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Battlesuit and other questions (potentially ongoing)

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Hello everyone, or rather everyone who checks this. ?

First timer here. Stumbled on it while looking for a pbp forum for M&M. I’m also on the Paizo forums. I joined a M&M 3e game there for the first time and took a liking to the system. I know this is a 2e forum but I thought I’d take a chance. That said, I have a few ideas but I know I’m gonna have a few questions too.


The first one I have is if I wanted retractable blades on a battlesuit would that have to be a separate power? I’m not looking for it to add to the attack or damage bonus necessarily, just to change the melee attack from a punch to a slash as needed. Maybe have it apply Penetration when the blades are used?
Second question, what would natural claws count as? Like say an alien race that have claws on there finger tips naturally, but not super strength or anything?

I’m sorry if this these are noob questions, like I said, only my second time with the system, first time with 2e.

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Hello and welcome to the site!


Be sure to check our house rules, we have made some changes to the standard 2e rules (including borrowing some things from 3e)


As to your questions: The retractable blades would just be within the Device power of the battlesuit. If they are not changing the attack/damage of the character's normal melee but simply adding some extras/feats, it would just be whichever extras/feats you want purchased within the Device and the descriptor would be that it is retractable blades.


Natural claws would be built as the Damage power (with Mighty, as is often the case), perhaps with the Innate feat.

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Wow, that was fast.

thanks you for the quick reply.

I was looking at the house rules threads and I didn’t see anything about blast or strike, did you guys roll them together under damage like in 3e? I saw Move Object listed, does that replace Telekinesis?

If so, would the nat claws would be something like:

Damage 1 (Mighty, Innate) 3pp

1/rank +2 for feats
Can a power have 0 ranks and just add feats?

edit: Reading the Mighty description again, it reads like you would have to increase the base cost of raising your Strength. Like adding the Innate to the claws above would make raising the cost to 2pp for 1 point of Strength?

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Expanded question
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Well, there is technically still a "Blast" power, but yeah, it is pretty much just Damage with the range increased from touch to ranged. You can do it either way.


Telekinesis is also just Move Object, so can also be bought either way.


And yes, you could do that, but then you would need to spend a point to buy Mighty (like for the example of the retractable blades you gave that only add feats to existing Str bonus damage in melee). I am pretty sure we have allowed people to just buy feats that get applied to normal strength bonus as their own power without the need for them to be a 0 rank strike or the like.


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Hmm, not sure I fully understand your question?

For a melee Damage attack, 1 PP gives you Mighty, which lets you add all your Strength bonus to the attack, regardless how much that bonus is. So, Damage 4 (Mighty) with a STR of 20 (+5 bonus) is a +9 damage attack, the Mighty only costing 1 PP.


If you are adding Mighty to a Ranged Damage attack, it gets more expensive.


For claws that are Damage 1 (Mighty, Innate) the cost is only 3 PP, 1 for 1 rank of Damage and then one for each feat. You do not have to buy Innate on the Strength bonus, the claws are what is Innate, not the strength making them more effective. In any event, if you normally increase your strength by spending points to increase the state, that is pretty much Innate already. If you say have the Enhanced Strength power, that is where you would by Innate if you did not want it to be able to be Nullified.


Hope that makes sense?

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Yes, that helps, thanks again.

One last question... (for now. :p)

If I take multiple senses (i.e. - low-light vision, ultra-hearing,...etc) would I have to pay for Innate for each one or just for Senses as a whole?


In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m considering a non-human w/ a battlesuit. ;)

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I do not believe you would have to buy Innate for each of those.


One way to short-cut the issue might be to buy a Container that represents the Innate traits associated with the non-human species. For example, look at my Star Squire. She has a container that represents the common traits of her species, though I did not make the container Innate (I probably should). So if you bought all those things in a Container and made the container Innate you only pay once and the entire container cannot be nullified.

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