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I have no particular NPCs in mind.  I'm sure he hangs out with the other botany geeks (both of them ?  :D  Not sure how many there would be).

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Since Nick is a grad student, he could be a TA for a basic biology class or two... maybe Casey or someone in her coterie recognizes him?

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Yeah, that can work; Casey is very interested in earth and environmental science, she may know him that way.


Sorry I didn't give you more of a hook!

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No worries on all the speech color Heri, it does help tell it apart. 


Are you two planning on having your characters interact a bit? I can hold off on anything else from me if you want to.

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We mainly use Orokos for our die rolling.


To insert them in a post, there are two ways, when in the posting window, there is a button at the top that looks like a chain link (if you hover over it, it will say "Link"). If you click that, you can copy the url for your roll and put in text for what you want the link to the roll to say.



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Great roll. I am going to have to take into account supersense, which means Casey is very likely to have an advantage to a degree.


You should add a link to your character sheet in your signature. Helps GMs and others in going to look at your sheet when they need to :D 

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