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Typing on an on-screen keyboard...

Sandman XI

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Nothing was spilled on it. I did unplug/replug it in and found something out. The lights blink for a second, after that, nothing. Irony here is, someone bought me this to replace an old one.

Are you using a USB connection or a Ps/2 connection? If USB, try switching to a different USB slot. The problem may be in the USB slot itself.

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It's PS/2 connection. It's weird really. At first only a few letter would work and the other letters would do other things (the L button would logout, the M button would minimize, the E button would open up the explore function). What was wierd about this is it wasn't the keyboard, it was doing that on the on-screen keyboard also. This makes me think it's something in the computer. I turned the computer off and on, then it stopped working (the hardware keyboard, not the onscreen one). I turned it off and on again, then it started working. Every once in a while the hardware keyboard will go out for a second or two. I want to fix this problem, but I have no idea what to do.

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