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The Eye, the Bird, and the Arrow (OOC)

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Alright.  Their turn to fight back.

Robber 1 takes a move action to run further away into the alley.
Shoot at Archer II (DC19): 1d20+8 15

Robber 2 tries to Break Free from Snare (TOU 6) (DC18): 1d20+6 19 and fails miserably!

So robbers 3, 4, 5 are going to take Move Actions: To climb on top of the the van and surround Archer.

3 and 4 are going to take the Aid Action (DC10): 2#1d20+8 22 24Aid Action as a Standard Action to Aid Robber 5 one increases his attack the other his defense.
Robber 5 is going to Power Attack (-2 Atk/+2 Dmg) with Knife (DC22): 1d20+9 22  which also doesn't hit.

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All up close, so gonna take 10 on using a Bowsmack with Takedown attack against the two guys that's flanking Archer. Hits at Defense 10, DC25 TOU.


If they both go down, I'm gonna attack the guy that stabbed at Archer. Guessing he's the non-minion, so rolling: 11

Oh, that was bad. Gonna spend a HP to reroll that, if I even get to attacking him, of course. Can't look bad in front of the heroes: 22, better! DC25 TOU if that hits.

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