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March 31st, 11.45PM, 2019

Dressing room, Crown Tower Hotel, 2nd floor ballroom, Emerald City(OR)


ITEM: Robbery planned at your show tonight. Be ready. - G


The note had been slipped into Dalir's back pocket. It had been printed, not written, and aside from the 'G' there was no indication who had made the white card with grey text. In the press and crush of the crowd milling in the lobby, anyone could have done it, and people touching his butt on the sly was an all too common occurrence.



Still, there was an audience on the other side of the door, and an announcer hyping the audience, and a world of stress on the shoulders of the announcer hyping the audience on the other side of the door.

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It didn't matter if he was in a kid's birthday party.  Or on as grand a stage as the Crown Tower Hotel.  All that mattered was that there were paying customers out there.  He had a duty to ensure that the show went on.  "Cute.  Probably, just the competition trying to scare me off...load it up!"  Dalir shouted out the last part. 

The shout was referring to his entrance music.  The song was a little on the nose.  But, the tempo was fast paced.  Which meant from the moment he swung the door it was showtime.  Pushing forward when the door swung open he began moving his fingers.  Relying on the powers of the daka stone on his left hand he began to spin up an illusion while twirling his fingers around.  Doves would fly out before him.  Bursting into flames in the center of the stage until the words 'Dalir the Dashing' were emblazoned in the air.


Meanwhile, Dalir would simply walk into under the cloak of smoke and misdirection.  "GOOD EVENING, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT!  IT'S TIME TO PUT ON A SHOW!"

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