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Quarantine and Roll or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Posts

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So let's do this thing again.  I'm back and actually posting.  Unlike the last time I said this (or the time before that.  Or the time before that).  I'm very self-aware of how it's gone!  My schedule has been ridiculously relaxed, ever since I started a new job in the middle of December and especially so now that my hours changed to what it is now, and I want to get back to having fun with y'all.  New and old.  Essentially, anybody whose interested in more threads.  Let's Duet! our characters for a thread (Social/Combat/or somewhere in between)  drop me an idea here, through pm, or especially in Discord and we'll work something out together. Don't have an idea in mind.  You can also just roll the metaphorical dice, and blindly trust me for a plot!  But, let's keep this to a 2 character affair! Team ups in the style of the Brave and the Bold or Marvel Team Up as is often the case when we do these threads.



So here's a run down of my characters, if you want to have a team up thread with one of them.


Argonaut (PL: 10) : Freed Omegadrone turned Agent of AEGIS.  Has been on Earth Prime for two decades, but has been an active part of the hero community for far less time.   Yves Zermeño is a mother of three, a superspy, and a woman who has murdered more than her fair share of people while enslaved to Omega.  Understanding of the fact that Redemption is a never ending road.  If the government needs a hero on the scene, or the forces of Omega are involved,  or maybe she just wants to skip her book club but Argonaut takes to the skies.


Dalir the Dashing (PL10):  Emerald City Stage Magician.  Connected to a hidden society in the mountains, the illegitimate son of ASAD; Dalir has a penchant for the flashy but his powers are tied to his nine viridian[and one Daka] rings.  Dalir has no particulars about the sort of crime, though the Cryptids do love to beckon.  Asad's a bit of a snarky genius when off-stage, but when a crowd is there he knows "It's time to put on a show!"


Foreshadow II (PL12):  Prescient heir to the Foreshadow name.  Adopted by the original Foreshadow, Erick Sloane is an Olympic level athlete whose career was cut short by tragedy.  A millionaire turned billionaire through his Seed and Series A tech based venture capital investments, Foreshadow's real superpower is writing checks in a digital age.  Attached to the UK superhero team Vanguard, whose portal allows him access to travel back and forth between the UK.  Though, You'll likely be finding him solely in the UK for the next few months, Foreshadow favors street crime.


Glamazon (PL 14):  Atlantean princess, Olympian Demigoddes, ambassador to the Surface, and one woman wrecking ball.  Glamazon is essentially a Homeric heroine with more modern sensibilities.  She acts before thinking and her first thought is usually to punch things very, very, hard. 


Hellhound (PL7)  Bedlam city bouncer by night, Werewolf by also night.  Hellhound is your typical down on his luck blue collar werewolf as you are want to find in Bedlam City.  Waging a one-man war against his father's MC.  The Bedlam hero favors the streets, but Opus Ombra lurks in the city and the mystical can come a calling. 


Roulette (PL11): Zultasian Bounty Hunter and part of a crew of bounty hunters known as the Voidrunners.  Roulette is just the worst taking pleasure by grating on anyone and everyone's nerves, but the man has a semblance of a conscious.  Despite the fact that he shoots concussive laser beams from his eyes, he has an aversion to violence and will generally attempt to avoid it.  


Shock and Awe (PL9) He's a human thunderstorm, she's a lightning rod.  Together they fight crime.  These two Southern teens find themselves attending the Prestigious Claremont academy, formerly a part of the intramural Orange squad currently let's not worry about that.  One's sour, one's sweet but both are full of all sorts of Texan Southernisms.  



I still want to give life to the the Else Ifs and What Ifs Subforum as its woefully forgotten.  So folks pitch me a solo or two character team up thread that takes place on a parallel Earth! Or leave it to me to think up how to indulge in your Inner Superman Red Son.  We could take a visit to see your Earth: Paragons story.  Or even turn back the clock New Frontier style to a Freedomverse just entering the Golden Age with what would otherwise be modern heroes.  



Now don't go tripping all over yourselves to play a thread in which you likely have to build a whole new version of your character.  Potentially worth half post value at that.  But, really I think this could be fun and bring life to the Else Ifs and What Else worlds!


BUT WAIT THERE'S EVEN MO-okay there's not anything else to add here.                                                                               

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JETTE and Hellhound could do something in Bedlam. And we if could corral @Heritage's Crystal Gazer (that's Lulu's hero name, right?) Shock and Awe could have an All Southerner teamup with Queenie. Terrifica and Argonaut could do some superspy stuff for AEGIS. And lastly, Waverider's re emerged in Emerald City. While she just met a bunch of folks in Justice's let's make a team maybe thread, Dalir was not among them.

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