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Ancient Enemies OOC

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OOC for this thread.


Okay, a new adventure for Green Team!

Veronica has asked for their help in tracking down a pair of lost archeologists working at a remote Danger International dig site in western China. She would have warned everyone it would be pretty cold there, so they could dress appropriately. As they are teleporting from the DI offices in Freedom City, there would have been stuff available there if anyone needed anything.


For the moment Veronica’s Magic Pool is:


Teleport 10 (Extra: Accurate; Flaw: Long-range only; Feats: Progression 4 (x20 mass))

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Green Squad by Height


Artificer -- 6'4"

Lady Liberty (as LL) -- 6'4"

Lady Liberty (as Monica) -- 6'1"

Ms. Thursday -- 6'

Thunderbird -- 5'9"

OctoBen -- 5'7"

Veronica Danger -- 5'4"

Chelone -- 5'


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For the moment, Veronica is setting her amulet’s pool to: +8 ranks Survival (up to 14 ranks (+18)); +8 ranks Search (up to 12 ranks (+16)); +7 ranks Notice (up to 15 ranks (+19)); +5 ranks Acrobatics (up to 12 (+16)); +4 ranks Climb (up to 12 (+14)); and the Track feat

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Hey Grumble, can I get a Notice check for Octoman for tracking.

Veronica will also make a roll with Survival, getting a 34.

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