark and then incredibly bright.


Rising to his feet with a groan of exertion he took a moment to steady himself on the wall, his mind strangely quiet from the new flood of information that he'd begun to draw from the environment, he could still feel the thread count of his clothes and the movements and contents of the atmosphere around him but after that his awareness stopped dead at the walls, or perhaps at whatever was coating the walls.


Pushing himself off the wall and giving his cheeks and invigorating slap he strode for the door and stepped out through the door of the otherwise featureless room.


Spotting miracle girl and salvo was a relief he'd arrived in enough time to catch the end of their exchange.


It was probably prudent to share what information he had.


What little there was he could provide


"We are definately not in kansas anymore." He said with a groggy tone. 


"Somethings...different in the air here."

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Miss Grue

It had been quite a whilst since Daphne had been in true silence, without the constant awareness of life around her, it was in some way comforting as it reminded her of growing up in space when it was just her and Mother Unit.


Where are we? I do not pick up anything major within my detection radius.


You mean we’re not in Kansas any more? She was a little concerned but had some confidence that this would quickly reach a satisfactory conclusion, the door she’d just found was a good start at least.


I do wish you would take this situation more seriously, we could be in serious danger right now.


Following the tunnel Daphne was much more confident that this was just some form of misunderstanding, she could even begin to feel that there might be people around. And the sign was welcoming.


See look its completely fine.


Well the sign is close enough for me I guess! Hello all any idea of why we’ve been bought here?”

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Miracle Girl, Facsimile, then Miss Grue. They all were present in the Freedom Hall, which meant that the still missing Angelic and Terrifica could possibly still be around somewhere.


"I've got a bad feeling about this. Anything else you can tell us?"


And not in Kansas anymore? She trusted Facsimile enough to pay attention when he said they weren't anywhere near the Freedom Hall anymore. It only made the situation, already bad, much worse.


Spurts of fire lifted her a few inches up and began to hover off the ground. She glanced at her companions.


"I'm finding Angelic. Terrifica might be somewhere here too."


Then without another words she blasted to one of the remaining unopened doorways and barreled through the corridor. The door at the end slid open and found Eira standing motionless there, staring into nothing.


Salvo landed heavily in front of her ward and snapped two fingers under Eira's eyes.


"Wake up, little Eira. Questions need answering and it won't do charging your batteries alone."


Salvo noticed the crackling white of Eira's eyes. The teenager was using her powers and Salvo had an idea which ones.


Slowly, an armored finger reached out and tapped on Eira's forehead. This time around, Eira would hear Nicole's voice, rendered from Bellios code, inside the VI network both of them could see. There was size and power in the network, enough that Nicole was worried it could damage their own systems if they were careless. For her, it would be embarrassing, a quick fix of Bellios. But for Eira? Such a cyber-attack could break her mind.


[Eira!] Nicole's signals called from Eira's node serving as the anchor to her physical body. [Get the hell back here and we'll work on this together with my FLA teammates!]


Once returned to their physical bodies, Salvo would usher Eira to the central room where the others were gathered.


"C'mon. Let's get back to the others."

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Eira's eyes focused on Salvo. "I know what I am doing," she said out loud in a throaty hiss, sounding thoroughly aggrieved. "And I am not little." She followed Salvo back to their main gathering point, speaking in a whisper pitched loud enough to carry to everyone. "There is an active information network here, one with which I am unfamiliar," she said cooly. "The security systems blocked my initial probing but I believe I can overcome it with time. A hard connection will help - ah!" At the sight of the viewscreen overhead, she took off, the air around her thrumming and rippling with an active magnetic field. "We are in a very large structure," she said out loud as she reached the viewscreen. "I cannot fly without a significant magnetic field. Do not stand below me." At that juncture, she put her fist through the viewscreen, driving her forearm through the display surface. 

