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Recruitment [OOC]

Dr Archeville

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I'm thinking of joining this, but there's a question of continuity currently keeping my mind from latching on to a decent way to do it. You see, from what I can tell this is set prior to Terhune (i.e Bel) finishes setting up his shop, which puts it prior to Bel and Exile meeting up again.

Then again I could get a bit of mileage out of my Morph capability, though I'd have to figure out a little bit there as well since that'd mean turning up as someone other than Exile.

In any case, the clock's about to strike midnight so I'd better get to bed and try to get some sleep.

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You can always post something. Players here need to be proactive, not just reactive.

Oh I wasn't having a go at anyone, and I know that, I've been busy and haven't had the energy to start anything myself. I was just letting you know I was still buzzing around, and as to why I hand't posted anything as of late. :)

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I need a little input on the radio jammer.

Malice can take a 10 on both of the checks required for an invention and wind up with 14 points to mess around with, requiring 70 hours total. Or conversely, by taking a -5 on the checks I would wind up with 9 points to mess around with, that takes 22.5 hours to create.

For the invention itself I was thinking of something along these lines:

Obscure 11- (Radio effects) Extra: Area - Burst (+1); Flaw: Touch Range; PF: Selective, Extended x2 (275ft radius)

OR the cheap version:

Obscure 5 (Radio effects) Extra: Area - Burst (+1); Flaw: Touch Range; PF: Selective, Extended x3 (250ft radius)

Actually I noticed that no saving throw is involved so the cheap version is just as good as the expensive version.

If anyone can figure out a better way to do it, or any mistakes I made, let me know.

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Flaw/Touch means it's always centered on him.

And Obscure is already area by default (and uses the extended range/area table), so it can't have/doesn't need the Area Burst extra. Obscure 6 gets you a 250 ft. radius.

It does require the Selective Attack extra, though, not the Selective power feat.

Obscure 6 (radio effects; Extra: Selective Attack) [12pp]

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Ember has been upgraded :D he now has some new super-sensors to play with

Super-Sensors 5

-Analytical (Scent) 1pp

-Detect Magic -Range- (Scent) 2pp

-Extended X100 (Hearing) 2pp

Meaning he now has rather good hearing, and he can sniff out magic (and if I understand it correctly, give a fairly accurate description of the magic.)

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Ok I just got the call! Once that is done I will post here and get this show on the road.

However the logistics of this might be stagering and I think we should disguss how this is going to go down. I mean If we pull this off there might be serious reprocusions of FC (here's hoping :twisted:) not to mention the gig itself might be a pain. I was thinking that each section of the heist might get it's own thread. For example the vault team has a thread, the lookout has a thread and so forth. Or it could be all one big thread. I don't know what would be easiest for the GMs... So I thought I'd put that out there.

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I think each having their own thread will be the easiest to keep track of, and it'll also have the added benefit of not having to wait for a slacker to post. On the other hand, one of the threads might get left behind, which would have problems if an event in their thread will retroactively affect the others. But so long as we keep tabs on everyone else and that we're all advancing at the same pace I don't think it should be that much of an issue.

Here's to a good heist :twisted:

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