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Century for a Dame [Open]

Tiffany Korta

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So Davyd Took 10 when crafting his "Stefan Martyn" disguise, which, combined with his Morph, gets him a Disguise total of 50.


So he definitely looks (and sounds & smells) like a mid-20s white human male that you'd see on a CW show.


Whether or not he can act like one, though, is going to be up to his Bluff skill... which is only +10!

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Mali and Ashley went to the ladies and are talking there/waiting on Mali and Ashley.


Fa'Rua was talking to Lucy (and ignoring Strix like only those completely unable to detect him can), She's heading towards the ladies and trying awkwardly to get Lucy to follow.


Strix is still just talking to Lucy.


Davyd went to the bar and has made an ick cocktail he's "Accidentally" spilling on Strix maybe.


Timing is loose enough for Lucy to involve herself with the davyd/Strix encounter and let Fa'Rua wander off, or have already followed Fa'Rua when Davyd makes his play.


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Note: Strix's Mind Control is Linked to his Mental Transform, which is a static DC19, so Davyd failed that too; Strix just hasn't rewritten his memories yet. And that one's Continuous (Lasting), so he doesn't get new saves without extra effort. But I think we can assume that Davyd does that successfully at some point, even if it doesn't happen in this thread, especially since he remembers it clearly by the time of "Phone A Friend".


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Just now, Dr Archeville said:

Extra Effort to attempt another Will save vs. Strix's (Lasting) Mind Control.

1d20+7: 19 [1d20=12]



That's enough to beat the linked Transform effect.

And Strix has to make a contested power check, since Mind Control is weird like that: 17.

So Davyd does break free.


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Strix drops into mist form and nopes the hell out of there.


Once he gets some distance, he uses Extra Effort for a new save: 29.


He's not Frightened anymore, but he is Fatigued.


I'll have him come crashing back in at an opportune moment after another round or two of posting.


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Strix attacks Horrorshow with his claws and fangs.


He's Fatigued, so he has -2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -1 Attack, and -1 Defense.


He'll Charge for +2 Attack / -2 Defense, and All-Out Attack for another +2 Attack / -2 Defense.


That puts him at +12 Attack and Damage 8 (Lethal, Incurable).


Attack roll: 16. Misses by 3.


His Defense is only +4 (DC14) until his next turn.


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Starting Condition: Undamaged, 1 HP


Standard Action: Attack with claws.  All-Out Attack at 5, and Power Attack at 5.

(+9 Attack, Damage 14, Defense +4)

1d20+9: 15 [1d20=6]

Because of Strix's lowered defense, that hits.  So that's a DC 29 Toughness save.

Free Action: Extra Effort to SURGE, gaining another

Standard Action: Another attack, with same modifiers.

1d20+9: 21 [1d20=12]

Another hit, so another DC 29 Toughness save.

Move Action: Use Startle feat, hoping to get in a surprise attack next round.

Intimidate check -- 1d20+10: 26 [1d20=16]

Free Action: Howl in triumph/panic

Move Action: Run back to Claremont.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.


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Toughness save (DC29): 14.


He fails by 15 and is Destroyed.


Won't bother rolling for the second one, because he can't get more dead than he already is.


His Resurrection Regeneration requires a round of rest, so it'll be a whole round after Davyd stops beating on him before he starts to heal up.


Everyone keep in mind when describing the scene that Strix's wounds don't bleed.


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OK, Strix was going to get back up in a couple rounds, but now that he's suffered Incurable damage from the incendiary, the only way he's getting up in less than 24 hours (Disabled is basically Unconscious for constructs) is if someone feeds him some blood to trigger his Healing. And that's assuming someone puts the fire out in the first place...


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