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Terrifica was the last to enter the room. Her intuition wasn’t nearly as strong as her logic, but it was there. And the last time she was mysteriously transported to somewhere else, it was to the Empire of Emerald and Jade. Though the color scheme was different, she was still unnerved enough to proceed cautiously. Until the sound of shattering plastic quickened her last few steps. Ah, so everyone was here. This did not help her feeling of forboding. Not at all. They had been all at Freedom Hall. Eira had followed Salvo there, as normally she would not be there at all. Apparently they knew each other, which was just wonderful. Terrifica had come to the Hall to follow up on The Unbreakable Kronk, so she was in full regalia. She wanted to make sure he was settling in all right. She did not get the chance, as she had been teleported away mid keystroke. “I see we’re already breaking things.” She sighed. “Must we annoy our hosts before we know if our being brought here was even intentional, let alone malicious?”

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Before anyone could answer that particular question, a teenage girl of East Asian descent walked through a door that hadn’t been there a second ago. “Um, who are you guys? I was expecting a callback and hey I was gonna use that.” She pondered for a nanosecond. “Actually, how did you even get in here? Meili keeps unauthorized people out of this area. Also she doesn’t like it when people try to hack her.” Her eyes went vacant and she spoke to Eira on the network itself. “I DON’T, EITHER. Whoops, sorry. Forget how loud I am, sometimes. Well, don’t think to remember, but amounts to the same thing.” The life returned to her eyes as she disengaged her wireless connection.

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"Now now, being kidnapped is a pretty good reason to assume hostile action." facsimile spoke up "just cause we're not in torture devices doesn't mean we're in friendly territory at all, just that they can't get what they want out of us that way for better or worse." he sighed as he slipped into the chair turning to address the young woman whom just entered the room.


"So Lets get this underway, Im facsimile, Freedom league auxilary member." he gestured to himself


"whom are you and where is this?"


there was other questions to be ask and be asked but that would do for now, if nothing else it would buy him time to shake off the strange nausea that had hit him if things did turn sour.


like Why does your air have some sort of uncanny valley effect on it and what are you hiding outside these walls that you don't want us to see...or are you hiding us from someone or some thing.

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"Whatever you say," Salvo replied as they began to walk back to the others, breezily waving away Eira's grousing. "But it isn't you who has to explain why your brain was fried by a memetic virus replacing your source code with junk. And just so we're clear, I brought you to meet the FLA which means I'm responsible for your chrome bum. So just imagine you're stuck in the Citizen sidekick gig again..."




The unsaid irony was that the age gap was merely a bit more than a year. 'Course, she wasn't the minor here.




Salvo groaned as Eira leapt up and smashed the security camera and it was all she could do to rub her faceplate with an armored hand.


Then Terrifica entered and protested what Eira was doing. While normally Salvo would join in expressing disapproval, she quickly backtracked as Alex defended the teenager's actions. Salvo nodded in agreement.


"Facs is right. In our line of work we should always assume the worst. Better to be safe than dead."


Salvo looked up to where Angelic was rooting through the room's security systems when the stranger appeared from a door. Instantly, Salvo was ready for danger at a moment's notice. She circled to the side of the woman as Alex exchanged words with her. Silently, she communicated with her colleagues in their shared communications channel.


"Think something is going to happen? Better be ready in case she comes with friends."


When an opening presented itself, Salvo spoke, her voice now altered to sound as if the armored wearer was male.


"Salvo of the Freedom League Auxilary, same as Facsimile. And we don't know how we got here. One minute we were at the Freedom Hall in Freedom City and the next we find ourselves here." Salvo stopped prowling at the edges and glared at the woman. "Your turn. Answer his questions."

