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A good heart these days is hard to find...

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The Pennington Estate, Stone Ridge, Bedlam

Friday 10th April 2020, around 8 pm

If you ever wanted to see a display of overindulgence and money in one place than the Good Friday parties thrown by Dahlia Pennington. Despite any claims to the contrary the party was an excuse for all the high society to get together and get drunk whilst showing off there ostentatious displays of wealth, and for the luck few there were after party activities that would make the most jaded socialite blush, along with some rumored much darker activities.


For continued success it was said you always had to give up something, and whilst the Pennington’s were prepared to sacrifice to do so it wasn’t them taking all the risks…

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Doctor Thorne

Someone very much aware of personal sacrifice was out of her depth as she passed through security and into the estate, today’s sacrifice was a dress that cost more than they’d earned in there time as detectives and would have to go back tomorrow before the bank very rudely told the shop how much she couldn’t afford the thing.


This is more your thing, I really wish I didn’t have to play this part, Rosa complained to her partner


Not my fault I was disowned by my family, just follow my lead and you’ll do fine, replied Liam on floating consciousness duty tonight.


Rosa would rather have spent the night doing anything else, even the dread paperwork, but she’d discovered something that might explain the Pennington’s success, a pretty nasty occult trick that she wanted to shut down sooner rather than later.

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The lead was slim, with a good chance of not panning out, but at this point the woman known as 'Eileen Lake' was grasping at straws; she'd spent the better part of a year trying to suss out her real identity with no success. She came to the conclusion that whoever she was before she became The Eel, someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to erase them. 


But if you dug deep enough, the name 'Pennington' popped up again and again associated unsolved crimes and strange events. Money and influence kept the family name off the front page and out of the courts, but the weirdness was there if you looked long enough. They seemed like the type of people who would've hired...whatever she was, so Eel hoped sneaking into the Good Friday party might trigger some memory or yield a clue. 


Procuring the invite had not been cheap, and to be honest she feared for the life of whomever originally owned it. The rented pearl necklace, earrings and jewelry also came quite dear, and she really hoped to get her deposit back. The sleek backless designer dress she was wearing, however, was free, and really not a dress at all; she'd recently discovered that her 'Eelskin' was much more than a mere wetsuit, and was in fact made of reconfigurable morphic molecules. This revelation opened up a whole new world of opportunities beyond her wildest dreams.


The sharply dressed security guard stared at 'Angela Muskgrove's' invitation for several seconds, checked the contents of her tiny purse, then looked the Eel up and down.


"Is there a problem," she asked brightly, radiating innocence.


"No," he finally managed. "Enjoy the party, miss."


"Thank you ever so much." Grabbing a flute of champagne of a passing tray, she began to drift through the crowd, not knowing what she was really looking for.

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Doctor Rosa Thorne

Rosa wasn’t the best at this whole thing but with a glass in hand, and the odd sip just for “effect”, she did the tour around the room. Not being anyone of importance she hadn’t attracted any attention, she was practically invisible something that irked her for a variety of reasons but now wasn’t the time to make a show. Quickly it was obvious that there was a sections of the house guarded by well dressed but still burley security.


A short distance from the door Rosa examined the guard as she helped herself to another drink and some canapés as she quickly worked out a quick plan to get past them and through the door.

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Eel decided it would probably be best to talk to someone at this party so she wouldn't stand out do much, but it definitely appeared to be one of those affairs where everyone knew everyone else. Not too surprising among the small world of the rich and famous. 


At length, she noticed someone else who seemed a bit out of place, so she sidled over to an African-American woman and initiated small talk. "Hullo there! I'm afraid it's my first time at one of these affairs, and I'm not sure how rude I'm supposed to be to the help. Perhaps you could assist me?" The twinkle in her eye was quite obvious as raised the champagne to her lips.

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Doctor Rosa Thorne

Rosa was still lost in thought as the other woman approached and not really paying attention spoke out loud her own thoughts.


“I need someone of distraction him so I can get to where I need to go…”


Then she came to her senses with a little jolt, realising that she wasn’t alone anymore. Subterfuge wasn’t really her strong suit, but she tried her best.


“Is what I would be thinking if I was of a shady sort.” Though clipped and precise her Milwaukee accent seemed to be a tad out of place her “Throne, Doctor Rosa Throne, this is my first event as well if you couldn’t tell.”

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