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The Jadetown Shuffle (OOC)

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I'd give that a so-so. You don't hit it out of the park but it is a competent, if a bit of a true-and-tried, performance. It hits all the technical spots, checks all the boxes on how to reel the crowd in and give them the payoff. Certainly, you get a round of applause and wave of approving murmurs and guesses after you end but that's what you'd expect.


Go ahead and write-up what Dalir's final trick is.

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So give me two Fortitude Rolls against Stun with Sleep Extra DC 20.


And give me an opposed Notice against Sleight of Hand Roll DC 11 as well.


Feel free to post Dalir's reaction to... whatever is happening to him at the moment. Results for the Fortitude checks are the usual for Stun with Sleep Extra and I'll tell you what the Notice check gets you at my next IC post.

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Oh welp. Guess you don't get your chance to take a few Triad 49ers with you before you enter Dreamland.


You do realize however, just as your limbs fail you and you fall, that this feeling seems to emanate where Xie Fan had slapped you on the shoulder a few minutes ago. It was a small bother when it started but now?


Well, now you black out.


Dalir the Dashing - 1HP - Unconscious

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Sequence of Events


Dalir the Dashing

Move Action: Get into the van and open the box.

Move Action: Begin putting on one Cryptid Ring Device. Please indicate which Device you're putting on.

Still one more Move action to completely get the Device on.



Full Action: Charge: 1d20+3+2 = 21


Dalir the Dashing

Roll Toughness Saving Throw vs DC 19.




Dalir is up next on Initiative.


12 - Dalir the Dashing - 1HP - Entangled (-2 Attack, -2 Defense, -4 Dexterity), Unharmed

8 - 49er - Unharmed, Charge (-2 Defense)


Anddd. write your IC as the guy starts thwacking Dalir across the back with the club.

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