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Backstory cameos/connections


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Hello, I created a character, and in her backstory I reference two heroes. On advise from RocketLord I asked for characters who might fit in the backstory, and on advise from Grumblefloof I ask it here.


I am asking for a hero who would save someone from a crashed car and take the time to later check up on her when hearing about a miraculous recovery of her limbs, and ask for a magical hero who would not mind mentoring an excitable 14 year old wannabe mage. Who already made crude prosthetics using magic.


If you have a character that would fit in either of the roles and would like to see them there, leave a message here or on the Discord!

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Hey Wyvern.


So, one thing to address first, we do not allow characters that are younger than 16 years old when they first appear in game. Now, your character could have been 14 at the time of the accident and when she started mentoring with a magical hero. And she could have started at Claremont Academy (the Xavier's school analog, but for anyone with powers, not just mutants). But she would now need to be 16.


As for the request for some backstory references. You can use my Freedom League character Velocity for the hero that rescued your character and then later checked in on her if you like.

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Thank you Thevshi,


My first plan was to have her be fifteen, but I was alerted to that rule by RocketLord, so I changed the date of the accident for her to be one year older. I thought this was okay, but if I need to change it, I can, the exact dates do not really matter much for her character.


Thank you as well for the permission to use Velocity as the hero who saved her. I will add her to the backstory and remove the placeholder.

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With backstory stuff your character can be any age (so 15 at the time of the accident is just fine). The rule is only that when you start playing the character, they have to be 16. (For example, my character Velocity got her powers at 14, but I did not start playing her on the site until she was 17, over ten years ago!)

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