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Growth Spurt (Possible new PL8)

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So I got an idea for a Claremont student, a PL8 Powerhouse who is a scrawny nerd with the ability to bulk himself up to superhuman strength and build. His muscle-form would be where most of his powers come from but has the downside of lowering his overall IQ whenever he uses it. I have NO IDEA how to build that in 2e however...any suggestions?

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Well, most likely this would be an Alternate Form. I am sure we can come up with some suggestions on how to build that.

As I just recommended to another new player, Claremont is a great place to have a PC....but it is drawing close to the end of the present academic year. To get the most out of the three years a PC can be there, might be worth waiting to brining them in in the Fall? (I know it is some time to wait  :( )

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