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The girl blinked rapidly, processing information. “Wow, hostile much?” She didn’t seem put out at all. “Freedom League Auxiliary? Wait…no…Meili!” Her face twisted in something between aggravation and despair. “When I said bring them  up when I get here I meant on the screen! Ahhhh.” She moaned in that mixed emotional state. “Literal minded sisters. I swear to god…” She exhaled ferociously, clasped her hands together in supplication, and bowed her head. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! Please don’t be mad, but uh…I screwed up.” She peeked up at the assembled heroes. “I’m Xiaolian Song, and this is Song Integrated Technologies’s Research and Development Division Headquarters, dimensional science wing. It’s uh…not your world.” She bowed her head again. “I’m sorry! I meant to call the regular League, you know? Not bring anyone here. I’ll send you back, right away!” She paused for a moment, as she got back on the network. “Teleportation systems…dimensional travel…oh, here we go. Oh. Oh, no. It took that much energy? Wow, you guys have one heck of a Master Mage, I guess.” She got off the network, and raised her head again. “Uh…I’m sorry! Apparently teleporting six people across dimensions takes a lot of energy, and the capacitors are drained? It’s gonna take about a day for them to recharge. I can speed it up, but I’d have to ask Mom, and ughhhh.” She finally changed the position of her arms, folding them across her modest chest. “Well…maybe you can talk to her? I mean, I was calling the League to ask for help anyway, and since you guys are already here maybe you can handle the problem.” She held her hands out defensively. “I mean, if you want to. If you just wanna…wait…that’s okay too. I can find you someplace to stay. Nobody’ll notice. People come through this place all the time.”

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Miss Grue

Daphne must have still been a little confused by the lack of minds as she was slow to react to situation, the general weirdness that was there normal bread and butter. Even Mother Unit seemed a little slow with her concern, or the action of Eira caused made her idignet with her actions.


Are human Synthetic Intelligences always as blunt with each other? Should I maybe assist the assailed party?


No we need to find out what's going on and Eira is an ally after all.


The arrival of this new woman began to reveal some information about what was going on apparently they weren’t the target of this transportation, but she wasn’t insulted at all and this wasn’t exactly her first alternative dimension either.


Well I can’t answer for the others, but if I’m here maybe I can help you out with whatever you needed the League here?”

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Eira dropped to the floor with a distinct boom, making a three-point landing. She still held cables from inside the screen in her hand, having pulled loose what felt like a substantial amount of fiber optic cabling before Xiaolin's arrival. 


"You should not advertise your cybernetic nature so baldly before strangers," she told the other girl in a hiss as she began working on her salvaged components. "It is imprudent.

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"Yeah, looks like you screwed up big time," Salvo said, unmoved by Xiaolian's outburst of aggravation and despair. The armored hero crossed her arms, no longer ready to leap into action. "I don't fancy being kidnapped, intentional or not, but at least your mistake will be sorted out soon."


Inside her armor, she groaned as Xiaolian expounded more on the situation. She hated interdimensional travel with a passion. Not once had any of her experiences outside of Earth-Prime been pleasant. They had each involved clawing, fighting, and thinking her way out most often populated by beings who would like nothing more than to keep her trapped indefinitely. At least this dimension's inhabitants did not seem inherently hostile. Xiaolian had offered room and board, and an easy way out.


However Xialian had intended to call the Freedom League for help and though none in the room was a member of the main League, they were for the most part Auxiliary members. They shared responsibility with the League's problems, and as much as she hated dealing with another dimension's problems, she had to admit it wouldn't hurt to know.


Miss Grue had the right of things. Maybe they could help, but this dimension needed the League's firepower in a straight fight, those present was sorely lacking. She wouldn't like extending a helping hand to a corporation, especially one with enough resources to sneak past Phantom's barriers, but League problems were problems that held the possibility of huge repercussions. They had to be dealt with fast and hard. 


"I agree with Miss Grue," Salvo said, arms still crossed but most of her hostility gone. "Maybe we could help. Tell us your problem or will your mother, the head of Song Integrated I presume, be in a better position to explain?"

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Terrifica kept her mouth shut. Xiaolian? She had a program like that at home, with that name. And, of course, Song was her original surname. Her intuition was on the money, this time. She would bet everything she owned and everything she was that “Mom” was Qiaolian Song. Or in other words, was this world’s version of her. So very many alarm bells were ringing that her usual calm rational façade had broken. The only person in the room who knew her well enough to notice was, however, Miracle Girl. Yet still Terrifica kept silent. Her voice, paradoxically enough, could not help matters at this juncture.

