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Two Suns in the Sunset OOC


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OOC for This


There are two immediate threats.  The guard needs to be saved from the pit (and then might be questioned) and the the gas leak needs to be closed before it sparks and risks blowback into the surrounding residences.


Less immediate is stopping/finding out why the crater is growing and getting the gathering civilians to a safe distance in case anything does happen.

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Sorry to keep you waiting I was waiting on RL and didn't see he was taking a Lil break.


I'm gonna have Jovian's dynamic set to speed 5 (250mph/2500ft)

Quickness 5 (x50 speed)

Super strength 5 (+25 str for 45 total)


And her main array to freeze breath.


With that can I come ice over the pipe and seal it and move by action over to the car and at least try to keep it from toppling inwards?

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Alright that takes care of the gas and the guard.  


Can I get a Sense motive from each of you? DC 15 for reading the Guard and his story.


The hole isn't expanding rapidly but it's certainly unstable.  Something probably will need to be done before you're all done here.  It might be good to get the crowds to head back to their homes too.  But not vital or that time sensitive. 


Spaceman's spacial senses will pick up that there is alot more hollow under the streets right here than is usual for this kind of neighborhood.

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For sense motive: 

DC 15: the guard is talking around something, not telling the whole truth.

DC 20: Above and, he's about as scared of the heroes as of hte hole and will probably fold if pressed.  

DC 25: All above and, He's looking at the hole expecting someone or something to come out, he knows something/one is down there.

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Either Jovian or Spaceman can punch a hole through the floor with super strength, that risks more collapse obviously.  Clearing the stairwell with super speed would take a bit longer, 5-10 minutes for Jovian, half that if spaceman stunts something similar to get super speed/quickness.


Searching is faster than digging if you succeed in finding the other way down without taking 10/20.  DC 15 and Spacemans super senses give him a +2 circumstance bonus.  Jovian can "Aid" at DC 10 to add an additional +2 bonus to Spacemans search.

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Alright, let's try for a search: +3 from Int, +2 from super senses bonus: 9



Would using Spaceman's Move Object with Precise make moving the debris away from the stairwell quicker?


What can Spaceman sense under the floor? Is there an open space there?

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Move object isn't going to be a lot faster than doing it by hand in and of itself.  Could work as a descriptor for stunting some kind of speed or rapid effect.


There is certainly space down below though it seems to be in worse shape than this floor, it's more sizeable but also more full of debris and other objects.  Alot of the space is at the fringes of his range to get fine detail.


Go ahead and post clearing your way to the lower level.

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Stairwell is pretty packed with debris, the time frame given was assuming super speed.  We'll say around six minutes for Jovian, five with spaceman helping with move object, three if spaceman stunts speed/quickness/rapid or something.  RL don't worry too much about the specific power formulation you have enough PP in your arrays that a stunt can get you up to speed with the descriptors you prefer.


Without a stunt the most efficient thing would probably be jovian clearing the stairs and spaceman using move object to move what jovian brings up away from the entrance to stable areas of the basement.

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Right that'll clear the stairwell pretty quickly with both going full speed.


The area below is less warehouse more management and some manufacturing.  Some rooms are collapsed some threatening too.  Spaceman can detect a larger open space beyond the collapsed hall  Though as noted the direct rout will risk further collapse.  It'll take more time to get around hte long way though.  Due to super sense both of you can navigate in teh dark but neither can read any of the signs so it's not clear what part of the former facility you are heading into.  Some parts look like electronics labs and machining rooms based on the outlines of equipment but none of it functional.


You'll both hear a burst of gunfire just before reaching the open space (more a series of rooms where the walls have been damaged or broken enough to make a larger space than an area designed to be larger.  Go ahead and post your methods for navigating or anything you want to try along the way.

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Spaceman is gonna move in front of the scavengers, so he is between them and The Thing.

Switching the Personal Space Control Array to Imp. Tou/Immovable and gonna use his Snare to try and catch the waving arm. Its Subtle 2, in case that means catching the arm off guard!

Attack roll: 23

DC20 Reflex to avoid snaring if that hits.

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that will hit but its squirrely:  1d20+10=26


A second Pseudopod will erupt from the pool and smash out at Spaceman 1d20+10=26  (Yes very random there orokos)

It will initiate a grapple with that attack 1d20+25=26  That seems unlikely to be effective.


*edit* Spaceman DC 15 notice check as it grabs at you to notice a screaming humanoid face pushing against the surface as if trapped inside the arm.


@Exaccus jovian is up.

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Gonna zip around to the left of the pool to try and divide its attention and blast at the base of the new tentacle with some regular old heatvision!


1d20+7=15 ah well she's new at this!


On the off chance that hits DC32 toughness save!

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Wrong DC!
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