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Kanunu managed to regain his breath taking stock of his less than enviable position in the crushing embrace of the poster child for skipping leg day.  Emerald spiders 'web' seemed to slow him only momentarily and his grip never slacked even as he ripped free.  


"Sucker punching moke."  he grumbled as he flexed against the big mans grip and with a final strain broke the hold dropping back for only a moment before launching an attack of his own.  Bringing his foot up Kanunu made a wild kick stomping down toward the villain that had grabbed him.  His foe swung back out of range of the blow and Kanunu's foot hit the concrete spidering the surface with cracks form the impact but at least it bought him some space and he wasn't going to be caught by surprise this time.


"Watch where're you shooting!"  he bellowed as the laser scorched the limited restraints remaining on the muscled hulk.  "Don't matter how fancy a car your daddy buy ya if you can't drive it."  

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Ah, great. Ultio Suits. Robin found herself glaring at them behind her mask. Seriously, those guys had to show up now? She'd tried wearing one of those suits, they were high tech. And they were, at least partially, based on her own suits. She was about to yell something, but she really didn't have the time, did she?


"Back off before he catch you!" The people in the suits might mean well, or they might not. She still had to try to warn them, the guy was big and dangerous, they hadn't even hurt him.


Full power to engines, then. Swinging her leg up in a sweeping motion, she aimed straight for the back of the guy's head... and it actually did something beyond annoy him. "Ah, crap." Powering on her jet boots, she quickly jumped back, putting some distance between them.

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Emerald Spider

I’m sorry I think I missed the whole superhero school period, though that should really be a thing...”


As she spoke Emerald Spider somersaulting through the air keeping moving as she fired a series of quantum bolts towards the big.


But if you want to see if you’re ready to play with the big boys and girls feel free to step out of the armor and we’ll see who is the amateur.”


It was true that she had some abilities out of the Spdr Rig, but she wasn’t exactly fighting at the big hero level.

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The villain swings his arms wildly, trying to swat away the stings from Emerald Spider's Spdr bolts. They didn't do much more than annoy him, before he turned to face Justice, murder in his eyes.


"You hurt me!" 


His voice was like gravel, but he seemed more focused now. Like the blow that shook him had knocked some sense into the man. 


"Crush you!"


With surprising speed, he moved forward, wrapping his arms around Justice, lifting her off the ground and starting to squeeze. 

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