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Xiaolian grinned. She looked entirely human, it was uncanny really. “Really? Well, maybe you can do it. I dunno. But if you want to help…well, you probably can’t make things any worse than they already are.” This was when Angelic’s statement threw her entirely off kilter. “Huh? Why? Just because my body was constructed instead of growing in Mom’s womb doesn’t make me any less of a person. Well, that, and if you tried to hurt me not only would I kick all your butts.” A familiar smirk curved around her face. Of those in the room, only Angelic herself had never seen it before. “And big sis Meili would never let you out of this room.” She then looked intensely uncomfortable at Salvo’s question. “Heheh, no. She is, in many ways, the problem.” She sighed again. “Well, if you guys really want to help, let me take it down to brass tacks. Our world’s a bit…different than yours. Not much in the way of superpowers, and no supergeniuses at all. Well, except Mom. She thought she could help, you know? So she’s been…doing…that. Flying cars, jetpacks, pollution absorbers, the whole saving the planet thing.” She rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I love her to death, but she is not…great…with people. She thought that just because she had great ideas, people would just fall in line and execute them.” She laughed. “Nothing’s that easy. People are people. Whether an idea is great or not is subjective, not objective. But Mom is, well, Mom, and so set out to convince them.” She sighed. Hard. “Let me tell you, when Mom sets out to do something, she does it right. She unleashed a full court press. I mean, she systematically went through every single product niche people use, designed something better than anything on the market, and started selling it. This…uh…did not have the expected effect. People being people, they then developed their own better versions, or just reverse engineered hers.“


Xiaolian paused. “Like I said, I love my mom, but she doesn’t take being challenged like that well. So she stopped holding back. Do you know what a supergenius unleashing their full abilities looks like? She literally built me from scratch. Invented half a dozen new technologies just so I could exist. My initial program was a work of friggin’ art I don’t know how to begin to replicate. And I was a personal project done in her spare time, not something she did to prove the world was wrong about her. But I’ll said again, she is not…great…with people. She was so consumed with being seen as The Best At Everything and Worthy Of Being Listened To she lost track of this little thing called consequences.” She paused one more time. “You see…people…they don’t…do things, any more. No art. No science. No manufacturing. No economics. Nothing. At all. Well. That’s not true. They watch holos. They go to church. They talk about what the neighbors are up to this week. But creative and intellectual endeavours? Nope, not a single one. They can’t compete, so they all just kind of…gave up. Not all once, but yeah. It’s the point now where nobody does anything important without instructions from Mom. Except sing the praises of Song Integrated Technologies for giving them a comfortable and easy life. Heck, Qiaolian-that’s Mom’s name-jumped from way down the list for girls’ names up to number ten last year, and all signs point to it being number one this year. Mine’s probably going to be in the top ten. It’s kind of…culty, really.”


She sighed. “I’m making Mom sound like some kind of supervillain. And I guess if she was sitting on her throne, feeling smug and self-satisfied that she’d succeeded that would be right. But…as I said. Mom is not…great…with people. She saw this coming, but too late to prevent it. And now she spends day and night trying to fix it, like it’s one of my parts or something.” She started to sound worried. “I think Mom doesn’t want to admit this isn’t something she can fix. My initial program was in part a copy of her neural patterns. So I know her better than she knows herself, and let me tell you, she’s a friggin’ mess. Very proud, deeply insecure, stubborner than a mule, and way too obsessive. But…she cares, you know? She’s not a bad person. She didn’t want to break the world. She was trying to be kind. She was trying to help. But, ironically enough for a supergenius, she’s painfully stupid about how people work. I mean, she was so lonely for something resembling human contact she built me.” She now sounded very worried. “Every new program or product she rolls out just makes things worse, and just makes her more determined to find the silver bullet. I’m worried about her. She eats little and sleeps less, according to Meili’s access logs. I don’t know. I don’t really see her much anymore, and when I do…it’s…look, she’s become a little too used being seen as a god-like figure.” She had gone from worried to very upset. “The only solution I can think of is to kill her, but I don’t wanna kill my mom. She’s my mom, you know?”


