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Placement Tests -- Leviathan


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Jeff smiled back at Warren as he lead him through the school grounds. "So you're new here, huh?"

Jeff was a young boy about thirteen years old. Though he was young, he had already completed his first year at the school. Now, he was given the honor of escorting newbies to their placement tests. The school always tested new students just to see how to help develop their various powers.

From the packet that Warren was given when he first came to teh school, he had learend that the placement tests were set up with five different stages. Each stage tested some different aspect of the student's abilities. After the tests were completed, they were given their schedule for the year.

Jeff stopped at a door and turned to face Warren again. "Well here we are. Just step in and they'll tell you what you need to do. Don't worry about being perfect. The tests are designed to see where you stand and doing too well will give an inaccurate reading. You don't want that to happen. They'll give you all the advance classes and then you look stupid if you can't keep up. Good luck."

Jeff walked back the way he came, leaving the young man alone with his thoughts.

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There had been silence from Warren the entire time he followed Jeff. As the boy asked him the question about him being 'new here', he simply gave an awkward, 'was it not obvious? It must have been, as I doubt they would send you to show me around the school if it wasn't' sort of nod, before looking at the grounds as they walked. He didn't say a word, and looked at the building for a moment before walking to the door, giving it a slight tap with his fist to knock on it, and then opening the door.

"Anyone here?" He called out without any particular tone, curious exactly as to what these 'placement tests' were for, and they were for his actual classes, or instead for something else.

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The room turned out ot be a large gym. Directly in the center of the gym was a man leaning on a cane. Even from the distance, it was clear to Warren that the man was in fac tthe headmaster of the school, Duncan Summers.

Near the headmaster, there was a lone chair. Duncan gestured towards the chair and waited for Warren to seat himself. Duncan silently watched Warren for a while before speaking. "Welcome to the school Warren. I'm glad that you decided to come."

Duncan held out his hand for Warren to shake and after the vrief contact, he continued speaking. "You're probably wondering what all this is about. Most of the new students do. Most are actually surprised to see me at their placement tests. How about you, Warren? Are you surpised to see me?"

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There wasn't a word spoken by the young man as he walked through the Gymnasium, eyes darting the man standing in it for just a moment, and then looking around the Gymnasium as he walked forward which he sat in without a word as the gesture was made to him. He did reply verbally at all to the welcome to Claremont given to him by the school's obvious headmaster, the boy simply gave a nod which was meant to imply 'Thank you, I suppose.'

There was not even a moment's pause when the headmaster offered his hand, the boy took it and gave it a shake lightly careful to not use his strength, as he was still not used to it all.

There was not a word for a moment after the man made his statement about the placement tests, and asked those simple questions, for once in his life, Warren couldn't simply answer with the obvious. He had gotten some information on the school from his father, and he of course knew this man would be the headmaster there, but he hadn't even expected placement tests other than the Academic sort, so he wouldn't lie.

"I'm not particularly surprised, truth be told." His words did not halt, but he made sure to look the Headmaster in the eyes. "I mean, it'd be a lie to say I didn't surmise a school that promised what it did wouldn't have placement tests of some sort, and with the fact that you were the one who is the headmaster and who opened communications with my father, it didn't really surprise me to see you here." He paused. "I just really didn't think of obsess over the matter, so while I didn't get surprised by it, it wasn't expected by me before hand, either, Mister Summers."

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Duncan smiled. "Good. A pretty straight forward answer. Since you do n'T seem to mince words, I'll get right ot the point. To make these tests be as effective as they can, we need to know what you can do. What abilities have you discovered for yourself?"

Duncan waits silently for the response, mentally storing away the information.

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There was nearly a half minute's pause from the young man, as he looked his elder in the eye, and his lip quivered. Though he had already researched the possible meanings of his powers, he had not actually grown comfortable with telling anyone about it. It had taken him nearly thirty minutes to tell his own father about the incident, so he watched the man, trying to decide if he trusted him, and then answered, obviously having decided that regardless of if he trusted the man or not yet, he would find out in time.

"When my powers first exhibited themselves, I demonstrated an ability I haven't really seen before, only heard about, but when the little girl who was drowning cried out, something reacted, and I somehow made the water 'move', without actually touching it. Then, I jumped in the water and swam at a speed I don't ever remember swimming at. The little girl was about ten, but felt nearly weightless to me, and since then I've exhibited the ability to leap a pretty far distance."

