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All Aboard the Nightmare Ship! (OOC)


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Before leaving his ship, Dok's going to use his ship's sensors


Super-Senses 43 (Accurate, Analytical, and Extended 3 [10,000 ft. {1.89 miles} increment] on all Radio senses [12], Analytical, Extended 3 and Radius for all Visual senses [10]; communication link [with Doktor Archeville; radio] [1]; danger sense [radio] [1], detect geological data [radio] [2], detect life forms [radio] [3], detect weather [radio] [2], distance sense [1], infravision [1], low-light vision [1], radio (with accurate, this is also radar) [1], time sense [1], trace teleport [radio] [1], ultravision [1], uncanny dodge [radio] [1], x-ray vision [4])


to run a quick scan on the hangar and on Starlok and Dirge.  Using his Mental Quickness 4 (x25), he can Take 20 in [1 minute = 60 seconds / 25 = ] 2.4 seconds, or 1 [standard] action, getting 23.  That should get him some good info.


Since the scans are radio-based, Dirge's Electromagnetic Awareness will pick them up, so he'll know they're being scanned.


Dok's got his Nanotech-Enhanced Brain set to "Enhanced Presence," so his Charisma is 24/+7 right now.


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Since the scans are radio-based, Dirge's Electromagnetic Awareness will pick them up, so he'll know they're being scanned.


Dirge's Awareness is a radio-type sense, but radio waves aren't what it detects. Unless the scan specifically uses magnetism or electricity, which it doesn't sound like it does, he won't have any idea.


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I'd like to remind the thread GM that Dok has the following


Comprehend 3 (languages 3 [read all, speak any one at a time, understand all]; Drawback: Power Loss [requires time -- GM’s discretion -- to process and assimilate entirely new languages]) [5PP]


So I'll leave it to you as to how long it takes for Dok to learn GalStandard from Dirge & Starlok's bantering.


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So, @Dr Archeville, these machines (AEDDs) are capable of interfacing with you through your Datalink, and the Dok senses that he could get their data without taking anything away from Dr. Ea'Po. At least for 100 feet. He also hears them already chattering between themselves and Ea'Po's datapad. 


Connected to device ID 4T72AA. Port 1921 active. Sophont created structure. Low light levels. Ambient temperature 289.2 Kelvin. 4 lifeforms within sensor range. All conform to list 4. High electro-magnetic activity detected.  All systems optimal. Behaviour pattern: Cautious. Standby mode active. 

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Dok's Comprehend (Electronics) can -- at the GM's discretion -- let him make a Computers check in place of Diplomacy checks when dealing with machines (and Disable Device in place of Bluff).


Currently his Computers & Disable Device are at +20, and he's got Skill Mastery for both, for a result of 30.


Checking the Interaction and Attitude charts under the Diplomacy skill, 30 is enough to turn an Indifferent being Helpful.  (Or an Unfriendly one into a Friendly one, or a Hostile one to an Indifferent one.)


That may be useful to know when he's dealing with the AEDDs, or any other machines in the Atchpa structure.


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Investigate +15

Medicine +11

Notice +5

Search +9

Mental Quickness 4 (x25)


Gathering evidence for Investigate-ing take 1 minute (and I'm not sure Mental-only Quickness could help with that).  Since there's no rush, he can Take 10, get 25.  That beats the DC 15 check by 10, so when he does the actual analysis of it, he'll get a +2 bonus.

Take 10 on a Medicine check to diagnose injuries, looking for cause of death.  Time required = ???  Result is 25.

Taking 20 on a Notice check takes 1 minute.  His Mental Quickness reduces that to 2.4 seconds, or a (standard?) action.  Total Notice result: 25.

Taking 20 on a Search check takes 20 full rounds (120 seconds, or two minutes).  His Mental Quickness reduces that to 4.8 seconds, or a one full round.  Total Search result: 29.


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Starlok will also search, but instead look for something that could be of use to her materially. That's a 24. Quite good! Dok's search results are in the GM post I put in the IC thread, and so will Starlok's.


For Dirge, if he does choose to help, the crate lids are about 500 lbs.

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Dok's switching to Enhanced Intelligence.  Investigate at +20.  Take 10, that's 30.

+2 bonus from doing so well at collecting evidence, that's 32.

And if Starlok and Ea'Po can get a DC 10 Investigate check, they can Aid him, adding +2 each.  So that could be 34 or 36.


DCs for Investigate checks to analyze clue are on pg. 50 of the M&M 2E Core Rulebook.

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Dirge (who now has an Injury) may make a recovery check to remove it at a +6 (the Dok's medicine check) in one hour. Starlok will do the same for her bruise, which is only 1 minute so I will roll now. Since her con is already at a +8, she autosucceeds, meaning she will have to wait out for her injury to heal.



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