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Joint Operations OOC


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That's a hit. TOU: 14

Which means the dragon gets a bruise and a dazed.


Can I get some initiative rolls?


? - Chromium - 1HP - Unharmed

? - Levity - 3HP - Unharmed

? - Dragon - Bruise (x1), Dazed for first round of combat

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Going to move back to about 65 feet from the beast as my move (flight, hovering just above the tarmac like I'm skating), then use Gravity Bind on the dragon.


Gravity Bind (DC 17 Reflex, Snare (Gravity)): 1d20+7 10
And I think I'll HP that.

Gravity Bind (DC 17 Reflex, Snare (Gravity)): 1d20+7 10
EXACT SAME RESULT, but since this was a re-roll that 3 I rolled becomes a 13 which means a result of 20. (No crit)

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The dragon is still pretty high up, but let's see how the snare goes. Its a hit, rolling reflex: 22 (if you're wondering why the result in the link is higher, I accidentally put the dragon's reflex save too high for the roll)


Chromium is up!

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