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Rooftop outside the British Museum

London, Britain, UK
Saturday, March 21, 2020
6:00 PM

Early spring flowers had begun to sprout.  The weather had begun to warm up.  And crime had begun to spread out.  It was the inevitable change of seasons.  There were more people walking the streets as night was further away.  Due to the fact that March was traditionally the windiest month of the year, Foreshadow's cape billowed in the wind as he hunkered over the rooftop.  "Thanks for coming out, I know your kids probably have something fun plan for the holiday tomorrow.  But, like I said I think this one might be up your alley."

Foreshadow was referring to the fact that the British Museum of history had been robbed the previous night.  Missing was a Scythian golden sword discovered in the 1980s near the Altay Mountain.  With it was an aged book that was several hundreds years old with supernatural references to Pazyryk culture .  The curator had refused to speak to reporters regarding the matter.  Erick had informed Klara that the police had yet to find any leads.   Even if it had only been a day.  Less than 24 hours at that.

A robbery wasn't exactly on the Ministry's workload, but Erick kept his ear to the street.  They were to meet with the curator after museum hours.



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Unaffected by the wind Klara gently floated down to touch down beside Foreshadow, a quick friendly hug as she was ready to follow these leads. Though gossip was obviously important to get out of the way first.


The youngest wanted to bring home another boyfriend, I think this one may be more serious. I think she uses me to keep them in line, for some apparently I am quite intimidating!” she grinned knowing for certain what other thought about the Amazonian woman.


This is related to the stories of my ancestors, obviously I have an interest.”


A small part of her briefly considered using these artefacts to travel home to again see her people, though that wasn’t important for now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Foreshadow nodded before flipping backwards off the roof.  Twisting in mid air so as to allow himself to swing through to the museum.  Zhenshcina-voin followed beside slowing down as she flew through the air to match Foreshadow's speed.  Allowing the two to reach the entrance way at the same without being seen by the passersby below.  Strangely there was no watchman as they reached the entrance.  The door left unlocked.


The two members of the Vanguard had to walk through a series of corridors before finally reaching a back office.  There was an oaken door on the office that read:  'Oliver Jacobs:  Museum Curator'.  Which more than clued them in to the fact that they were in the right place.  Opening the door there was an odd smell to the office.  It could only be described as sweet and sickly. 

Foreshadow turned his nose and parted his mouth before quickly closing it.  Whatever the prescient hero was about to tell Klara he kept to himself.  Clearly adjusting to the fact that the duo had arrived without the team telepath and for lack of a better term communications expert. 


The office would be described as very spacious if not for all the clutter.  An entire wall was dedicated to filing cabinets organized alphabetically.  Another was a series of bookshelves.  That did nothing to do the pile of literature strewn all about.  Then came the desk.  There was actually a rotary phone and typewriter and the computer looked as if it belonged in a museum.  Though...it technically already was.

From behind the desk sat an ashen haired hazel eyed woman with stern features.  The curator rose from her desk and quickly made her way over to the two heroes.  "How do you do?  Imogen Harris, pleased to meet you.  I'm sorry for the mess.  Fancy a cuppa?  Maybe, I'd prefer a pint tonight the way things have been going."

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Klara followed along taking note of everything as she followed alone, though offer considered loud (something she often encouraged) she could be quiet when necessary. Not that she could ever blend into the background with her impressive size. Ducking into the office she took in the scene greeting of the woman, just a handshake for now as she didn’t want to overwhelm the poor woman.


Klara Mathews and I’d love a cuppa, you got some of that decent Yorkshire stuff?” her picked up accent was a little stronger than normal

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