He paused. "So, from what I know of my powers, I think they're Hydrokinesis, Some weird ability to swim at immense speeds and jump at immense speeds, and what I'd assume as super strength, because since then stuff hasn't felt nearly as heavy, and it's a likely explanation to me as to why I could swim so fast or suddenly jump so far. I'm not sure other than that, though, and I've not really tested my powers out to be tell you one way or another if it's right, it's just my assumptions of them."

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Duncan watched Warren as he listened to the young man explain his powers. He had know from earlier conversations most of the information already and had some ideas on possible threads the boy could advance in, but he wanted to hear what Warren knew already.

"Okay. So far, it sounds like nothing has changed much when your family was first contacted. That's good to know. It means we don't have to change much of the placement tests. Let me explain how this is going to work. There are five stages where you must use different abilities to complete tasks. Each stage has four tasks of increasing difficulty for you to complete. Between each stage, you will be given plenty of time to rest. This is a placement test which means there is no passing or failing. We are simply looking to find out your limitations at the moment. From the results that we get, we'll set up a schedule of classes for you to take here at the school."

Duncan puases for a moment to let the information sink in before continuing. "When the lights flicker, it will indicate that a new stage will begin. I hope you're ready to begin."

Without waiting for an answer, Duncan Summers walks out of the room leaving the young man in the room alone.

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The room lights flicker signalling the begining of the test. Warren sees some workers come into the room carrying five containers of various sizes. they quickly place the containers at various positions in the room, leaving the smallest container near Warren. Between the fourht and fifth containers, they place up a few stands and place plastic cups upon them.

Duncna's voice comes over the room's speakers. "Okay Warren, we're almost ready to begin. Your first task is quite easy. We want to see just how much control of water do you have. All you ahve to do is move the water from the smallest container to the next larger one. As you can see, the workers are placing water into all of the contianers but the last one, so each time you move, the more water you'll have to move. The first contianer holds about seven gallons of water. On the last movement, we want you to move the water into the last container without knocking over the cups. You may begin whenever you're ready."

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There wasn't a word from Warren as the Headmaster said those things, and he simply watched and waited. He wasn't anxious, nervous or excited, but something inside of him itched for this challenge. He smiled despite himself as he waited, knowing that this was the first step to mastering his abilities, and thus his self and his destiny. It was the only way to make sure he even had a chance at a normal life, if he wanted one.

Even as he watched them move the containers, he smiled. Even if he heard those words, he smiled. If it was any other situation or he thought back on it, the often pessimistic boy would think there was something wrong with him for being willing to do such an oddball task, non-the-less smiling like an idiot as he waited for it to begin.

When everything was there, he reached inwards, trying to begin touching the portion of his being, his mind, his psyche, which he had felt. It felt almost like an extra limb to reach out with, and as he felt it, he felt the water around him, too. He chuckled at the tingling feeling it sort of game him, and then he moved.

He tugged at the water in the first container to move, and it moved alright, moved gracefully into the next container, all seven gallons moving with the sort of ease that made it look like the boy had practiced with it many times, the sort of ease that made him pause for a moment to consider how easy that had felt. How right it had felt. He mused for a moment, and then went back to the task at hand, considering the water in the next container, feeling it tug and pull against his consciousness, like it was capable of being touched and was being touched by some immaterial limb.

He gasped, before willed the water to move, and moved it, at first with the grace at it had been before, but then sending it crashing a little too quickly into the next container, splashing the water and making at least a five or six ounces drop to the ground.

He looked up towards the intercom and gave a sigh. "That was not my full capability, I'm sure. I'd like to try again, if possible." The boy didn't even wait for an answer, smiling for a moment before focusing on the water again, focusing and trying to keep himself calm.

He failed even more horribly, splashing most of the water he had tried to move and making it land right back in the container he had started at. There was a grumble from the boy, and he shook his head. He would get this right, there was no way he was letting a bad impression come from this.

"Just one more try, please."

He focused on the water in the container once again, and as he focused, he sent the water cascading forward, but got every drop of it into the container he was aiming for. He smiled, his mind feeling a bit of fatigue, but he didn't want to give up.

He didn't even look around before beginning to focus on the next objective, looking at it as best as he could from afar, and feeling the water he had just moved, trying to grasp it gently let firmly in his conscious thoughts. He tugged upwards, and sent the water moving, but like the second time he had tried to move it, it moved and then landed too quickly. The boy grimaced, but looked at the intercom.

