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Avenger Assembled

I Don't Wanna Stop (IC)

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"You know, I have never tried," Pan mused, to Eira as much to himself. "I do not see why not." He waved his hand in between them, where it seemed to disappear for a moment, before reappearing. "I know that I can hide from cameras, so why not change sound for recording?" He paused again, seeming to be in deep thought for the moment.



"I think the first song would be the best choice, yes. I do like the whole thing with the eagle flying." 

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"Good." Eira smiled, her teeth white against her blue-tinted lips. The secondary control system for the public address system is on the first floor of our morning classes." Eira closed her eyes, then opened them, studying Pan. "It will be simple for me to install the program that will play your creation. But I will need direct access to the system itself. Hard-pointed." She touched her chin and said, "I will require uninterrupted access for at least thirty seconds. Will you be able to provide a...distraction in the first-floor north-facing corridor? Where our Civics class is," she added for clarification. 

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