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With GM permission, Eira's invention for the thread (which she worked on before it started) is a high-density data storage device that allows her to use her Beginner's Luck, Eidetic Memory, and other skill-related feats away from Earth-Prime's Internet. It's a black rod about the size of a piccolo that she has placed in her lower abdomen. 

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I admit to being a bit confused on the scene -- you've given us a lot to take in!


It looks to me like Eira took off into the sky, a spherical robot approached her, she attacked/destroyed it, then it regenerated and sped off?  And the rest of us are still down on the beach (?) with Leroy & his siblings(?) ?


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It's programmed to avoid anything that threatens its existence, and to draw on something somewhere if it needs help doing so. Otherwise it might as well be a microwave oven.

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Not meant as a pressure thing or nothing Heritage, just wanting to know what people would like to do rather than getting into an IC "I dunno whadda YOU wanna do?" loop. I have fun stuff ready, but don't want to haul people around more than I already have, that's no fun. 

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