"I can do this, just give me another chance..."

He moved the water, but once again splashed at least a few ounces of it out. The boy's nostrils flared out and he looked almost mad at himself, but he wouldn't stop himself, either.

"Another try..."

And indeed he tried, but he ended up just short, spilling quite a few more ounces of water.

He growled silently to himself and repositioned himself and his posture, breathing in and out steadily as he could, and tried again. It was another spill of epic proportions, and the boy grimaced.

Apart of him wanted to give up, but he thought better of it. He growled to himself, and then he tried again. He spilled quite about a whole gallon of water onto the floor in a cascading motion, his emotions getting to heightened and messing him up.

He didn't stop, however. He paused for a moment, to catch his breath and calm down. He looked at the container, and he simply looked at it, not bothering to try to move it, not bothering to try to rush, as he had before. As he tried to move it again, a half gallon or so spilled out.

He mumbled to himself, before straightening up.

"Just one more try..." He had failed again and again, and he was trying just this one more time. He spilled it quite a bit, even more ounces falling to the ground.

Without a word he moved to pick up the water he had spilled, tugging at it on the ground, and sending it flying back into the container with some grace.

If he had not seen that, the complicated and graceful way he had thrown the water upwards and around, he would have given up.

"I'm trying just one more time, just one more. If I don't get it this time, then it's probably best we move onto another test."

Despite his brave words and hopeful thoughts, as the boy pulled to move the water again, he moved it with grace, but it fell just a few feet from landing all the way into the container, several gallons spilling onto the ground.

"I can't do it, not yet..."

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Duncan's voice comes over the speakers again. "Not a bad showing Warren. It seems you can use a little work on your managing your frustration as well. Often times, remaining calm helps the control of powers. Have a seat and relax for a bit. They'll need some time to set up the next stage."

Workers came out with mops to clean up the water that had spilt upon the floor as Warren sat and waited for the next stage. The workers removed the containers and brought in various machines and began to set them up before the young man's eyes.

A small table with refreshments was also brought out for Warren to take his fill while he waited.

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There wasn't a word from the boy, as he agreed, and he simply nodded. He was more than intelligent enough to realize the nod would be seen, and thereby there was no need to verbally reply, as it would have been had this been a phone call. Instead of taking a seat in a chair, however, the boy sat on the floor Indian style, watching them put it together and breathing, trying to calm down.

Without a word, he got up as he saw the refreshments table out of the corner of his eye, and he got a fruit punch flavored 'croca-aide' from it, taking a sip and watching, mentally tired at least a bit from it. IT felt like he had been lifting too much with a muscle he had not really used much before.

Despite this, he was too excited to wait.

"I'm ready whenever you are, and they are, for the next test, whatever it was."

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The lights blinked and the workers cleared the room. What was left behind was a small but tall table. The table had two small cushions, one red the other blue, on top. Next to the cushions were two hand grips.

It was clearly an arm wrestling table. A door opened and four men of various muscle sizes entered the room. Duncan's voice came on the speakers as they entered.

"Time for the second stage. Here, we'll test your strength limits. You will arm wrestle with these four men. Again, you get three attempts to beat each of them. Good luck."

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The young man sat silently as this all happened, and considered these men who he was supposed to arm wrestle. He didn't think anything particular of them, not sure how much his strength was, but not finding them intimidating, either. It made him happy, to see this chance to test his strength.

Without a word, he sat down for the most normal looking of the strongmen who had been assembled. Without a word, he smiled and put his arm up to the table. As soon as the bell rung and the two began to struggle, Warren, much to his own surprise, slammed the other man's arm against the table, perhaps a little too hard.

"I'm sorry, I don't know my own strength.." The boy replied, fighting back a laugh at having to say that in such a test.

The boy noticed the far more strong looking man who sat at the table next, smiling without a bit of fear at him, too, and put his arm up. The two's arms met, and once again the boy unexpectedly sent his opponent's arm to the table. He blinked, smiling at the man, and knowing from the sound he had over done it.

"I'm sorry, I don't know my own strength." he replied, still fighting back a bit of a laugh.

The next man, who had massive muscles that sort of intimidated the all but muscleless boy, sat down, and the boy could hear the chair sort of strain under the other man's weight. He smiled the best he could, however, and he put his arm up. Their hands met, and once again, much the boy and apparently much to the man's surprise, he slammed the man's arm to the table. It seemed odd to the boy, who simply smiled.

"I don't know my own strength, I'm sorry."