Xiaolian was quiet for a few seconds, looking absolutely miserable. “I just don’t know what to do anymore. It’s not like she’s ever listened to me, you know?” She started crying.

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Terrifica, in the words of the people of tumblr, felt extremely seen. She embraced the crying android. “Now, now. Not to fret.” Xiaolian’s eyes shot to her hairline in surprise as Terrifica spoke to her for the first time. “I think this isn’t an insurmountable problem. But it won’t be anything approaching easy. And I certainly can’t do it by myself.” With a glance at both Salvo and Miracle Girl, she added “Nor would I want to.” She paused, considered, and spoke again. “I…” Hesitation was very unlike Terrifica. “I…think that someone else should take the lead on this.” This being the other one of her darkest nightmares. The first, of course, being the Emerald Empress. “I am…woefully unqualified to do so. Truthfully, I don’t know if I can even be of any real help.” Her voice was wavering, but her hand was steady as she stroked Xiaolian’s hair. “That doesn’t mean I won’t try, but I cannot promise anything. Not this time.”

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Eira shot a look at the weeping android girl - and then looked back at her work. She took the length of fiber optic cable she'd pulled  and  wrapped it around her left hand, tight,  her long fingers pale, then set to work  with her other hand with some of her salvaged gear. As she worked, she said out loud a word in an obscure dialect of Galstandard that nobody used anymore but that Sharl Tulink had taught to his pupil  and his adopted niece. In English,  adopted for the standard scientific scale, it would have meant - 300 Megahertz


Once they'd matched frequencies, Eira began transmitting  staring at her work all the while. They can hear us. Protocol?  

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Facsimile listened witha stoic impression as he took everything in that had been said and exchanged, smirking to himself when the Xiaolin had proclaimed herself stronger than all present and that their AI would keep them captive even if they did try anything, it amused him that someone could feel that way whilst trying to reach out for help.


then she started crying, wow.


"Now I'm not saying I won't help but i need more to go off ya see?" he explained as he leaned back in his chair "I mean like, prime directive stuff you know? Do i have a right to interfer in the affairs of a whole alternate earth kinda?" he balthered a little unsure of his words even as he spoke them he just rubbed his forehead a little.


"what exactly did you want us to do?" he asked "Provide an unsolvable problem and force your mom and -slash- or the people of this world to realise everyone has limits?" he asked hazily.


"I don't wanna wind up screwing over your entire world is the thing."

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If it weren't for her helmet, Nicole's jaw would have dropped as Terrifica wrapped her arms around the crying android. Xiaolian had spun them a sob story and had started crying, and Salvo had expected anyone to comfort the girl it would have been either Miracle Girl or Miss Grue. Hell, she'd bet on Angelic first before Terrifica came swooping in for the embrace. So Salvo stood there, a little bit awkwardly, along with everyone else as the sobbing continued but muffled.


Her attention was ripped from the disconcerting experience when she heard Angelic call out in an alien word. A dialect of Galstandard. Sharl Tulink. Salvo did not forget things. It was meant for her.


She quickly tuned in to hear the news. Then she glanced up at the security camera Angelic had broken to link into the system further. It was from there that she had berated Xiaolian for advertising her cybernetic nature. And of course there was the VI, whom Xiaolian called sister and Meili. Where they stood may as well be a closed system itself. They were intruders inside a home, intruding viruses in a network that might as well be omniscient in its domain.


<Sorry, A. We're going dark. If Xiaolian's mother made everything in this world then assume all tech is compromised. Radio silence for mission essential's from now on.>


Then she swiveled her view to Miracle Girl before settling in to Miss Grue. The Grue hero could feel herself reflected of Salvo's visor.


Link us up, Miss Grue?


