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Emerald City push

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Taken from the guide grotto, at Tiff's suggestion.


I want to try and do a bit of an official push for EC activity. I'm thinking some interconnected story arcs, the big thing here being we'd actually allow Emerald City to change and grow, instead of keeping it largely static, as it has been so far, despite the rather big societal change of super heroes actually showing up. The main purpose is to see if we can get more people to make characters and get EC more active.

These are the arcs/storylines I'm thinking of pushing:
- The Mars Ultio Suits and how that interferes with people, which in turn leads to reactions from the Chamber and their groups, since I figure not everyone in the Chamber is gonna agree with what Mars is doing with these suits. The main purpose from this is to create some cracks in the Chamber, have them actually *do* things instead of just being this hidden, ominous thing. In turn, I'll be using this to push for more Corporate Heroes, corporations having their own heroes inspired by the Ultio Suits, creating a more unique hook for PCs and more potential non-Chamber advesaries in these rival heroes.
- Professor Zed making moves on EC, bringing in villains from alternate universes as his personal army, with the purpose here being to create a more overt group of villains than the Chamber for PCs to go up against. On the surface, a less complicated scheme to deal with, but more underneath, with Zed claiming that he's trying to take over EC to save it from its hidden masters (not that everyone knows about that).
- A storyline of some heroes actually looking into the Chamber, finding out that *something* is there. Rebellion is gonna headline this, but some others joining him with the knowledge spreading would be interesting. The purpose for this storyline would again be to move things for the Chamber, to actually get them involved in things. Potentially try to involve the Shadow Academy too.
- The rise of Rita Lang, the villain from the Happiness in Slavery thread I ran for Zeit, growing into maybe becoming the new Commander like I have discussed with Ari. More single hero threads than big slugfests, stuff along the lines of what I did in Happiness In Slavery, at least at first. I was thinking that she would get involved with Morgenstern Labs and their failed DNAscent monsters, like the one that have shown up in Monster of the Week, use them as her mooks.
- Establishing a bit of a community for the heroes. Who knows who, maybe they make teams, maybe they don't, but some sort of way of them staying in contact, to evolve their current situation where they only seem to vaguely know that others are there. Try and push them as the freedom and chaos against the Chamber's tyranny and law.


There's no final endgame or anything planned for all of them, because I want it to be shaped by the PCs' actions, but as I mentioned, the most important thing would be to make changes to the status quo, try and push EC into being less of the "Well, the Chamber runs everything, we can't make changes anyway!" and into "Alright, things suck behind the surface, but the heroes are starting to figure it out and they're working on making them better", and play into them becoming a force for change, have that as one of the major hooks and differences between EC and FC.


I'd like to do something similar to what AA did for VB, involve existing EC PCs and try and get players without EC PCs involved, either by transplants or new characters. If anyone want to run anything for it, that's great and I'd only be happy with the help, otherwise I'll be going at it, but I'd love to hear what you all think about this idea.

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My advice, logistically speaking, for this, or or anything like this, is to take the same approach to this that my textbooks tell me to take to programming: Break it up into pieces. The more pieces, the better. The smaller the pieces, the better. Run a bunch of threads concurrently or consecutively, but don't have more than 3-4 PCs in each thread at the most, including yours if you're bringing one of them along.


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