The man simply chuckled and let the next man in line sit down, Warren could hear the chair strain even louder under that man, but he put his arm up in ways, meeting hands with the man and the man slammed Warren's hand into the table, much to the boy's chagrin, but not to his surprise. His arm didn't hurt, but he winced at the sound of it.

"Let's go again, that one was a good one."

The two met hands again, and once again, as the bell rang. Much to the boy's surprise, having been womped so horribly by the man previously, he slammed the man's arm into the table with little effort, again saying.

"Sorry, I don't know my own strength, that might've been a bit too hard."

"It's cool, kid." the man answered.

Without a moment's notice, Warren put his arm up again.

"I want to see if it was a fluke or not, though."

The two met hands again, and once again, he Slammed the man's arm down fiercely, both to his surprise but not seeming as much to the man's.

"I definitely overdid that." He mumbled. Despite the fact he was being slightly bashful about it, there was no end to the internal glee the boy felt at doing so well.

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Duncan's voice comes back over the speakers as workers come out to clear the area. "A very good showing. However, being cocky isn't very smart. You were lucky that we used actual people for your test of strength. The results might have been different if we used our press machine. We save that for people with strength as their sole ability."

The workers removed the wrestling table as well as brought out a chair and refreshments for Warren to partake in.

"It will take a moment to set up your next test, so bare with us."

As Warren waited, he heard the sound of motors working and the ground shaking slightly. Slowly the floor of the room parted to reveal an olympic sized swimming pool. More workers came out carrying large bundles that they placed all along the edges of the pool. About five of the workers remained at various locations around the pool.

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The lights flickered once the room was set up and again Duncan's voice rang out again.

"This will be a test of your swimming speed, Warren. It is fairly simple. All you have to do is swim from end to end. Of course, you must touch each item dropped into the pool before it hits the bottom. Five items will be dropped at various times while you move from edge to edge. Once you enter the pool, we'll begin."

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Warren nodded, simply, at Headmaster Summer's statements. He knew it was best to not be cocky, but he wasn't trying to all the way, either. He couldn't help his innate personality about the situation.

Once again, Warren goes to the table, taking a nibble at something and a sip of some juice, watching the work go on, and the floor opening up as it did, to reveal a pool.

Warren was then met by the instructions by Mister Summers, and he gave a little nod, before removing his socks and shoes, and shirt, and mentally thinking fate for having him wear shorts, and the boy simply waited until it was done, and those instructions. Without a slight bit of hesitation, he entered the pool, dropping in with a slight splash.

The bellows began, the boy began to swim, and sped down the pool, catching the item which had been dropped in before it fell in. He cut through the water like a hot knife through butter, and he tossed the item to the edge of the pull, once he got to the other side, beginning to swim back and forth again, and he again sped through the water, going at an athletic speed, against the fierce water flow created by the more powerful bellows, and catching the item which was dropped in, doing the same thing with it as he had the other.

He began the next lap back and forth, and he sped through the water again, going an athletic speed even against the force of the water being pushed by the bellows. He caught the item dropped in the pool with ease, and did with it what he had with the others, beginning the next lap without even stopping, and feeling the pressure of the stronger bellow, and moving to try to get the items, but barely not grabbing it before it hits the ground. He picks them up regardless and puts them back up on the counter.

He looked dejected at it, and spoke clearly. "I want to try it again." handing the items to one of the workers, and getting back into position, launching himself through the water, but not nearly quick enough to catch the items, as the workers had thrown it in as soon as he said "I want to try again." He once again retrieved the items, before putting them over to the workers, and nodding.

"I want to try it again, again." He darted to the end, and moved to prepare to do the exercise, beginning, and not even fully starting it before failing.

The bellow was just too quick for him, at the moment.

"That was just a little too hard..."

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Duncan's voice came over the speakers again. "A very good showing though. Take a break and we'll get ready for the next stage."

A worker comes over and helps Warren out of the pool, handing him a towel and points out the refreshment table. Once Warren moves over to the table, the workers begin removing the items and prepare for the next set of tests.

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The lights flicker again indicating the start of the fourth stage. Eight swimmers are led into the room and they take up position near the starting blocks of the pool. Duncan's voice echoes through the room.

"This time, we want to see the extent of your ability to adjust the swimming speeds of others. Two swimmers will be selected at a time. You will increase one person's speed while decreasing the other. You will have three chances to alter their swimming speeds before they race. Good luck."

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