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Worlds of Freedom: Assault on the Emerald Precinct

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Big Em and The Bling were hunkered down in the canned juice aisle of the Good Fortune grocery.  It was a small Chinese supermarket store ran by a family of second generation Half-Chinese/Half-alien cryptids.  The food options ranged from typical supermarket fare to interstellar imports.  Music was playing throughout the store drowning out the sound of the blaster fire that the pair was avoiding. 

As the two detectives stood and began fanning out to flank the gunmen cans of juice visibly exploded across the aisle.  The store then began violently trembling.  An ill-timed earthquake began to rock the premises of the small supermarket.  Knocking down the aisles and forcing the superhero detectives attention away.  Big Em Held back the frozen food aisle from crushing a little girl who had been staring at ice cream.  Whereas Bling stopped a full grocery cart from hitting a woman with a wall shaped construct made of light.


The lights began to flicker with the music dying out.  By the time the scene settled it was clear that entrance had collapsed on itself.  With no robbers to be seen.

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Shoving the shelves back onto their feet, Big Em gurgled with rage, eyes like portals to a furnace, her badge of the silver Emerald City Police Department diamond shimmering in the low light. The big crystalline Cryptid wasn't a fan of fights that involved guns, and especially not ones that put 'softies' in harm's way!


Stomping to the front of the store, she grabbed the pile of rubble in one giant armful and bodily hurled it across the street. Rounding on her partner, fake mustache bristling, the green Magmin reached up and planted herself like a caryatid in the doorway, massive arms easily bearing the strain that would have collapsed most non-Cryptids! 


She wasn't much for talking, and in fact due to her physiology, couldn't talk at all. But the look she sent her partner was a  clear, nearly audible demand for one thing:


A plan, for JUSTICE!

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"You're right.  We can't let these fools mess with our city."  Dalir stated in response.  Though it wasn't particularly clear to the people inside the store whether he actually understood what the Magmin said.  One thing was certain the pair had amazing mustaches.  "We've gotta bust some heads in these suckas."

The ECPD detective then pointed outwards towards the door.  "To the grand Torino, let's boogie."  His mustache bristled and medallion bounced as he dramatically turned.  Of course Big Em was already by the door.  Having cleared the rubble with her mighty strength.  Some would even say Mag-Mighty.

However, before they could leave someone tugged on Dalir's shirt.  Both detective turns their head to face  Mrs. Wang.  Mrs. Wang was the owner of Good Fortune.  "Hold on coppers, what are you gonna do about the dead guy?"  The woman asked volunteering unexpected information.

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