With that done she focused on the scene around her. Xiaolian sobbing. Terrifica comforting the android. Facs throwing questions to everyone in the group.


I don't think anyone here's experienced with extradimensional interference. Best analogy we have is intergalactic affairs and we have the perspective of a non-Terran. She continued staring at Miss Grue. Would-be dictator. Democratically elected. Loved by the people. The worst kind because there's no toppling her. No atrocities we've got to stop. So does the daughter want us to save the people from the mother, or the mother from herself?"


Salvo tore her visor away from Miss Grue and turned towards Xiaolian in Terrifica's arms.


This world's not used to everything we've got and now they've turned to sheep, worshipping the mud on her feet. Anything we do, including the unsolvable problem, is a band-aid fix unless we put the mother out of the picture or convince her to step down permanently. You need a therapist for the latter, which only leaves the former solution to us and I doubt Xiaolian will be happy if we kidnap her mother.


"But as that's the only option available to us, she'll have to take it or leave it."

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Angelic signaled her receipt of Salvo's message with a short binary beep, then returned to her labors. "Will need access to your civilization's information network. Hard-ported." With the fiber optic coils held tight in her fist, she began wrapping them around the table in the room, letting out just enough so that she could keep the cable taunt everywhere she wrapped it like the beginnings of a field coil. She looked from Salvo to Miss Grue, then from Xiaolin to her pile of collected parts, then put her hand to her chin and closed her eyes for a long, perceptible moment. When she opened them, she was smirking, but said nothing as she went back to work - at least until she asked, "What would your mother make of us?

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Miss Grue

It seemed that Daphne was playing network for everyone, not that she minded, so it seemed only fair that Mother Unit also helped out. The advanced Grue Synthetic Intelligence reached out to the two other synthetics working on that part of the projects.


Maybe I can be of some assistance? I can wireless link to any needed machine up to 300 kilometres. In a slightly sterner voice in Galactic she added <And please watch your language young lady, we should set an example for the younger software.>


After smiling at the part of the conversation she could hear Daphne put on her game face to the other members of there little team.


Okay lets see what we have as a team to use here.”

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Oh s###...


Casey didn't curse very often, or at least not out loud, but she had been corrupted a bit by her sorority sisters. If there was anything that warranted a four-letter word, it was a AU Terrifica who'd 'fixed the whole human problem'. What was it about her friend and mentor that led her down this path if unchecked? Human connection, she supposed, or the lack of same.


"Look, we're happy to help; we help people all the time. I'm okay on the tech stuff, but I will happily yield to the experts in the room." 


She sighed and crossed her arms across her chest; more than likely, her main usefulness in this scenario would probably be her compassion and insight into `Mom's' brain.


"Speed, strength and flight are kind of my big three. My senses are sharp, too, and I shoot heat rays out of my eyes." 


She shrugged and smiled.


"That's me in a nutshell. Well, that and I'm a wiz at tying knots."

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"Well count me in then i guess." facsimile relented with a sigh as he rolled his head and shoulders, he was feeling better now all things considered "Its not as easy as punching villains but i guess it is for the over all good of this world and its people, probably for your mom too...though she probably won't like it."


mental link ups had become difficult for him with the recent development of his absorbtion powers, he could feel the flow of information flowing into his mind like water from a tap, he had to purposefully pick out the telepathic messages from the sea of noise and of course, strain to constrain his information influx to himself to avoid flooding the network with static, for now he opted against using it.


"Names facsimile, those of you whom ive not had the pleasure of working with before now, my powers are to absorb stuff, energy to bolster my strength and physical condition, information from the stuff around me straight into the brainmeat ,Physical and mystical Properties of stuff i touch, general matter to regenerate myself, though that last one takes a lot of concentration, not a middle of the fight thing." he figured that was a fair summary of everything.


"I come with a morphic molecule meteor hammer." he added after a moment of thought.


"Fair warning though, my powers are a little burnt out after a big brawl with some villains in southside i might not be at 100%."

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